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What is the worst job you've ever had?

Tell me! Where is, hands down, the worst place you've ever worked. Doesn't have to be full time employment, just the worst work experience you've ever had.
I HATE bosses that are blatant with their favoritism. Favoritism happens, it's just human nature, but a good boss is going to try not let who they like affect how they treat employees. Mocking your employees like a school yard bully is also terrible for moral. Happy employees are more productive, especially in the customer service industry!
I was a babysitter from age 13 to 18 or something like that. My information was available to people who needed someone to watch over their kids or pets; that's how I'd make money for my nerdy collectibles.

I can remember a pair of girls I'd babysit at least once a week for a while. I was specifically asked to NOT let them in the kitchen, else they'd devour all the sweets they could reach. To enforce that rule, I found one of those gates you can prop up between two walls to keep babies from going to a certain area. So I put that in the kitchen.

The girls were behaving very well. I got up, though, to answer the telephone and take a message for the mother who was out. While I had my back turned, the little monsters climbed the gate and got into a bag of homemade cookies. =___= The mother was displeased when she got home to find half of those cookies gone... The kids were grounded for being so disobedient, but I got in trouble, too. I explained that I was on the phone and showed her the message I took. That didn't seem to make her any less angry, though.

I hated having to deal with such strict, stuck up parents! It made lousy affects on my babysitting rep and sometimes, I'd get littler pay. *shakes head*
Airport security. I would list all of the things that sucked about it, but that would take way too long. I tried to be as upbeat and positive while working though, which made the job more tolerable, and put the passengers/my coworkers in better moods because I joked around/flirted a lot, but at the end of the way I was glad to be out of that shithole.
Domino's Pizza.

Fuck that shit to the fifth circle of hell.
Northwest Coating and Painting - where I work now. I work my fucking ass off on a job I should be making 20 dollars an hour for, getting only half of that and get bitched at constantly because I'm not a fucking rockstar at sandblasting. I'm half blind, can't use my glasses under a blast visor and when you're in a space 20ft in diameter and 40ft tall, it gets fucking dark. No, I can't fucking go mach 10, so sue me.

On top of that my boss constantly threatens my job, telling other employees that if I don't speed up he's going to fire me. First of all, telling another employee that is illegal, and second of all I'm twice as fast as the cocksucker that you're talking to.
Triple T Meats, a shitty little butchers shop in Glendive MT. The owner is a horrid bitch. She treats other people like shit and expects to be respected, she never legally hires anyone (instead pays all of her employees under the table), flips out at the slightest mistake or problem, steals her own customers meat, and the list goes on and on. For a month she sent me home every day before I could even clock in and then fired me for not doing anything, and I quote " You have not worked a day in the last month." end quote.
I had 2 jobs where it was generally NO FUN ALLOWED, had retarded quotas, and paid me shit. And at least one of those jobs my supervisor was an idiot. I wasn't surprised I got fired for leaving early most of the time in either job. XD