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  1. Simple game, respond to the question and then ask your own!

    Would you rather.. hug a grizzly bear or try to pet a lion?
  2. Hug a grizzly bear, definitely wants a hug.

    Would you rather..

    Run over nails or walk over hot coal?
  3. Walk over hot coal. I can handle burt feet. Tetanus sucks.

    Would you rather be blind, or deaf?
  4. Blind, without music I think I would go insane.

    Would you rather.. eat a taco, or a slice of pizza? ;D.
  5. Taco, don't even test me.

    Would you rather spend a day in darkness? Or a day in a padded cell with no windows?
  6. Day in darkness no contest, my slight claustrophobia would not allow the padded room:)

    Would you rather climb a mountain or go underwater in a u-boat?
  7. Climb a mountain. ...Just cause. lol

    Would you rather have a schizophrenic hair dresser that can go crazy with your hair at any time your in that salon chair......

    Or a mean teacher that makes it blatantly obvious she/he hates you and when around your parents, the teachers as sweet as can be?
  8. The mean teacher because I can deal with those I have those right now.

    Would you rather eat your favorite family member or best friend?
  9. My favorite family member x) I don't like any in my family that much so I would rather eat them than any of my friends xD

    Would you rather amputate both your arms or both your eyes?
  10. Aww why do I get the hard one >:U

    I rather have both of my arms amputated! Just because I want to see the beautiful landscapes and stuff.

    Would you rather shave bald or be peed by your friends?
  11. hmm.. my hair will grow out eventually so I rather shave bald xD

    Would you rather live without internet or live without friends
  12. FUUUUU -rages-

    Why oh why! Oh I know! Muawhahah the power of WI-FI!

    I rather leave without internet = w=

    Would you rather eat raw brain or open up a dead body with a little knife?
  13. Pff, you make it too easy xD Of course I would rather open a dead body x) That would be a cool experience :D Like being in a saw movie or something x) Except that the body is dead xD

    Would you rather being killed painlessly or being tortured for weeks but survive it?
  14. I always say that when I day I want to day as painlessly as possible!

    Would you rather have someone starve you for days and end up killing and eating another human or kill a dozen of innocent kids?
  15. Hmm.... I hate kids but not enough to kill them if they are innocent even though they are irritating. So I will starve and eat one human x)

    Would you rather eat your most beloved person or kill one hundred innocent children?
  16. Kill one hundred innocent children.

    I'd just make a guy jack off in a bowl of alcohol :3

    Would you rather cross-dress in front of your entire family without being able to provide a reasonable excuse
    Go sky-diving alone?
  17. I'd go skydiving alone (god this belongs in the asylum)

    Would you rather eat a flash grenade
    Trip for no reason for the rest of your life
  18. Trip for no reason for the rest of my life. Because I already do, every single day. xD

    Would you rather be naked and freezing in Antarctica until you manage to build/find shelter
    Would you rather be stuck in a snowsuit in the middle of the Sahara until you find your way out of the desert?
  19. have you tripped over air =__= you feel kinda lame after doing it

    I'd rather be in a snow suit in sahara, I wear a coat in summer so I'd probably be used to it.

    Would you rather
    Be arrested ALONE because of your friends
    Get ALLL of your friends arrested from something you did
  20. Get all my friends arrested, because I'm like that >:] XD
    AND YES! I trip over air all the time! I've got bruises everywhere @_@

    Would you rather change your name legally to Stupid Unicorn Butt
    Laugh uncontrollably every time something sad happens?
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