Would you survive Rapids?

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Do you think you'd survive a rapid?

  1. No, I wouldn't last 3 minutes

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  1. I have to hold my nose when I go under water. T___T I WOULD DIE.
  2. I've got a severe phobia of water, so I'd have a hard time even getting into a kayak.

    Anyway, I'd probably die due to panic unless Kaldur'ahm was around to hear my screams. :D
  3. I sink like a rock and have the coordination of one too. I'd be a goner.
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  4. I wouldn't survive ._. !! * flops hands nervously into the air*

    The water hates me. I hate Her to. Mutual feelings.

    I would totally go sinking like a rock.. I am to scared, can't swim( almost drawn four times in my life even at a lake which was super Salty- people were floating cause the lvl of salt was super high- but no!! I just went under the water and swallow plenty salty water!
  5. We swim down rapids every summer. I think I'll be okay.
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  6. Awww!! Lucky you ..._.
  7. Honestly I like rapids, much more challenge then any other type of water to swim in. I am also simply astonished at the sheer number of people who can't swim. This the 21st century swimming lessons cost next to nothing.

  8. Well is not about actually of the cost or anything.. Life got into my way pretty heavy and hit me hard. ( not going to details )

    Yet, swimming is out of the question for me. When I was 7 I took lessons but soon after I had my accident and other stuff happened .... Anyways xD

    I don't like the water and she doesn't like me either lol
  9. My grandmother is terryfied of water and doesn't know how to ride a bike and she is a perfectly happy woman ^_^

  10. Oh MY GOD!!

    I am in the same positions.. I think me and your grandma would be best friends.!^^. - I totally don't know how to ride a bike either ._. !

    As for the water, in my statement above I mentioned that I am scared very much. I seriously think it's a phobia of water right now..:'(
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  11. You know what they say about falling off the horse.

  12. Not really.. ._. I never was riding a horse xD
    Or it's a figure of speech ? :o
  13. It's a figure of speech. The whole thing goes No matter how many times you fall off a horse you get right back in the saddle.
  14. Oh true xD. Pardon me for the misunderstanding.
    Overall, I could never ride a bike and even now at my age I cannot do that .:))

    Not to mention the rapids.. I hate water ._.
  15. Nothing to fear but fear itself. I learned swimming by throwing myself into the water. Nearly drowned three times.
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  16. I can only say that.. Fear makes us feel alive somehow.
    And I did almost drowned more than 3 times.. Believe me.

    Also rivers are for fishing in my opinion, I have two in my own country. I never went on a boat when my dad asked me .. I totally hate water and probably never go near it again.:)
  17. I'm not too fond of that statement, as fear itself is a self-defence mechanism. Being submerged under water for too long does without fail kill you, so being afraid of large bodies of water is only natural.
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  18. Yup. I'm an outdoorsy person. I've done lots of water sports (Canoeing <3) and I know what to do when I hit the water. #1 thing that Bear Grills didn't mention that aids survival in rapids. Wear a life Jacket! It does a far better job of staying afloat than you do.
  19. I thought Bear Grills's thing was sort of doing survival business with minimal equipment though?
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