Worried About Work...

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  1. Alright, so recently I have started working at a Wendy's. I am getting good hours at the moment and I find myself liking my work to an extent. Also, with the amount I work I'm making plenty of money. However, there are some concerns I have about the place as I have learned that not everything is all peaceful.

    One of the managers is very dominate and not in a good way, they yell at people and have made plenty of people cry. Another one apparently shoves people out of their way or smacks them for no reason. Also, there is apparently a lawsuit against the location for the managers having denied a worker the ability to leave when they felt ill for two hours, and the worked ended up in the ER later in that evening. So far I haven't witnessed any of this, these are only the things I have heard. I do get a vibe though that certain employees that don't like it are soon going to get booted anyway.

    Another thing to note is that they don't give breaks, they don't even seem to staff enough people to allow anyone to have a break that needs it, including myself. I don't feel the need for one honestly, though I do get hungry during shift and I get tired from being on my feet constantly. I mean, I get paid as long as I work, or else I have to take a half hour break with no pay. And I understand that it is my legal right to get a break for the number of hours I have worked but I find myself hesitant to ask, mostly because it is not staffed enough to allow a break and because I'd rather not get on the managers bad side.

    Also, half the time, I just forget to ask! I mean the day usually fly's by fast for my long shifts and my short shifts don't require a break. By the time I feel like I really need one, I just have to go home!

    I only just started working at this place and with summer started I'm not sure If I'll find anything better. Also, I'm not so sure if I want to look for another job so soon, as it might look bad on my resume. In the end, I don't hate where I work, I get tired yes but I'm not working over 30 hours a week, just around 24 for a little over. So in the end, it's not like I'm being worked to the bone every week. Also, on my regular placement, I only have two long shift days. And on those days I don't really find it all that bad. I mean, I'm tired at the end of it, but anyone would be if they had to wake up early to help open.

    I suppose the reason I wrote all this is because I'm getting mixed signals from my parents. My mom's telling me to stick it out and see what happens but my father is telling me to get breaks and if need be call the police if one of the manager's try to hit me. However, as I mentioned, I just don't actively think about getting breaks and so far nothing bad has happened that I have noticed so maybe the possible lawsuit is getting the people to clean up their acts or risk losing their jobs. No manager will be able to stick around if they get the company sued...

    I don't need any answers but I just needed a place to vent my mind because I wasn't sure what else to do. I plan on keeping my eyes open for work elsewhere during the school year, I'll try to stick it out though the summer and if I can when other college students are leaving I'll try and take advantage of the emptying spots, if there are any. Besides, there is a new manager coming who apparently is really good and one of my co workers is transferring to a location closer to home, but it is the same place where managers are trained. So maybe, some new more active managers will be around. For now, I'll just do my job and work all they give me. Besides, if they don't break me, it's just more money from their pockets going into mine~ ;3
  2. I know you aren't requesting advice so I'll just say this, if you are sticking it out, document EVERYTHING. Each shift without a break, anything that might be quasi illegal besides that, and of course if you are every physically assaulted call 911 immediately. Hopefully this will be a nice quiet job for a few months then you can pocket the money and run.
  3. I am actually working for an Employment Program for the Government so I can always answer your questions Harpy! :D

    As for you looking back on your resume if you do quit, that's not true, in applications they almost always have a spot where you can say why you quit your last job, so you can just put it down to something about the work environment.

    Like I said, if you ever have any questions, I'm here to help! ^^ Hope everything gets better!