Would you live out a life? Chapter 2.

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  1. @Akbadain

    Opening my eyes, all I could see was a general haziness which was usually attributed with blindness. I was sure I wasn't blind, and it was certainly not that I was dead. No... But Sera could've killed me, I knew she was capable of such a thing. But when I think of Sera, I don't see that, at all. I see... Hmm, what do I see? It's a little odd, but I feel a light warmth within my chest, and the butterflies in my stomach react more frequently when I'm around her. Gee, she really is on my mind...

    I sat myself up, stretching, feeling every piece of sinew and muscle within my body ache with a pain that was just intolerable. I stood, but almost fell after going light in the head. This day certainly was going off to a fresh start, though I could've sworn that the afternoon sun would be the only thing capable of casting such a light down my main... Hallway. That was the afternoon sun. How long had I been out?

    Shaking my head, I made my way into my shower, to wake myself up and relieve my muscles somewhat. In truth, I just kinda stood there, allowing the water to flow over my slightly overdeveloped body. It was hard living alone, especially when you were fifteen, but I had to deal with it just like anyone else would have to in this world. It saddened me when people gave up, it honestly did, and I'm happy Sera saw me home to the bitter end. In fact, I'm sure she placed me upon that sofa. My only hope was that she didn't touch me beyond having to lift me up. That would be a rumour I'd rather not deal with.

    Anyways, with my shower done, I looked upon my dining table to see the pamphlet which had been distributed yesterday, regarding the upcoming sports carnival. I was good at all of the events, this much was evident, as the trophies and plaques upon my living room wall were proudly displayed. I wonder if Sera saw those? Oh, mind... Always Sera. Why not someone else, like, Chiyo? Kenzaki? No? Alright...

    The rest of that day was spent in utter disbelief, a yearning to act beyond the sleeplessness I had been afflicted with was enough to send me to sleep... Again...


    The Sport's Carnival.

    A day which, by default, held the most competitiveness within the entire highschool. Hundreds of students often attended, sometimes with their parents, though it was the day before when Vivianne decided to arrive in her gym uniform - she would have to wear a bra this time, else she would get into trouble for wearing inappropriate clothing. With everyone else in standard uniforms, she was the sole person within the school who showed the most leg, and a little beyond. Adjusting the short pants, they only just covered her buttocks, Vivianne placed her bag down as the morning began to ensue.

    There was obviously going to be those ogling and those who would walk right on by, but Vivianne also had worn this for a reason. She was showcasing this uniform, a model in her own right, and it's with this where she hoped, at least internally, a specific girl would notice her.

    Sera and Vivianne hadn't been on the best of terms, but after that long day, it could be said that they were almost... Neutral. Unknown to the shorter girl, the taller had held no such qualms, simply liking a bit of a shake up from the day to day routine. The prodigy was seated out in the courtyard, the morning filled with what was known as a 'wake up' time. This had been set up by the school to combat class laziness, and it was working, to a degree. There were less cases of people dozing off and doing irrational things, so all in all, the school found it to be a success.

    Vivianne had been accepted into the Japanese History class, and while it was true that she had a rather full schedule thanks to being the way she was, there was a single lesson line where she had nothing on, and that was at the end of the day. She looked forward to this time, because it was then where she could lay about, and not exactly care about the state of her uniform. While the gym uniform was a snug fit, overall the girl was impressed at how well it felt upon her body, and the way her breasts - albeit smaller than most - were sculpted as if they were a cup larger, was indeed a good feeling. Maybe she would attract someone, maybe, maybe.

    For now though, the bell rang, and it was time for Japanese History. On her way there, she could've sworn one of the boys had subtly slapped her ass, but she simply far too out of it to notice. When she was focused on learning, no act could distract her.

    Walking into class, Vivianne sat down at the opposite end which Sera would've sat, because within her mind, people were talking about the two, and that day. While she couldn't confirm this, she had a strong hunch, it had made her hurl once, though she also had just done quite a workout at home, when she thought about it. She definitely was not a homosexual, in an environment like this it would surely ruin her schooling life.
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  2. It had been quite a long time since that fateful evening; half a month, Seraphina wagered, though it wasn't like she was keeping track. Things had pretty much gone back to normal and interaction between she and Vivianne was minimal. Sera was still uncertain as to how she felt about what had happened, and why she had gone about it the way she had. Vivianne was just so helpless then, that she couldn't bring herself to leave her on her own. But, why was she so concerned? What was it about that girl that had brought out that different side of Sera's personality; the side she wanted no one to know existed? More importantly: why didn't Sera resent her for it?​

    It didn't matter.

