Worst and Best Horror movies ever made

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Do you watch Horror Films?

  1. I laugh in the face of danger

  2. yeah kinda

  3. sometimes

  4. Hell No

  5. Not uness you want me crying in the corner all night

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  1. (Alert spoilers)

    Babadook~Worst art Horror film ever, She is freaking bi polar and it is her feeding her inner demon, super stupid.

    Haunting of Molly Heartly~ again stupid what the hell she becomes one of them any way

    The Conjuring ~ Stupid as all hell that movie made me laugh

    Grudge Asian version/The ring~ all made me laugh, so stupid.
    Freddy Krueger~ eh not scary
    Parnormal activitie movies

    Now good Horror films that freaked me out

    Exorcist of Emily Rose
    Glass house
    Friday the 13th
    Halloween Rob zombie version
    Trick r Treat
    Let me in (didn't scare me was just good.)
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  2. Alien & The Thing (1982 version).

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  3. Best Horror:
    The Shining (The original)- Creepy dead twins, crazy makeout session with a rotting corpse/ghost, psycho dad ready to fuck up his family. It's got everything!
    The Birds- Anything that puts a twisted perspective on every day things is good.
    Silence of the Lambs- Anthony Hopkins nailed Hannibal Lector. Seriously, that movie creeps me the hell out.
    Children of the Corn- The main reason why I hate driving in the country. I had nightmares about corn fields for like....ever, all thanks to that movie.
    Aliens- Anything tearing out of someone's stomach is nightmare inducing.
    Lord of the Flies- Technically not horror, but this book and movie both scared the shit out of me.
    Psycho- The 1960's version. Scary shit.
    Night of the Living Dead- Need I say more?
    Misery- Not exactly scary in the traditional sense, but holy shit what that woman does!
    The Twilight Zone- The story about the kid is fucking terrifying. I don't know why I've always been scared of it, but it freaks me the hell out.
    The Pit- I've mentioned this movie a bunch of times in the past. The Pit is an old movie back from 1981 I think....anyway, they used to play it on TV all the time when I was a kid, so I'm not sure how hard it is to find. It's a seriously messed up movie.

    Worst Horror:
    Cloverfield/10 Cloverfield Lane- They both sucked major ass.
    The Blair Witch Project- I watched it thinking 'Wtf is this shit?' the entire time.
    The Conjuring/Annabelle- Neither of them were very scary.
    All Saw Movies- It's gore. That's all it is. It's not scary, it's gross.
    Rosemary's Baby- Okay, a woman gets knocked up by Satan. Where is the scary part?
    Any slasher horror- I hate horror movies that are just about gore and killing.
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  4. Favourites

    Children of the Corn
    I watched this when I was like 13-14, and it really freaked me out o_o

    There are a lot of remakes of original Japanese horror films, and in my opinion the originals are much scarier. The Japs' know their stuff!

    The Ring
    I watched this after I had watched the American one, and I definitely loved how.. chilly this one made me feel.

    Ju-On: The Grudge
    Not that I don't like Sarah Mitchell Gellar... but... man.. This is fucking terrifying and amazing!

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  5. I agree with Saw movies they sucked

    But Annabelle was well done I thought

    I can't watch movies like Cloverfield and Blair Witch project I get sick. Oh yeah The visit was stupid
  6. Darkness falls scared the crap out of me at like 7 yeah my parents are ass holes made me watch it.

    those last two were literally not scary to me at all
  7. Worst Horror movies:

    Any that take themselves waaaay too seriously - Remakes of Slashers and 80's Horrors in general.

    Americanised Remakes that don't understand their source material. The Grudge, The Ring, Pulse.

    Saw Sequels and the Hostel Sequels and The Paranormal Sequels.

    Good Horror Movies:

    Nightmare on Elm Street - interesting concept for a Slasher Movie, and one that isn't too brain dead as well.

    Halloween - classic really.

    Alien - It feels more like a horror to me than Aliens but both are great movies.

    Evil Dead/2/Army of Darkness - Gorefest Horror with an 80's flair and surprisingly good humour.

    Jacob's Ladder - Interesting Psychological Horror with Tim Robbins.

    The Thing(1982) - Do I need to say why?

    The Exorcist - I'm not a fan, but I can respect it.

    Hellraiser - one of my favourites, though the book is heaps better.

    Martyrs(2008) - French Horror Movie, another personal favourite. Check it out.

    V/H/S - I usually don't like Compilation Movies, but this one has some genuinely good Horror shorts in the frame of found footage without being terribly done.

    Kill List - British Horror that's probably more grounded among the ones I've chosen.

    American Werewolf in London - Classic 80's Werewolf Horror. Transformation scene is fantastic.

    Dead Ringers - okay, more of a thriller, but seriously, it's great.

    Videodrome - Yet another personal favourite of mine. David Cronenberg is masterful when it comes to Body horror.

    Cabin in The Woods - Damn funny, a love letter to the horror genre.
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  8. Alien yush
    AVP was another one technically considered a horror movie, but I like it.
  9. I actually disliked Cabin in the woods it was stupid in my opinion

    Videodrome was gross I don't do stuff like that, not scary just gross. Texas chainsaw massacre was good and as far as I could go with gore.

    ooo the Purges were good

    Dead Ringers and American Werewolf meh not great but not bad.

