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  1. I'm looking to create a story with someone where both characters start out as 15/16 year olds, and throughout the RP there'll be many events which shape their future. These events can and will be created in a discussion within PM.
    There'll be magical themes within this, a sole antagonist whom wishes nothing but the worst for the two. It'll begin on earth, for at least two to three years of their lives, until a major incident occurs, causing them to end up on a faraway planet. This is where the story truly begins, and hence this is where all of those content ratings come in, though there'll at least be be a few that apply to the pre-world jump.

    The initial stages will most likely be set in Japan. This can be changed if the plot requires it.

    The initial stages will take part within this section, and will be moved to the Mature Section once the world-jump happens.

    I'll be putting up my character's CS shortly into this thread, so feel free to, even if you don't want to join this, think about some ideas. Thinking is good, usually. Thanks for reading.


    Full name:
    Place of Birth:
    Date of Birth:
    Hair colour:
    Eye colour:
    Body type:
    BRIEF history: (This will begin brief, but we'll put this in say, a blog or something, and add to it as we go along.)
    BRIEF personality overview: (The same with the above line.)

    Blood type:
    Sexual orientation:
    Relationship status:

    Full name: Vivianne Åsa
    Age: 15 (Honestly looks around 17-18)
    Place of Birth: Visby, Sweden
    Date of Birth: 27th February, 1999.
    Height: 171cm
    Weight: 58kg
    Hair colour: Dark Brown (dyed)
    Eye colour: Blue
    Body type: Slim
    BRIEF history: Being moved to a school within Japan to pursue her interests, Vivianne was seen as a remarkably independent person, even for her age. The way she is able to sort out her life is almost second to none, already holding a reasonable job and being able to work out her financial difficulties with ease. She's revered by her peers, being knowledgable in areas even they do not understand. All in all, it can be said that Vivianne is a prodigy in her own right.
    BRIEF personality overview: Vivianne is seen as a fun individual, and while she is not native to Japan, it can be said that she is quite weird to her peers. While this may be the case, there's no denying that she holds a certain tact and poise about her, which makes her appear reasonably smart.

    Blood type: AB-
    Sexual orientation: (secretly)Bicurious, though acts as if she's asexual.
    Relationship status: Single
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