    To Seraphina, it was just a fluke. The perfect - albeit unfortunate - situation had unfolded, and she reacted with her heart rather than her instinct. She wouldn't let it happen again. But why was it, then, that whenever seeing the brunette in the one class they shared, or catching a glimpse of her in the halls, Sera couldn't help but shed a smile - even if only for a moment?

    The tall blonde opted not to think too much on it. She couldn't say she had never felt this way before, but she didn't know just yet that what she thought she was feeling was legitimate. All the excitement of the Sports Carnival had put almost everything else on hold, but around the halls there had blossomed rumors of the duo. People must have seen them on the day she had brought the smaller girl home and got the wrong impression. Or, perhaps they were just assholes. Sera tended toward the latter.

    Undeterred by the stories, Seraphina maintained her usual composure. Sashaying through the halls in her devil-may-care way, the green-eyed teen headed for the courtyard. She didn't typically care for hanging out idly, but for once, she felt like it. Was that so wrong? Whether or not it was, Sera had hardly even crossed the threshold to outside before spotting a certain scantily clad Swede seated amonsgts the greenery. She snickered to herself. She couldn't help it. However, the age old question then arose:

    To greet, or not to greet?

    Definitely in the mood for some banter, the blonde made her move. She slinked toward Vivianne, lowering herself inter a seat next to her and choosing not to pay attention if she objected. She knew that the shorter girl had been avoiding her. She'd heard the rumors, too, and no doubt found them appalling. Sera didn't care.

    "So, the Sports Carnival," she said casually, forgoing all standard means of starting a conversation and meeting Vivianne's blue eyes with her own. "It's just around the corner. You ready?" and a teasing smile spread across her lips.​
  3. "Seraphina," The Swede let that out thicker than usual, her eyes the only movement she managed as she gazed across at the other. "I never knew you were blind. I'm so sorry." A cheeky smile took her lips, while she definitely looked like herself again. A pretentious little flower, who spoke in sarcastic tones all the time. Her blue eyes bore into Sera as if to psych her out.

    "Of course I'm ready. Have you not noticed my body? I've been working out a lot in the past fortnight, it's amazing what one can do if they use their brain a little." She chuckled lightly, as their teacher entered the room finally. The history adult didn't bode well to those who spoke during class, but alas, Vivianne couldn't help herself. "Though, I can see why you'd not notice. After all, that'd be gay." A small smirk met her lips, a deliberate attempt to unnerve the other. She had a special affinity for this, rarely succeeding, but the effort was what made it noticeable.

    The class soon started, and the girls did what they did best - working on these demanded assignments, though it was good fun for Vivianne. She paired up with her friend Chiyo, who had been struggling a little with the work at hand. "Well, it seems you've got the concept back to front. He didn't destroy what was there, he created it, and that's why you're getting a little unsettled on the conclusion. Otherwise, it's good work, Chiyo."

    A sigh left the other girl's lips, as she had become accustomed to the prodigy's speech. "I know, I know... I just thought I'd try something different - creative and all - so that I could at least get a passing mark. It's hard to do that when there's people like you around."
    "I know," Vivianne agreed, if only to seem kind. She had the arrogance ridden all over her lips. "But I cannot let my standard fall just because everyone else isn't at this level. Mind you, I've had to put in a lot of work to be this way."
    Chiyo simply shook her head, before she really got into what was on her mind. With a whisper, she shuffled right next to Vivianne. "Hey, um... I've heard that you and Sera are... Well..."
    "No. Absolutely not. I wouldn't be seen dead with that girl. She's but a nuisance in my eyes." Her harsh whisper may have been audible, but it was hard to hear when everyone else was chatting away at their, according to Vivianne, 'inferior projects'. "I am single, and it am not looking for companionship. That's that."
    "But a few people say you... Well, the two of you went to your house, and who knows what happened in there."
    "CHIYO." Vivanne's voice cracked, as she slammed her hands upon the desk, rising to her feet and generally causing the chatter to die down. The spot light was on the girl with her arse almost showing. What a fine day it was to be, for lovers of the arse. And thighs.