    Hated Howl and Loved the omen, yes both

    Kill List was not my thing

    V/H/S I can't watch makes me sick I can't do camera films

    Nightmare on Elm Street stupid you could kill him with fire

    Halloween - classic really. Rob zombie version for me amazing

    Alien - Alien kinda Horror like AVP

    Evil Dead/2/Army of Darkness - Hated these

    Jacob's Ladder - never seen it

    The Thing(1982) - lol 80s Horrors make me laugh

    The Exorcist - Do not like it

    Hellraiser - this right here

    Martyrs- hmm will have to see it maybe
  10. ITT OP shows off their edge.
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  11. The Breed

    The movie 'It'. All he does is threaten the little shits and throw balloons at them.

    Nostalgia Critic nailed it for me, everything I was thinking about.
  12. I'm guessing we're rating good as things that actually scared us? Because I have a long list of horror movies that I think are good, but are not scary per se. xD

    Hellraiser - Might be my favorite horror film.
    Halloween - The way it was filmed was very clever. When we were inside buildings everything was filmed very close up to the actors then when outside the camera was pretty much always in a wideshot. It enhanced feelings of claustrophobia, agoraphobia, and paranoia.
    Nightmare on Elm Street - That moment when he pops out of the mirror...yeah, that gets me.
    A New Nightmare - I love the concept of a character coming to life due to a system of beliefs. The scene in the hospital and then the interstate made me sooo uncomfortable.
    Silence of the Lambs - So that ear biting scene...
    Audition - Watch it without looking up what its about and drink milk, I dare you.
    Neighbor No. 13 - It should be noted that movies wherein the main character is an unreliable source, I get freaked out. I understand that a lot of people think that this is a pretty subpar movie, but the entire premise got under my skin and stayed there.
    Child's Play - It messed me up as a kid. I am not afraid of the movie anymore, but one never really gets over a shock like that. #Pediophobia4life
    The Host - Its an oddball film, I'll admit. Its also longer than it probably needed to be, but it had a real sense of helplessness. Like I really thought none of the obstacles could be overcome.

    Hellraiser sequels - Don't watch them. There are a couple that have a half decent plot but then the endings are all terrible disappointments. Reboot is the worst.
    Leprechaun in the Hood - Nuff said.
    Saw series - I think I would have liked it much better in book form, tbh. As it was, in the first film I didn't care about the characters and the "twist" was transparent.
    DNA - Bad acting.
    Bones - Its funny, not scary.
    See No Evil - They tried really hard to up the creep factor, but all they did was make it disgusting.
  13. The Haunting of Molly Hartley was beyond stupid but even more that they made a sequel, the Exorcism of Molly Hartley.
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  14. "Babadook~Worst art Horror film ever, She is freaking bi polar and it is her feeding her inner demon, super stupid." (Thought it was clever and really liked it.)

    Good ones;
    The Conjuring
    The first Halloween movie.
    The Thing (Scarred for life)
    It (See The Thing for my reaction)

    Also these two, so fucking much.


    Any of the Hills have Eyes, Waxhouse, any of rob zombies (I love his hardon for gore, don't get me wrong but they are about as braindead as ol' Zombie himself. Bascily any of the new-school splatters. The first ones were shocking at the time and had some decent performances. These days they are just a competetion in who can be the grosses.
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  15. Maybe it's because IT was a huge deal when I was a kid and the first official horror movie I ever watched that this makes me sad. Yes, it's not a scary movie by most standards, but try being a 12-13 year old kid watching it. The movie was made back in the 90's, and lets all admit that Hollywood has a horrible way of butchering up King's work even with decent CGI and effects.
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  16. No way they made a second one stupid
  17. I honestly think Stephen King butchers his own works when it comes to movies. His take on The Shining(The mini-series that came out in 90s) was vastly inferior to Kubrick's, because Kubrick knows that you cannot fully translate a book into a movie. I love Stephen King so much, I really do, I just feel he could take a lesson or two from Clive Barker in that movie adaptations don't need to follow word for word what the book does. I mean look at the word for word remake of Psycho with Vince Vaughn, didn't do that movie any good right?. That said, when it comes to Slashers/Goofy horrors and such? Hollywood don't fuckin know what they doing a lot of time.

    (On a side note, I bought the Dark Tower collection earlier today :p)
  18. I don't know. I think the lesson has been learned, at least from what I'm reading about the Dark Tower movies. I loved Kubrick's version, but I do have one huge beef with his movie. He killed off Dick (The cook) and that was not okay, especially since there is now talk of turning Doctor Sleep into a movie in which Dick is a living character. I know I've read that one of King's issues was Shelly Duval playing Wendy, and I honestly don't see what the problem is. I don't think the movie would have been as good as it was if it wasn't for her. She owned those freaked out screams.

    But if I had to say what was closest to my imagery of the book, Kubrick's version would have been it.

    (And congrats! Welcome to your newest addiction! XD I only say that because I'm biased, and Roland is the fictional love of my life. >_>)
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  19. I admit, putting a "Horror-Comedy" into the worst horror movies kinda defeats the purpose of it's self-deprecation, but I just have to put up the Troll series as being the least scary horror films I've ever seen.

    I mean, the plot in itself is just "we eat da 'umies but we'z vegetarians so we'z got'a turn da 'umies inna broccoli."​
  20. Fuck you, I love Trolls unironicly!

    I mean.

    That is my childhood you are shit talking
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