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      • Apart from what I've written below and the facts in my signature I figure you may want to know who you're RPing with. Hi, my name is ~Happily.Ever.After~, (I'm a Disney fan, and in General it is A-MAZ-ING!!!) please just call me Anna, Kay or any other nickname you can think of. I am in college and I work full or part time depending on whether I am in school or not. I don't get on that much, I try to get on daily but it doesn't always work out. I will most likely never be on too much Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday because of work. I do have a life that revolves around animals, friends, family and studying though, so I may not be on all the time during the week either. I do make an effort to get on... Life just has a tendency to get in the way. I'm not really sure what else to type, so read on n_n ... oh actually, I should ad this => I love emoticons and cute keyboard made faces.
    †ℌℯ ℛ◎◎м øḟ ℝ℮ⓠυїґℯღ℮ᾔ☂﹩
    (ehm... MY requirements... If your RP doesn't have these <or at least most of them> there's a good chance I won't join)

      • Characters ╢╟ First, let's just get this out of the way, I don't do RPs that combine anime/cartoons and humans... I don't like it. Either the RP only accepts humans <which I prefer> or it only accepts anime/cartoons. Now that is out of the way I'll go on. I prefer that there isn't a character limit on the RP, I feel that we can decide when we are at our top amount and can not handle any more... we don't need someone else to decide for us (although if it is an RP with limited spots I can understand). After typing that (look left <=) I should clarify something. I will still join limited character RPs... so long as I can have the majority of characters being female. I will not play two males and one female, I'm not very comfortable playing males so I either play an even amount of both or more females. As far as romances go, I have nothing against any sexuality, but the only one my characters will ever be is straight... and any RPs that I create will only allow straight characters. I am not capable of RPing anything other than straight, and I don't like to have it in my RPs because it still makes me feel a tad weird... I will join an RP with any sexuality in it though, as long as my characters can be straight. I'm digressing for a moment and going back to the human and anime thing. I want to add that I prefer when they look realistic, and I don't do goth or emo types... sorry. Again, I'll still join an RP with unrealistic looking characters or goth/emo characters (I won't do an emo/goth only rp). I believe that's all I have to say about this. Oh! Actually, if you couldn't tell from the character profiles below, most of my humans belong more in the country, or somewhere they can have horses and other animals. I like to RP the riding, nature type, and yes, I know most of them are girls. As I stated before, I prefer playing girls.

        Literacy ╢╟ This should be a pretty easy, [strike]mini[/strike] paragraph really. I'm rather easy going with literacy, I have my preferences, but as long as I can make sense of what your RP is saying and I don't think it's asking too much of me I'll join. Depending on the type of RP my literacy level varies. For an animal only RP (I only do a very select few of these) I tend to do anything between posting more than half a line, with no text talk and four lines at the most. I'm still working on my RP skills with that. For humans and the human-type I prefer low semi-literate at four to six plus lines. Usually I have a hard time writing more than five lines unless it's a character that I can really relate too (hint, hint, I can usually write more for girls or cowboys). Yes, I am laid-back about this, but I also will try not to ever write a one-liner... and usually my posts are formatted with a slightly smaller font size at the very least. I hate one liners, they just don't provide anything to work with... even for animals I can usually pull off a bit over one line. I almost always have proper spelling and grammar, so I appreciate if the people I RP with also have it (I understand language barriers and such, totally reasonable). No, I don't mind OOC conversations... so long as they don't go on for like 2+ pages with nothing more than OOC content.