    "Vivianne, could you leave my classroom? You're not even in uniform, I should've told you to go earlier. Now go on." Their teacher threw the best student out, and the girl was honestly shocked. She had never gotten so angry, much so toward herself, and this was just an entirely different experience to the one she had in her last highschool. She sighed heavily, before she hastily grabbed her bag and left the room, the thudding of her shoes was very, very loud.

    She seated herself out in the courtyard, before she cursed in her native tongue, knowing that this incident was to be report to someone, anyone, and stain her perfect record. If there was one thing she was known for, she was known for being the perfect student. But today, that totally changed-- and she blamed Sera of all people for this. Internally, but the negative energy began to build within her slim frame. The next time she saw that girl, and had a perfect opportunity to destroy the rumours, she had to make it so that it was made permanent. She put herself and her academic achievements before anything else.
  4. When the brunette spoke Sera's name, all she could do was smirk. The rest of what she had to say came as no surprise, and Seraphina did little more than return the girl's confidence with equal force by claiming that she, too, had been working out and that she was looking forward to competing with Vivianne at the Carnival. Almost... as if she knew what good sportsmanship was. And she didn't even care about the subtle hint at being called 'gay'. She was openly bisexual and would have given a sarcastic and possibly mock flirtatious remark in return had class not been beckoning them to return.​

    Partnering up was not on the French girl's list of preferences, and so she chose to work alone. The assignment was easy enough - Sera wasn't exactly sure why so many people found it necessary to work in teams - and she dealt with the piddly thing with relative ease. By no means was she perfect but she could surprise most with her well hidden intellect. While she worked, she periodically raised a hand to soothe an itch that prickled her ears.​

    Someone was talking about her.​

    Looking up over her paper at the duo working across from her, there she spotted Vivianne with another girl - one she'd often seen her with. They must have been friends, or at least close to it. Good for her. She had a pal. But, that wasn't what struck her as off. What got Sera was that the other was glancing at her occasionally as she scooted more closely to the Swede as if to tell her a secret, and Vivianne was actively looking everywhere but at the blonde. Obviously they were the culprits of the current feeling of being spoken about, but the look on Vivianne's face was priceless. Sera couldn't help but chuckle a bit under her breath; she really couldn't. And that was when the brunette exploded.​

    The whole room fell silent, and Sera watched as Vivianne was ousted from the room, leaving in a huff. No doubt she was upset not at being asked to leave, but what it entailed. Sera was certain the little perfectionist had a sparkling record, and now it was smudged. The thought that this had occurred because of her only made a mischievous glint flash in her eyes. The quietness of the room was short-lived, and voices had promptly picked back up again as groups returned to collaborating on the work at hand.​

    When classes came to an end for the day, Sera simply went on about her way, heading to her locker to put some things away before starting on her walk home. She couldn't fight back the thought that she'd see Vivianne again that day, though. And she had a feeling the girl wouldn't be particularly happy.​
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  5. Vivianne had spent the day doing all of the work she needed to do for her classes, at a rate which just could not be human. Four term long assignments were finished, and knowing her standards, they would've been the kind of thing to make old professors hesitate when they spoke of it. The sheer skill she had with words was beyond enormous, but alas, this came at a price. Her eyes were droopy once again, but that was something normal for her. Luckily, perhaps for Sera, she had not been up for three whole days. In fact, steadily, she had been making fast process with her insomnia.

    Regardless, the bell signalling the end of the day rung, and Vivianne made her way out of the school grounds, and onto the path leading home. It was no wonder she had confidence in showing off her legs - they were akin to someone older than she was, and with her sixteenth birthday around the corner, it was definitely enough to attract some unwanted attention, even if she implied differently that she wanted such attention.

    Clad in her gym uniform, there just had to be one person with a screw loose, who acted upon the instinct which would get many into trouble. Though this time, it was a young woman who had a simple fetish about such a clothing choice. Vivianne was constantly pulling the shorts down over her arse, which loved to poke out every ten steps, but she did her best to make it seamless, as if it was a normal thing. Though, girls of her age walking around in that kind of attire was very against what other girls would do.

