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Wow this is embarrassingly simple. (FxF. Longterm. Slice-Of-Life. Romance. 18+)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Beatrice, Dec 26, 2015.

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  1. SO SIMPLE! Haha :')

    A little about me: I'm 19, from the United Kingdom. I currently attend University and I have a lot of time free in-between lecturers, so I'd love to have a fun rp! :)

    Plot: It's alarmingly simple, and very very domestic. It's literally going to be romantic, fluffy and...boring? To some people? Very domestic, with a hint of fantasy. Basically, our characters are modern vampires. They're 'mates' and they've been together for a long time. They don't age and they live like normal humans. We basically rp their lives together as a married couple. Maybe then even have children who are grown up and stuff? I just want to rp domestic stuff!

    Length: A small paragraph? Longer if you're inspired :)

    Pm or thread?: Pm for sure!

    Libertine scenes: Probably, but not a lot. There's just the potential for it.

    Replies: I know this is a tough ask and I know everyone gets busy, but I'm looking for speed-of-light replies right now. Very quick. The quicker, the better. I can usually have a reply out in ten minutes, and obviously when I'm busy it'll take a while longer (But I promise to warn you whenever possible).

    What I'm looking for: Someone nice who isn't afraid to have a chat in-between rp'ing. I promise, I don't bite ^^

    Contact me if you're interested xxxx

    These are our character appearances (I hope they're okay? I tend to picture their appearances first without meaning to).

    My character: https://41.media.tumblr.com/3c8b98aa6ff563bc4d42a1bb80b8bbb9/tumblr_ngp13dS6As1snca1ho1_1280.jpg
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  2. - Still looking!
  3. I'm interested!!!! ^_^ Please pm when you get the chance to. :)
  4. Will do! :)
  5. - Open still
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