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  1. This is what got me into Role Playing in the first place. If anyone was part of Wrestling Fed Role Plays you know what I am talking about. So hey why not give it a try here? Instead of WWE or Tna, just make custom everything. Company, wrestlers, Titles, etc...
  2. I actually started roleplaying in Wrestling E-Feds as well. This peaks my interest.
  3. Excellent. What I was thinking was having three neutral judges to judge each match upon detail and moves. The players can up to 2 playable characters(From Male to Female, Heel or Face) as long as the players can keep up with them. The judges can not judge there own match only the two other judges can agree upon the winner. Judges also have the job to help with story lines.

    This is what I was thinking how the Role Play can go. Example match.

    CM Punk vs Cena

    CM Punk music hits and does his taunt while walking down to the ring. The crowd has mixed reaction. He enters the ring.(Not very detailed I know. But we judge upon this, and the wrestling moves,)

    The match

    Cena and CM Punk lock up. Cm Punk kicks cena in the gut and suplex's him. Cm Punk taunts the crowd looks down at Cena. Taunts Cena. "You can't see me!" And laughs Cm Punk looks at the crowd. Cena gets up and tackles Punk.

    Each player post up to 10 or 15 lines of wrestling moves and reverses. Until the time limit by the end of the week or a few days depending if the player needs time to reply(because of work, family, etc...) by the end of the given time limit we close the match. And judge and type in the results. And maybe even a surprises for storylines...

    What do you think Cerulen? If you have any ideas?
  4. Hm, I think it might be easier if you (as the GM) judge the matches. Only I think you would be the least biased of any player that might come through. I also wouldn't mind focusing more than on just matches. I am talking backstage shenanigans, superstars hanging out outside of work, things going on in the GM's office, promos and all that. At least, that was what I was used to for an E-Fed. The rest sounds nice though.

    I will probably be making an original wrestler though.

    And boo on whomever takes the Undertaker. XD
  5. I was thinking only custom made characters only.(Mainly due to copy rights of wwe characters) and alright, I can judge the matchs. And try to set up the storylines. If for any reason the loser has a complaint I'll be more then happy to hear it out. And talk of it. shenanigans, beat downs, trash talk, that can be work out as well. I was thinking making the Hardcore title a 24/7 defender type like the old WWF days.(Did I mention custom titles also?)
  6. I am sure anyone who joins up is willing to help out, especially if it involves their character.

    24/7 Hardcore type of title sounds like it could set up some interesting matches.

    And yes custom titles! Not sure what you would want to do with that though.
  7. Just taking out the WWE world heavy title and putting the feds in it. I was thinking about calling the fed EHW. Extreme Hardcore Wrestling. Although there might have been plenty of feds with this name. It was my favorite fed. Ran by a amazing owner. As well as the players. And I want to do it for a tribute for all of them.

    All titles still in work.

    EHW World Heavy weight champion

    EHW United states champion

    EHW Hardcore Championship

    EHW UK Championship
  8. Ah so I am guessing this is taking place in the states then?

    And fair enough. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    I do also have a set for any tag teams or female superstars. Or are they allowed to compete for the other belts? (unlike in WWE i think)
  9. If we can get any players we are willing to play females/divas and tag team belts are going to be made yes. Factions(Like the NWO, Evloution, DX) are welcome to be made.
  10. Well, I was thinking, why not have them anyways. Even if there isn't anyone who goes out for them, you could still use them to help flavor the rp with background things going on and announcers talking about something other than us. haha
  11. Exactly. Sadly I don't know how to make the titles(Custom made) like they had it in my fed. Always wondered how they did that. Type of grapics. We could always use our...

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  12. Haha, that is what writing is for yes?
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  13. Correct amoono! Yes! :P

    So the Fed will be called; Extreme Hardcore Wrestling

    The Owner of the federation name is Sebastian he is also the GM.

    All matchs start on Monday 6:00PM(I would say we have all the matchs at certain times but everyone may not get on at those times. Due to offline life.) The matchs end at Sunday 6:00PM(Or until the two players decide to end it.) Results will be posted Monday(Or maybe sunday at 12:00AM)
  14. Sounds like a dick, can't wait to meet him. Hopefully, others shall be joining any time now.
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  15. So wait...

    In this RP, the wrestling is real?
  16. Because we don't need a judge or anything like that if we're roleplaying it as fake. One person wins, one person loses, and if it's an entertaining match, both are successful. Nobody's a jobber, so everyone will have a chance to win or lose. Just hop onto TitanPad or something, and collab to write an awesome fight scene. GM can play as the booker, if we have to have a third party decide who wins and loses, and whatever the booker says goes.

    I've wanted to do a RP like this for a long time, so I've given it a lot of thought.
  17. I'd like to give everyone a chance to win. From my Wrestling RP experience we always had a judge so it would be judged fairly. Example Vong vs Cerule if it was for the championship or number one contender for the belt. Wouldn't you want to give it a try? By typing out what type wrestler/fighter your character is? The reaction he does to the fans? The free will to use a steel chair top beat your opponent senseless. Yet the outcome will be DQ. Or play it fairly.

    We're using our characters for real. Yet certain things can be scripted(Storylines, certain matchs to create drama etc...) as long as out of character we're all agreement on everything. And try to work everything out best we can. :)
  18. Ok. Not what I was looking for, then, as the behind the scenes planning is to me much more RP conducive. Have fun!
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