    "Hey!" A voice called from her left side, down a side street which held this woman. She looked around thirty, and definitely didn't seem to have a problem or anything, but it soon became apparent that there was something wrong when the glint of a small knife was sighted. Her eyes widening, Vivianne looked around, more so glancing at everything, thanks to her vivid memory, though it wasn't perfect enough to sight, well, familiar things. She sighted nothing which could help her in this situation, which the woman was dumb enough to reveal herself to the prodigy. For now, she had to defend herself.

    Gazing at the approaching woman, Vivianne thought out many possible actions and reactions to those actions, which was extraordinary in it's own right given the situation. Regardless, thinking was not going to stop what could be a bloody mess! and alas! the girl dropped her school bag onto the ground, facing the woman.
    "Please, stop before you get yourself in trouble." The Swede spoke, but this didn't stop her, not one bit. Things were about to get physical. With the metres between them lessening, Vivianne had to make sure she didn't injure herself, otherwise the sport's carnival tomorrow would be but a dream. She had never been off school, even for being ill, and she just couldn't handle not being perfect at everything she did, at least, while she was awake and aware of everything. With a huff, she began advancing toward the woman.

    It was but a brief moment, in which they were in contact. On one hand, the girl managed to get the knife away from her body and into the nearby dumpster. On the other, her gym uniform, along with her normal bra, were cut wide open. The woman had already begun to run off, as the girl held the fabric together, to no avail though. Her underwear slid away from her breasts, the tightness of the uniform caused them to stick on nicely, but this wasn't to be the case. She blushed profusely, as she scurried back to her back.

    And of all people to see her in this embarrassing state, it had to be Sera, standing right next to her bag. Nipple had to have been seen, even briefly, before she covered herself. There was no end to the potential the rumours could gain.
  6. The brisk walk from the school building's rear entrance down the long stretch toward home was particularly pleasant that day. The weather was worth noting, and though Seraphina wasn't typically the type to comment on nor make small talk in regards to it, even she might well have been thinking of just how nice it was outside.

    Enjoying the day so much as she was, the green-eyed teen paid hardly any attention to what was unfolding around her - not that she paid much attention to anything other than herself that often, anyway. So it happened that Vivianne's plight went unnoticed until the attacker fled. The abhorrent woman's escape was caught only barely - just out of the corner of Sera's eye. The sight of sudden movement incited a quick look up from where she had been staring, only so that she could lay eyes on an all too familiar form struggling to keep her shirt on.

    Sera laughed inwardly and picked up her pace so as to stand beside what she could only assume was Vivianne's bag tossed haphazardly to the ground. She stood - arms crossed - watching as the brunette stumbled round to stop not too far from where she was standing. A beaming smirk stretched across her face as she spoke:

    "Wonderful weather we're having. Isn't it?"

    Her tease delivered, Sera took Vivianne's short pause to grab the bag at her feet and hold it out to the other. Yes, Sera had seen what the smaller girl was now so desperate to keep covered. Not only that, but the entire situation was hella hilarious, so she wan't likely to forget about it. No doubt, there would be no end in sight for the jokes to come in any subsequent meetings. Sera would have her fun; that was for certain.​
  7. Vivianne froze where she was, her eyes unmoving from the girl who now stood there. She gripped onto her top tighter, before she stamped her way over and scooped up her back, unzipping it instantly before pulling out her proper school uniform. "Not another word from you, Sera, unless you don't know what's good for you." She spoke so firmly, without any hesitation or fear, and one may think that when the bra is loose, so is Vivianne, without her social anxiety affecting things.

    Regardless, she pulled the straps of the undergarment up a little to allow the cups to cover what want important, before she walked over to the wall and deliberately had her back to the other, as she took the cut gym shirt off. Without the clothing on, one could see that despite her small weight, she was reasonably toned and built, at least from the back. Vivianne was an athlete in her own little world, one may proclaim. Once the normal uniform was on, not without a bit of awkwardness around the breasts, the girl sighed and turned back around, stuffing the cut garment into her bag.

    For now, she pushed past the other girl, but she had a little bit too much contact with it, and now the left cup of her bra was astray once more. She blushed once again, the cup sort of hanging on the side of her chest, and she was forced to stuff her hand down her top and fix it up. Never had she had such a wardrobe malfunction, in her life.

    It didn't help with having Seraphina there as well.
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