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Hi! I'm planning to make a Group Fantasy RP. Before I do so, I wanted to collect some public opinion on what ideas were better than others.

These are the three main ideas –

Some of these ideas are pretty badly developed, while others are extremely detailed. It is really not necessarily to read any of the details in-depth, but I would recommend the occasionally skimming if you are interested in providing feedback, or speculating if you would like to join the RP.

1: Anarchy
(Fantasy, Strong War Theme, Strong Magic Theme, Special Races) – medium-early stage in development
2: Lost Moons (Fantasy, Sci-fi, Strong Quest Theme, Magic, Humans) – early stage in development
3: Shifting Sands (Weak Fantasy Theme, Strong Historical Theme, Strong War Theme, Weak Magic Theme, Humans) – very late stage in development (almost done!)

Details for each idea –


Ever since anyone can remember, the three countries Argentum, Elidar and Shear of the realm of Triera have been at war. At last, in a desperate attempt at peace, each royal family has sent their only heirs on a voyage to an island of myth and legend in the middle of the ocean, as the Gods have commanded. Only the parents and the Gods could possibly know the ship's route. Prince Aralute of Argentum, the Shear Princess Arakmet and the Twin Majesties Lok and Ura of Elidar reluctantly set out on the journey. But when this seemingly divinely blessed trip goes horribly wrong, the countries are mercilessly pitted against each other in a final, gruesome battle for domination – and revenge. (The Gods are strangely unforthcoming.)

Five days after the heirs set off, their ship, Serenity, lands in a port in Ellien, Triera's northernmost island, far off course. The vessel is totally devoid of life – only tattered clothes and pools of blood remain. No one knows what happened or where the heirs are, but most are convinced they have been assassinated. Now Argentum, Elidar and Shear have turned upon one another in fury, each certain that one of the others has committed this terrible atrocity, and sure that one of the heirs must still be alive: the heir of the traitor country.

Triera consists of three countries: Elidar in the north, Argentum in the southeast, and Shear in the southwest. They sort of form a triangle, with four oceans in between: Border Sea in the east, Blowing Sea in the west, Scaley Sea in the south and Open Sea in the center. There are nine races (Acluv, Bower, Elek, Enser, Erog, Gelu, Gwydde, Snaca, Tarnen), each with their own racial magic (Alter, Dark, Elemental, Light, Nature, Shield, Sword, Toxin, Wild). As a player, you'll be searching for the surviving heir or in fact any information on the lost heirs, battling your way past enemy borders into their lands as explorers, warriors, spies or just about anything you want to be that fits into the fantasy setting.

A Note on Magic
When a player chooses their character's race, this automatically determines the magic their character can perform. I will then randomly roll a dice to determine the level of skill this character has, which will dictate the strength of their power between Major and Minor. Each has a set of two skills. Obviously, Minor skills are less potent than Major skills. A roll of 1-2 will let the player choose 2 minor skills. A roll of 3-4 will let the player choose 1 major type or 2 minor types. A roll of 5-6 will let the player choose 1 major and 1 minor type or 1 major type and 2 minor types or 2 major types.


In the world of Eilodon, there are 5 moons. The moons come and go in cycles and phase just like ordinary moons, but only one moon is in the sky at once. Each moon is visible in the night sky for 73 days before the next one takes over. Often, these moons will imbue a mortal with powers unique to the moon. Only a lucky few, though, are powerful wielders of this magic. These humans are known as "Eidosi" and they receive their magic whenever they are bathed in the moonlight of their moon.

A terrible and unexplainable phenomenon has occurred – the moons have stopped imbuing mortals with powers! Suddenly, powerless mortals are being born are over the world. Something's wrong with the moonshine, too – it's slowly losing its magic, making it less and less possible for Eidosi to absorb the power they need! The Eidosi must save their power reserves as all five Luni (moon covens) embark on a quest to find out what is sapping the moonpower. In their entourage are the Eidosi and some special mortals. These mortals are either friends, relatives or lovers of the Eidosi, or they possess knowledge of tracking, history or the arcane that is valuable to the Eidosi.

The five moons each have five different colors, and their followers, whether Eidos or mortal, form Luni (moon covens), which are organizations of worship and study dedicated to one of the five moons. The moons are:
CoelestinBlueAqualuna – Water Magic
ErythraeRedPyroluna – Fire Magic
VestriaGreenTerraluna – Earth Magic
ChryseusYellowAeroluna – Air Magic
AtropallPurpleSpectraluna – Illusion Magic
In the game, 1 day = about 1 hour. That way, the moon rising in Eidolon changes every 3 RL days, and the total cycle of a year lasts two weeks and a day. There is a strong strain of technology in Eilodon – lots of robots and cool machines that use moonshine as fuel. The planet is inhabited by organic aliens only, though.

A Note on Mortal Appearances
If you are an Eidos, depending on what Luna you follow, your eyes and/or hair will be that color. This means that if you are not an Eidos, your eyes can only be brown and your hair can only be black, gray, white or brown (but Spectral Eidosi can weave an illusion around themselves or others to change their appearance).


Shifting Sands has four nations and five factions, all of which are in some way involved in a massive continental war. Each faction has its own goals and equal advantages and disadvantages. The four nations are small northern Achalla, fertile western Ulaiyar, savage eastern Abboko and nomadic southeastern Notohaj. The fifth faction is a rebel organization named Cabal. Each faction has its own magic and its own goals. Achalla and the Cabal are both pitted against Ulaiyar and Abboko, so they have formed a secret alliance. Ulaiyar and Abboko are arch-enemies, and the Notohaj have maintained a neutral status.

