Would anyone like to Rp with me?

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  1. Hello everyone!

    Im Dancing in the Rain and I am new to this site but I am not new to Rping. I love romantic plots and am always up for open-minded plots. When I have one x one rps I expect to have some time to further collaborate and come up with a plot, I do not enjoy having all the ideas being sucked out of me nor do I like to leave the plot making on someone else. I also enjoy having some mystery behind my char. and I ask that we do not reveal everything about our characters in a CS. I like to keep things interesting and have shocking revelations in rps. I feel it keeps thing fresh and intriguing and it causes our curiosity of each others plans for our individual characters to grow. The same applies for group rps unless the group is over a total of 10 members, I think that a Rp with plot collaboration with over 10 members may become overwhelming so for any group rps with collaboration, 10 members is the max. When Rping a rp with mature themes i tend to play a submissive personality and my characters tend to also put up resistance at first. Additionally, when rping mature themes i tend to play a female role. Finally, I would like to rp with someone who is willing to write at least a paragraph. I find it boring to just read a simple sentence or two. Depending on how much you write i will return the same amount of writing back. Im all about equality and fairness. Now that my intro and a I've given you some information about how I function let me get down to business.



    -Is capable of playing a male char.

    -Is understanding

    -Is ready for collaboration

    -Is capable of writing at least a paragraph

    If you are able to do/be all of the things then you pass the test!

    Below is a list of pairings I would like to try.

    >*Step-Sister x Step-Brother

    *Maid x Master/Owner of the home

    Student x Teacher

    Fan/Non-fan x Celebrity

    >*Photographer x Model

    (*- Role I would like to play
    (>- Rp pairings I like the most

    Thank you all for viewing my thread! I hope to Rp with you in the near future!
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  2. (hands up) I would like try but I'm not confident on my literature skills but I do write at least 1 para... Maid x Master pleasee~
  3. It's fine I don't care too much about spelling what I mean by semi-literate I mean writing whereas I can at least understand what your talking about.☆〜(ゝ。∂) Just PM me and we can discuss the plot together ok. (^∇^)
  4. hey! i'm intrested in your Photographer x Model Idea
    Pm me?
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Not open for further replies.