Would you do this?

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Would you go on this bus ride in the Himalayas

  1. Fuck yes!!

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  2. Fuck no!!

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  3. I like living mmkaythanks.

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  1. A bus ride through the Himalaya mountains.
    Would you ever do this???

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  2. WAT.

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    Fuck no.
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  4. Yes.

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  5. If it was free. I'm not spending money on something that might kill me. XD
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  6. I'd do it! There was a road in Alaska that was kind of like that. Except it was two cars wide, and the drop was only about a hundred feet instead of... whatever that may be. And there was no overhang. But it looks somewhat similar.

    But, seriously, I'd do it. It might look rather unnerving, but I don't think they would have bothered carving that road into the mountains if it wasn't a valid means of transport.

  7. Not to be that guy, but it might have been intended for foot traffic/animals/small vehicles, not a bus. O.O
  8. Valid, but none the less. If more than a few buses went toppling off the edge of the cliff, I don't think it would continue to be a regularly used means of transport.
  9. Eh, they look kinda like tourist traps. The locals might know not to take the death bus, but the tourists? If they're stupid enough to pay the toll, there's always someone crazy enough to make money off of it.
  10. Tourist Traps are not meant to kill the tourist. It's hard to get repeat business or referrals that way.

    Now unless you want to tell me you're a super villain trying to take out 'foreigners' then I apologize.
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  12. The number of people who visit destinations twice is pretty low, though. The number that do the exact same entertainment that they did last time is even lower. It's also unlikely that Tiny Li'l Himalayan Bus Tours (tm) has a whole lot of concerns about referrals.

    I probably sound really paranoid, but my town gets a few million tourists every year. Even in a town with very active social media, a very good feedback system, and tons of competition, we have some terrible tourist traps. Five brothers/cousins pool their money to buy a restaurant. Pay zero attention to health & safety, hire a new cook every week because they can't keep anyone. Three months later, they are required by law to get a health inspection. Fail miserably. Two weeks later, reinspection. Fail miserably. Must shut down within one month.
    NOPE! Whatever brother's name was on the deed "sells" his share to his other brothers. Brother #2 now owns restaurant. He has three months before his first mandatory inspection. Brother #1 buys back into the business. Repeat cycle, passing maybe one health inspection ever. Change restaurant name if social media fallout becomes too toxic.
    Oh, and now the health inspector is corrupt, too. Last year we had about a 20% fail rate. This year it's a perfect 0.

    TL:DR go where the locals go, tourist traps will eff you up even in 'Murica, much the less LDCs.
  13. Well… let's just say that if I did end up wanting to do such a thing I would make sure to put it at the end of my bucket list :)
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  14. I would happily die and pay for this epic adventure, to die in the Himalayas would be an honor. 8D
  15. Hell yeah!

    I'd like to drive the bus.
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  16. No.
    Just watching the video was bad enough.

    . . . I would hike something like that though . . .
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  17. No, no...

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  18. [​IMG]

    I've done skydiving, I've done that thing I forget the name, where you have a harness and you go down a wire. (Good explaining, Vari.)
    But holy fucking shit, if you even got me in that bus, I'd likely just jump out to make my end quicker.
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  19. oh no...
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  20. I'M ON A BUS.
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