Would you use the above avatar as a pillow?

Discussion in 'BORED GAMES' started by Minerva, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Here's a random game I found on a forum!

    The title asks it all.

    If the above avatar was lying on your bed, or on the couch or whatever, would you use him/her/it as a pillow?
  2. you would be a good cuddly pillow for me :3
  3. Sure. Lots of feathers means you'll be comfy, right?
  4. Only if the candy can be shared equally. I am a pig for chocolate after all.

  5. Just replace fat with pig.

    Because you will squirm and squeal, so no one wants to sleep on that.
  6. Nah, I'll snuggle though.
  7. You could make an Ok pillow.
  8. shhhhnugl
  9. Yeah. A snuggle would be better than using you as a pillow.
  10. Snuggles for days.
  11. Yes. Definitely. :D
  12. You're way too small to use as a pillow.

    I'll just hug you instead.
  13. No. I will take that red coat though.
  14. I can sleep on that cute ass tiger.
  15. I say yes. He looks like quite the cuddle bunny.
  16. Uh...

  17. I'm willing to take my chances with this.
    As long as you take that red coat off. Or else the Big Bad Wolf will come and eat us both.