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  1. uh, Hi! You can call me Waluigi, or just Luigi, or Sparrow...the name of literally any bird- I'll pretty much go by whatever. I'm pretty new to forums and forum role-playing, but I'm ready to wade through some new territory. I've been role-playing for 3-4 years, and why I love my current(and very first!) rp group dearly, I feel like it's time get some additional writing partners just so I don't pester my friends to rp if it's not the week to rp for them.

    I don't have any specific wants for rps right now, but I listed some examples of rps I'd be interested in on my roleplay resume. For the sake of introduction, I think I'll repeat myself a little. I love world and character building incredibly, and I'm very open to most plots and settings: Steampunk, Era Specific- really it's all good. I don't have a set minimum of lore that I need in order to play a setting, but I like to take some time to make sure everyone understands where we are. In general, I don't like playing predictable high fantasy, and I steer from slice of life. I do enjoy high fantasy, and I will play slice of life, but it's got to have something unique to it, or there's no real reason for me to get attached to the plot. Some specific plot concepts I really like are:

    - Starting a civilization. This has always captivated me, and I'm sure to like it in almost any style. Whether they're reasons for starting over are an unspeakable tragedy, the opportunity to capitalize on newly discovered land, or anything else, the challenge and adventure sounds really fun to play out.

    - The Supernatural Occupation. As in the supernatural detective who takes monsters to justice and redeems the innocent vampire, all under the chiefs nose. Or the owner of an off-road tavern, where mystical races can congregate away from the prejudiced eye. Stuff like that.

    - I can't really think of anything else. I know there's more examples on my resume though.

    As I said, I don't have any specific wants for rps right now, but I figure that would give you all a good idea of what I might go for. Gosh, ok, I think that's enough talking about myself now. I hope to roleplay with you guys soon!
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