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  1. Is on Netflix. Is anyone else watching this? Cause OHMYGOD IT IS SO INTERESTING AND EDUCATIONAL but i get sad seeing animals dying or eating other animals. ...i just saw a Jaguar eat a gator, WHO KNEW THEY COULD DO THAT?!
  2. At first I thought you were talking about Deadliest Women. I love that show.

    I try not to watch anything involving animals that focus around the violence of nature. I'm one of those people who cry when the gazelles get devoured by lions, or the slowest zebra in the herd gets eaten. I enjoy the more upbeat ones that focus on the animals themselves and how they affect their environments. Less bloody, and most of them are absolutely adorable. I even liked the one that Oprah narrated, although I think every series like that should be narrated by Morgan Freeman.
  3. I love deadliest women but they never update it on netflix or hulu :(.

    I am just interested in how they survive and teach each other. But i do look away when they eat or hurt another animal so I understand that xD
  4. Life

    That's the one I was talking about. If I remember there was very little violence. I loved it though. Now if there was a show called World's Cutest, I'd be all over that.
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  5. Or Snoop Dogg.
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  6. That's DEADLY women to you and I love that show too :D
  7. ..i am not into rodents but GRASSHOPPER MOUSE!?

    Omg it's a wolf.
  8. I'm not a big fan of the animal VS animal ones either.

    Not due to being disturbed by it though... It's just dull.
    I'm not learning much, just that animals kill other animals in nature.

    I'd much rather see one that actually teaches you more about nature as a whole.
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