Would anyone like an Official The Avengers trailer?

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Original poster
You're welcome.

Mmmm, I gotta agree with that. Robert Downey Jr does a DAMN good Tony Stark and I can't help but laugh at his snarky remarks. I look forward to see how Tony and Steve go from at each other's throats to the good friends they are in the comics.

But fuck right, we're finally getting some good Avengers stuff.
I saw it on Yahoo this morning.
And it has made my day wonderful.
A trailer for a superhero team made my day wonderful.
Whooooooooa. Awesomenessss.
Hmmmmm... I'm wondering what the big bad they all have to team up to fight is. Is it Loki, or the Hulk like in the comics? I have a sneaking suspicion some of those soldier guys might have been HYDRA.
I think it's going to be Loki manipulating HYDRA and certain elements of SHIELD.

At some point, they have to use Big Green to stop some ginormo menace because Thor's been knocked out or fighting somewhere else, Iron Man's undergoing emergency repairs, etc.. So Big Green comes in, saves the day and...

Aw, crap. He's still pissed.

So it's up to The Avengers to step in and stop The Hulk before he destroys the eastern seaboard.
Stopping the Hulk on a rampage? Just another day for the Avengers then. :P
I like the actor playing the Hulk in THIS movie. xD
So many. I've only seen the first Hulk movie.. and it was horrible.. o.o...violent poodle scene. All I can remember.
But this actor, he was in Shutter Island, and 13 Going On 30. <3 I enjoy him. >:D
Excited Staci.
He's no Edward Norton but he shall suffice.

Seriously though, looking forward to this one.
In that case Static, I recommend you watch the second Hulk movie, because its that one The Avengers' continuity is going to be following. It actually takes place after Iron Man 2.
It does?
I watched Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Capn Merca. In that order. so.