Wrath of the Shadow

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  2. Harmony kiss him back lightly, "So why do you have her here?"
  3. Now you know we are gonna have to balance that right? Touching people and they just die is a little over powered but both I and Conman will need to come to a conciseness on it.
  4. Character's Death

    This is something that any roleplayer fears to happen, but in this roleplay, the death of a character is possible and may happen if roleplayers aren't careful of what decisions they make. For example, keep fighting with an enemy knowing their health bar is really low and ignoring the suggestions of their Amicus to just make a tactical retreat. A death of a character is definitive if their Soul Gem is completely destroyed, so there is a slight chance of surviving if a character body is destroyed, but not her Soul Gem.
    Example of a defeated character during a battle (open)
    Roleplayer: Amaya fell on her knees, totally exhausted and wounded by the intense fight with a Hellhound. Her blazing bow fell on the ground in front of her with a metallic thud. Amaya was panting heavily and had her right hand pressed against the right side of her stomach where a nasty gash was bleeding out. She slowly looked up at the big Hellhound in front of her that was few feet away from her, growling angrily. The beast was also bleeding here and there, but was with enough HP for fight another 10 minutes. Amaya's HP was really low, so the only thing she could do was just retreat from the fight. "Amaya-sama, please, you have to retreat from this fight", begged her Amicus, lightly tugging her right arm with his furry head. "Your HP is really low and if you continue like this..." "Enough, Kirito", interrupted Amaya with a slight frown, still looking at the Hellhound. "There's no way I will run away from a fight. It's a fight to the death or nothing". Kirito widened his eyes and shook his head, whimpering. "B-But... Master, please, I'm begging you... That beast will kill you!" Amaya ignored his Amicus and slowly stood up, picking her bow. The Hellhound growled and barked at her, noticing she was ready for another round.

    GM: In the end, Amaya was defeated by a bite on her neck. She bled out to death, but due that her Soul Gem luckily didn't get destroyed and her Amicus was alive, he took the Soul Gem and ran away from the scene. Once on Atena Land, Kirito gave the gem to the Priestess, Belle, and she resurrected her.

    Even if your Amicus or any Magica Girl that was with you during that moment saves you from a definitive death, that doesn't mean there won't be any penalties. If you died during a mission, every item and Crystalias you've collected will disappear from your Inventory. That will hurt if you found a really cool and rare item or collect a really great amount of Crystalias. Also, every memory of what happened during that Mission or situation will be lost. So, be careful with the decisions you make, because a bad one can cost you your life or your Inventory.
  5. We could do with an entertainment area, I think. A place for concerts and festivals. Something for the girls to do on their downtime.
  6. If you want an even more similar program to Photoshop, try using GIMP. It's also free, and has more bells and whistles than paint.net.

    However, if you want something that's REALLY user-friendly, then yes, Paint.Net is the way to go.
  7. "My girls are precious."
  8. Lucius pushed her gently onto the bed.
  9. Anya fluster, her mini dress was wrinkled as if it's had been a long night, she didn't change her clothes for about two days, being with Lilith usually barely involve clothes.
  10. Rissa is correct. With all the prep work, I'm looking at two weeks, at least.
  11. "OK." Astorath walked out and picked up Ashley.
  12. Because I want to do tell how I got there, but I can't do it today. So I got to do it tomorrow
  13. "She spends more time with me. It's natural."
  14. @Hachiro Terra
    Hey, just to let you know, your character wouldn't be able to summon the Keyblade at this time.
  15. Kunari gently run her fingers through Ichiru's hair, "You've grown to be more handsome than your father."

    Ichiru fluster, "N.. not really.."

    Kunari smile slightly, "I'll stay a little while longer then. The food should should draw Diane out too."
  16. Good luck!
  17. Subs, definitely. Though there are animes that sound decent in dub, especially parts where characters (have) to speak English. I still cringe at the broken Engrish in the Psycho Pass movie every time it brushes remembrance.
  18. Same here. I don't know how much help Beach Head will be do up against super-powered enemies but he could help with the Infinity Stones search at least.
  19. Lucius smiled as he began thrusting faster.
  20. "She doesn't but that's where all her children are and where she will keep looking."