Would someone help out with a signature?

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  1. Hello *shifts awkwardly* would someone be able to make me a signature?.
  2. What kind of signature did you want?
  3. Well it all depends on what you can make. I don't want to be picky.
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  4. Wow, all your stuff is so pretty, how about I give you a few of my likes and fav colors then you can surprise me.
  5. Go for it! :)
  6. Favorite Colors-
    Teal :3 a lot I know xD

    Things I like
    ANIME!!! (Mostly, naruto and bleach)
    Animals like wolfs, foxes

    Hope this helps, if I listed all my likes, you wouldn't be able to keep up so, surprise me!!! :)
  7. It'll be done within 48 hours which won't really take that long. But it's a safety step.

  8. Thank you so much!
  9. Have you been helped, Hollow?
  10. Yes I have, but you can help me too if you'd like since I am looking for more than one signatre (might be wierd to want two but I like having a variety) xD
  11. We have many graphic shops in the museum, maybe if you go into the graphic shops to request multiple signatures
    I'm just trying to keep the museum organized, You can also keep this thread open as long as you keep it active. So I thought I'd ask to keep this active for you and make sure.

    Mowkie is our best siggy maker in my opinion

    I can also take a crack at making a siggy for you if you give me a brief description and the pictures you want used. You can give me the stuff here. :)
  12. Ok I already posted some stuff in the beginning of the tread, but if you want I can just post them again :3
  13. I'll scroll up, just wasn't sure if you wanted something different from that. I'll definitely take a crack at it.
  14. *smile* I can't wait to see what you do for me, I love to see how different people think ;)
  15. Color : (Pick one)

    Quote: (Please give me a short quote.)

    If you'd like an image please provide me with an image you like along with the exact text you want in your sig. :) Sorrrrry for taking so long, Life happened for s bit there.