        Forms and Roleplaying ╢╟ I'll start with forms, I don't have much to say about them. As far as forms go, it doesn't much matter to me whether or not one is provided, I have RPs, I can use those forms. Although, if a form is provided I will probably use it, unless the RP creator says otherwise and I feel like mine is more thorough. I rarely leave anything blank, I like to put down the history and personality as it gives a better insight to the character. Sometimes, if it is a newer character of mine I do have some trouble but I will eventually get it done. On to the roleplaying, again, I don't believe I have too much to say that I haven't already said. I will never be my own significant other, I feel like you are not RPing then... you're simply writing a story. However, I will RP family members and such which I do quite often. I try to make my posts detailed and pretty. I will format it whenever I am on a computer (although I pretty much use a variation of the same formatting for all of my characters). I like to follow the site rules, so if your RP is meant to break the rules don't even bother suggesting it to me. I am open to all RP forms: group (I'm extremely picky on these...), 1x1(I prefer these), invite only, threads (i prefer these too), PMs, off site, email (not crazy on this). If I do join a group rp, I tend to prefer if it is small, maybe like five or six people involved tops. So when it says 'small group rp', that's what I mean.
    ⓇⓅⓢ Ⓘ Ⓦⓘⓛⓛ Ⓓⓞ
    (Pairings I'd like to do for certain RPs are listed underneath... the one I want to do is on the left)

      • Heartland
        • ╚ Small Group Rp = Any characters, preferably Amy/Ty/Lou/Mallory/Georgie ╝
          Amy & Ty ╝
          Mallory & Jake ╝
        Horse & Rider
        • OC ♀ & OC ♂ ╝
        • OC ♀ & OC ♂ ╝
        Country Meets City
        • Country ♀ & City ♂ ╝
        Percy Jackson
        • ╚ Small Group Rp = OC's or Cannons, preferably Hazel/Annabeth/Piper ╝
          OC ♀ & OC ♂ ╝
          Annabeth & Percy ╝
          Piper & Jason ╝
          Hazel & Frank ╝
        Disney Based
        • ╚ Small Group Rp <maybe> ╝
          OC ♀ & OC ♂ ╝
          Belle & Adam ╝
          Anna & Kristoff ╝
          Elsa & OC ╝
          Kiara & Kovu ╝
          Nala & Simba ╝
          Perdy & Pongo ╝
          Melody & OC ╝
          Ariel & Eric ╝
          Rapunzel & Flynn ╝
          Tiana & Prince Naveen ╝
          Lottie & OC ╝
          ╚ Just PM me for more pairs ╝
        Quest For Camelot
        • Kayley & Garret ╝
        I'll add more as they come to mind... feel free to make suggestions
    ⓇⓅⓢ Ⓘ Ⓜⓘⓖⓗⓣ Ⓓⓞ
    (You will need to convince me to do these. Pairings I'd like to do for certain RPs are listed underneath... the one I want to do is on the left)

      • Warriors
        • ╚ Small Group Rp ╝
          OC ♀ & OC ♂ ╝
          Cannon ♀ & Cannon ♂ ╝
        Harry Potter
        • ╚ Small Group Rp ╝
          OC ♀ & OC ♂ ╝
          Luna & Neville ╝
          Ginny & Harry ╝
          Hermione & Ron ╝
        Hunger Games
        • ╚ Small Group Rp ╝
          OC ♀ & OC ♂ ╝
          Katniss & Peeta ╝
          Primrose & Rory ╝
        • ╚ Small Group Rp ╝
          OC ♀ & OC ♂ ╝
        Medieval/Different Time Period
        • ╚ Small Group Rp ╝
          OC ♀ & OC ♂ ╝
        Arranged Marriage
        • ╚ Small Group Rp ╝
          OC ♀ & OC ♂ ╝
        Pirate/Pirates of the Carribean
        • ╚ Small Group Rp ╝
          OC ♀ & OC ♂ ╝
        • ╚ Small Group Rp ╝
          OC ♀ & OC ♂ ╝
          Misty & Ash ╝
        I'll add more as they come to mind... feel free to make suggestions
    ⓇⓅⓢ Ⓘ Ⓦⓘⓛⓛ Ⓝ̲̲Ⓞ̲̲Ⓣ̲̲ Ⓓⓞ
    (Turn back now if this was your idea... I will NEVER do this stuff... If you want reasoning for it please ask.)

      • Insane Asylum
        LGBT only
        War/Fighting/Religion Based
        Animal Abuse/Abuse Based
        Most animal RPS except Warrior Cats
        I'll add more as they come to mind... feel free to make suggestions

        (Please PM me if you would like to do an RP or have an RP I may be interested in)
  2. currently I am NOT looking for an ElsaXOC or a HorseXRider request. I already have a few of those and am not looking for any more at this time.
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