The three nations Achalla, Ulaiyar, Abboko and Cabal rebels are engaging in a massive showdown for ultimate dominion of the world, while the Notohaji nomads, so far not taking sides, are struggling to keep their borders closed and secure. Achalla's goal is to broaden their southern borders, gaining more territory and knowledge. Ulaiyar's goal is to overthrow Abboko and form one country out of both to stand secure before Achalla's onslaughts. Abboko's goal is to overthrow Ulaiyar and form one country out of both before continuing to take over Notohaj territory as a source of water. The Cabal's goal is to overthrow both Ulaiyar and Abboko and form one unified country allied with Achalla and Notohaj to bring peace and prosperity to the realm of Shifting Sands and provide equal rights for all citizens. Notohaj's goal is first and foremost to protect their desert territory's fragile ecosystem. Mostly they just want to be left alone. But as the rest of the continent descends into an earth-shattering turmoil of deceit and intrigue, it seems only a matter of time before even they must choose a side.


- Achalla is a small, foreign military country seeking more land.
They are practitioners of animal magic and specialize in culture and technology. Achallan classes are: warrior, inventor, judge, artist and geographer. Their geography is cold northern mountains and evergreen forests, with rocky beaches and cliffs. They are most technologically advanced, with established constitutions and equal rights. They practice animal magic, the bonding with, communication with and control of fauna. However, their knowledge of medicine is mediocre, they have the smallest population and they are weak-minded and dependent on technology.

- Ulaiyar is an agricultural country rivaling Abboko.
They are practitioners of elemental magic and specialize in trade and agriculture. Ulaiyan classes are: farmer, craftsman, bard, scribe and sailor. Their geography is fertile, temperate grasslands and deciduous woods, with sandy beaches and many rivers and lakes. They have easiest access to textiles and food, possessing the largest population and controlling the elements of fire, water, air and earth. However, they are in a financial crisis, owning very little money. Almost everyone except scribes is illiterate, and they are in desperate need of better military technology.

- Abboko is a political country rivaling Ulaiyar.
They are practitioners of spirit magic and specialize in religion and politics. Abbokan classes are: priest, doctor, banker, scientist and historian. Their geography is hot plains and canyons with virtually no trees, and they do not border the ocean. There are several enormous subterranean lakes used as reservoirs, but these are running out and there are very few rivers or any kind of sources of surface water at all. Abbokans are literate and well-educated, with extremely loyal governmental officials. They are wealthy and benefit from an exceptionally qualitative medical knowledge. Spirit mages can manipulate other people and cause them to hallucinate. However, their environment is infertile, they have border conflicts with the Notohaj, and they treat their citizens and slaves so terribly that a new revolt breaks out practically every day.

- Notohaj is a country of impassive nomads without a government or allegiance.
They are practitioners of body magic and specialize in travel and survival. Notohaj does not have classes; instead, its citizens are divided into various tribes that travel together. Notohaji have excellent survival knowledge, are very resilient due to their magic and benefit from enormous speed, strength, endurance, agility and resistance to harmful effects from other magics, and are so loyal and tightly-knit that they have lacked any form of internal conflict for hundreds of years to date. However, they depend on the fragile oases to survive, are not immune to Northern diseases, and have no military or medicinal technology. Few can speak foreign languages.

- Cabal are rebels from both Ulaiyar and Abboko that have united to overthrow both governments simultaneously.
Their magic depends on the members' heritage, but some have been known to combine the elemental, spirit and animal magic to make a new type, known as Beonism, which basically allows the user to shapeshift into other animals of the same genus. They are remarkably well-organized and benefit from their alliance with Achalla, but infiltration of the governments is highly risky and internal communication is both dangerous and difficult.

Any criticism, feedback or support is greatly appreciated!

I do realize that not all of these ideas are good, and most of them are pretty rough, so I'm open to lots of revision.
Also, feel free to invite me to your own RPs, especially if they have similar themes!

-A :)
They all sound really good... I'm not sure which one I'd want to rp more Dx
Wow, thank you Kid! That's good news for me :D
I agree with Kid. Would prefer the first or third plots to rp though.
Thanks Nightstalker!

If no one else will vote or comment, I'll be releasing Shifting Sands​ in the OOC and hope for members! Thanks everyone who provided feedback!
Voted! Must say, I love all three ideas. I'd definitely be excited to get involved with the fantasy-themed RP most. I hope to see these up and out on the boards. I have a feeling they'll be popular. ^^
Wow, thanks Ewinryel! I'll keep developing the other two, unfortunately I think that if I do manage to publicize all three, Anarchy might come out before Lost Moons because it's closer to being finished. Thanks for voting!
Hmm, interesting developments here. Anarchy has as of now claimed #1 priority. I am working to evolve it into a full roleplay as we speak. Next, Shifting Sands, and lastly Lost Moons. More votes would be greatly welcomed!
IIIIIIIIIII'm not patient enough. I'll post Anarchy now. Depending on how well that works out and how taxing my other roleplay responsibilities are, Shifting Sands and then Lost Moons will be soon to follow.

You can still vote and post here, though. :) Wish me – and Anarchy – luck!