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  1. Owen swore to himself as he once again hit the wrong note. It had been over five years since he last picked up a guitar, and a great deal of his skills had been lost since then. He could play riffs and power chords, those were no trouble at all. But trying to jump to a two hundred and fifty beat-per-minute solo after not doing one for such a long time tends to create quite a few crucial mistakes, the worst being his timing and speed. Maybe I'm only fit to be a rhythm guitarist... or a lead vocalist. He thought.

    He sighed and started over, the college recreation room echoing loudly with the guitar squeals and riffs he produced.
  2. Jane raised an eyebrow as she was heading down the hallway and then turned her head towards the recreation room with a book held close to her chest. She tilted her head a bit as she listened to the one playing inside and had to put her hand over her mouth to hold back a faint chuckle as she heard the wrong note being played.
    She decided to lean herself against the wall with her back, one foot under herself as support while her long crimson hair rested down her chest and back.

    She was either too shy or curious to say anything so she just simply listened as the one inside the room was playing and then began tapping her fingers against the back of her book in an attempt to follow the rhythm of the guitar, but the way she moved her fingers while tapping them against the book spoke of her habit of playing on a Synth.
  3. Esmeralda was making her way through the college campus twirling some dry sticks when she heard the guitar from the second floor window. She sat the there for a moment listening. Who ever its was, they were good.
  4. Once again, Owen made another error. Only this time, it was the timing, but he refused to think about it and continued with the duo. He had been told long ago that screw-ups were barely noticed, as long as the tempo remained smooth.
    From the window in the door, he noticed that someone had been standing there, listening to him and tapping her fingers along to the beat he was playing. This, of course, made him nervous.
    A loud clang echoed through the small room as one of the guitar's strings snapped. Cursing, he set the guitar down and began working to remove the broken string.
    The worst always happens when someone watches... He thought with a sigh.
  5. Jane raised an eyebrow and opened her eyes as she heard the off-set timing and she smiled softly to herself before she turned around and blinked as she noticed the one inside looking at her for a moment. She then gently moved and opened the door before she brushed some of her hair behind her ear. "Hey, sorry if I disturb or anything. Would you like some help?" She asked gently.
  6. Esmeralda heard the string break. She decided now would be a good time to go inside and introduce herself. She made her way inside and upstairs to the recreation room. She walked in shyly with her drumsticks in hand. She saw a guy and a girl working on the guitar. "Hey there, I heard you playing from outside."
  7. Owen glanced up at the two girls that had just entered, his face still red.
    "Oh! Um... it's fine. I got it... I think." He said, quickly standing up. He glanced at his guitar, then at the two girls. "Ah... you heard that...?"
  8. "Hehe, guilty as charged." Jane said while she held up one hand and then lowered it again to rest on the back of her book. "You were really good, just a little off here and there." She said while nodding once and she then looked towards the other girl and nodded once in a greeting towards her while she smiled and then looked between the both of them. "I'm Jane, I'm still rather new here so I was getting to know my new surroundings and everything."
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  9. "Oh, I'm Owen." He replied, glancing at the guitar. "Yeah, I'm a little rusty on my instrument skills. I kinda gave it up for a few years and I'm just now starting up again..." He noticed the other girl carrying a pair of drum sticks. "Huh, You play drums?" He asked.
  10. "Yeah I play drums and piano. Weird combo right." She looked at the two people. "My name is Esmeralda. I'm just transferred her last week."
  11. "It's a pleasure to meet you both." Said Jane while smiling softly and she looked as if she pondered on something for a moment. "You said you dropped playing for a while, why?" Asked Jane as she looked at Owen and then sat down on the floor in a lotus position. "And it's not -that- weird of a combo... then again, I was never considered normal so I should not be one to talk." She then said while she chuckled in a joking manner.
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  12. "Eh, I had to give it up and look for a "real" career. According to everyone else, making money off of music isn't realistic.." He said, rolling his eyes. "So, I sold my last guitar and focused more on school."
  13. "I've heard the same thing from my mother. She told me that I'd be better off forgetting about drumming and focus piano." Esmeralda sighed.
  14. "You shouldn't have to focus on one thing or another. Keep one as a hobby and do the other as primary. Balance out the priorities." Jane said with a soft chuckle and she stretched out her shoulders a bit while she sat on the floor. "That's at least what I did. I balanced out my synth playing and made it a hobby rather than a focus, so I could focus on studying."
  15. "That's what I thought at first, balancing primary things with hobbies, but my grandparents couldn't see anything from my eyes. They always thought playing "Devil music" on a guitar was a complete waste of time and money." He said with a bit of nostalgia.
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