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  1. it's my college radio station, it's really awesome and a lot of fun
    we do so many different shows, and are really creative
    it's become a second home to me.
  2. *Hovers over the report button*

    Is this just an Ad, or was there a point to this thread?
  3. no it wasn't an ad, it was just saying I'm proud to be apart of my school's radiostation and was wondering if anyone else was part of a club they were proud of.
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  4. Probably should have said this in the OP. XD

    Any ways, I never stuck in a club long enough to get such a feeling.
    Pride Club in High School: (Straight ally for those going "WAAAH! Gwazi's Gay!?") I stopped because they went from an activist group to story time.

    In College there was
    LFG (Looking for Gamers): Fun group, but I've stopped being able to get involved much because everyone either isolates to their own D&D groups, crowds the smash screen, or going to MTG at complexity levels I can't follow.
    Anime Club: Fun bunch, but overtime they get a bit too elitist in the "I've seen this many more animes! Catch up Pleb! Hohoho!" so I decided to stop going.
    Pride Club: Massive Leadership shifting that left it with zero focus for a year or so... Apparently they're sorted out now though, so I should probably give them another look.

    If there's anything I was proud of, it'd be the volunteering I did for ASO (Autism Society Ontario) growing up...
    But then their executives got a complete overhaul, blew their budget, and took on volunteers that picked on Autistic Children... No thanks.
  5. geez, I've been in six different clubs and this one has by far been the best.
  6. I am a founding brother of Omega Psi Eta, a local fraternity at my old college.
  7. Did anime club in high school.

    For a month. Which was a meeting once a week.

    Fucking plebs didn't want to watch Big O or Outlaw Star.. Or anything even remotely related to Japanese culture! Nooooo it had to be inuyasha or naru-tard..

    I'm so sorry, Mr Wood.. Why you volunteered thinking they'd actually care about Japanese culture beyond pop culture is.. It's just terrible. But hey, least you taught me to be a kickass chess player!
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  8. I was the president of my high school's anime club. And I highly emphasized that the point of the club was to introduce people to new anime -- so I avoided anything that seemed too mainstream and instead brought in titles that most of the club hadn't heard of. This mostly consisted of me just looking up new anime that even I hadn't seen before, grabbing stuff I had heard of and seeing if I thought it was any good -- seeing as how most of the anime that I was already familiar with were the ones that I had been introduced to by the Anime Club to begin with (before I took over, that is), and I didn't want to re-air anything that was so recent (except for a few really good ones that I decided were far enough back that hardly anyone would be seeing it twice...).

    The idea was that we would only start each series, though, and people could continue watching on their own time if they liked it. That way we could introduce people to a ton of possible new series, and people would have a reason to come back week after week, as opposed to staying away if the club were just continuously playing a series they didn't like.

    Because of this, however, even I didn't continue watching most of them... because I didn't have time. owo" I should go back and re-visit a lot of them when I get the chance, though. A lot of them were pretty good, based on the first few episodes at least, and I regret not sticking with them.



    And then there was our, um, marketing strategy... eheheheheh.....
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  9. Risky, considering the Boku No Pico's out there. :P
    ... I feel like this has a story behind it that needs to be told.
  10. Well see, we made a bunch of different fliers, each with some pretty cool designs. And we sort of put them up in "waves" each time a new one was designed and copied and all that (which worked out pretty well to replace the ones that kept getting taken down or falling or whatever).

    And, somewhere along the line, I got the brilliant idea of taping fliers to the inside of bathroom stalls. Cuz, you know, it's hard for people to not read it at that point. XD And, while I was originally just thinking of taking the fliers we already had and taping them up there... the club member who was designing most of our fliers to begin with had the idea of designing a special poster just for said location. And it wound up being this terrifying thing that basically served as a jumpscare anytime someone closed the stall door. XD And then I think we had the flier say something along the lines of "if you have a weird enough sense of humor that you found this amusing, then come to anime club!" or something along those lines.

    There were a lot of times when I would walk past the bathrooms and just hear someone screaming. And I'd overhear a lot of people talking about the fliers. I just couldn't help but laugh every time.

    Ohhhh you know you've run a successful advertising campaign when something like that happens... XD
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  11. ... Why couldn't I have been part of this anime club? ;A;

    If a group can come up with something as fun as that it makes me want to see what they're like usually.
  12. Eh. I can't exactly speak for all anime clubs. But yeah, mine was pretty sweet, if I do say so myself. XP
  13. Did your club ever suffer the elitism issue of people comparing number of anime's seen?
  14. Okay I'm not saying that Inuyasha or Naruto are really related to Japanese culture. But Outlaw Star and Big O are both direct takes from Western storytelling/culture (and Big O actually did better in the US than it did in Japan), so I don't see your point here, unless it's just that you wanted to watch something actually good.

    Maybe I'm just misreading your phrasing. :U

    Either way I know that feel. My college anime club was pretty shitty.
  15. They wanted the shows because popular. I wanted people, like Kaga, to try new things and not slog through Naruto like they did for 2 years.

    That's all they watched in anime club. Naruto. For two years.
  16. Eh. Maybe? I don't really remember. In any case, it's not like the people who hadn't seen a lot of anime were shunned or anything. The entire point of the club, like I said, was to introduce people to new anime -- bearing in mind the fact that a lot of people (particularly freshmen) hadn't yet seen much of anything beyond mainstream stuff. It was certainly intended to be much more welcoming than the whole "ive seen more animay than u" shtick.
  17. Yeeeah.

    When my turn came up to bring in a DVD for a viewing, I actually brought the '86 animated Transformers movie (little known fact, Transformers was originally Japanese animation and even after it went simulcast it was heavily Japanese animators/production). They all played computer games and ignored it because it wasn't Japanese enough or whatever and they were cretins who couldn't appreciate the voicework of Orson Welles, Judd Nelson, Leonard Nimoy, and Eric Idle.

    Meanwhile I had to watch some incredibly generic and tedious harem anime with a a bright-pink-pigtails tsundere heroine and a childhood engagement and witch bullshit, that I can't even remember the title of. They were all so into it.
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  18. Oh hey. I googled "childhood promise pink hair magical harem anime" and found the one I'm talking about.

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  19. I always tried to make sure there was variety in the club. So, there were some weeks when we'd watch older, more "sofisticated", classic-y stuff... and then other weeks when we'd watch harem anime with a bright-pink-pigtails tsundere heroine. :P There was quite a mix of stuff.

    So like, don't think I never showed any weeb-ish anime. There were plenty of times when I was just like "yo this is some ridiculous anime about this guy who constantly dies and comes back to life and works for this vampire lady and also there's a German-speaking maid who's actually part robot so let's enjoy some good-ol'-fashioned Japanonsense".

    STILL, the point is that it was stuff that people had never seen before, which is really what I was going for. XD The whole "each series is completely different from what we watched last week" shtick was also one of the big selling points that I loved to hammer in, just so that people didn't get the idea that the sort of anime that we watched wasn't their thing and that they'd never want to come back.
  20. Hey, I like some ridiculous weeb-ish stuff.

    I just didn't like that all we watched was shit like the one I mentioned, or episode after episode of Bleach.
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