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Welcome to the Worlds Collide 2.0 OOC. I have taken the advice of a certain person and am posting the complete Plot and Character Information here as well. This is an invitation only/Private RP. You are welcome to post OOCs, but the choice will be mine, as to who is accepted.

A sudden flux in the temporal borders between universes causes a permanent joining of Terrae, the "Fantasy" world of elves, dragons, dwarves, and other Fae creatures with Modern Earth, the world of Humans and Non-sentient animals. What happens when these "fantasy" beings are thrust into a world that has never seen them before, except in fiction, and how do they and their modern counterparts react?

As said above, the two worlds are beginning to connect. However, it's lot happening very quickly. Small groups of people and objects seem to be leaping from the fantasy world. As time passes, this process increases in speed and the size of objects moving from one world to the others is growing. Initially, there chaos as fantasy and reality clash. However, eventually someone has to notice that the worlds are cleanly merging, destroying Terrae. This is not a natural event…

Through the highly evil actions of a now dead alchemist, this merging is taking place. It is with great worry that the elves have long prophecies this. Now the World of Fae Magic is fusing with the Modern world and destroying the original planets, creating a new, more frightening one.

The characters now must choose a path in this new world that leads to the betterment of all involved.

What no one could guess, is that, despite anyone's efforts, there is one being that is in control. This being will have the last say, and will use what means necessary to get it done. This is the only omnipotent individual in this story.

A Character Explanation

The following are the Sentient Life Forms of Terrae, the Fantasy World. If your character is from this world, He/She must be one of these beings:

Human (Called Hym): This is simple Homo Sapiens. Any Magical ability is learned. Any Skills are learned. The Hym may possess Battle Skills, Builder Skills, or Business Skills. (Skills will be discussed Later.) May possess normal humanoid features, be of any color and size, and may have varying strengths and weaknesses. All speak the Hym language, a language nearly identical to English, with a slight British accent, understandable by English Speakers of Earth

Dwarf (Called Dyrv): This is a typical Dwarven being, all are good at Stone and Metal Manipulation. All are less that four feet/1.2192 meters tall, and are of broad, muscular construction. All Dyrv Men are Bearded, and possess deep, gravelly voices, speaking the basic Hym tongue easily, with a slight (semi-Scottish-like) accent or brogue. It is not easy for the Dyrv to trust other races aside from the Hym.

Elf (Called Eld): Tolkien and Paolini provided a typical elven format. Refer to these authors for an appearance reference. These usually have a very high innate magical ability, and spend years perfecting control of it. They use spells to focus this form of Magic., and usually have an elemental Magical ability that is also innate, but require little training. They possess skills of practically every race, including those of Stone and Metal working, as well as carpentry and Swordsmithing. Of All races, Eldern Weapons are most treasured. They live primarily in the forests, and are usually mistrusted By the Stone-dwelling Dyrv. They are friendly with the Hym, the Drac, and Dracis. The mistrust of Dyrv is mutual. The Eld have an innate understanding and Affinity for the Draconic Races, thus making the two races practically inseparable.

Dragon/Draconic (Called Drac, or Dracis): There are two forms of Draconic beings on Terrae. The first, and most prevalent, is the Dracis. This is a Humanoid Shapeshifter, which has only two forms, the Draconic form, and one similar to elves, but with Skin tinted the color of the scales of the dragon form. The latter is magically induced, but this magic is innate and unlearned. The former is the form they are born with and usually grows to a height of twice the humanoid form. The Humanoid form has a usual height of around 6 feet/1.8288 meters. The Draconic form will be double this height, and will weigh nearly five times the weight of the Humanoid form. The Drac are not shifters, but are very large and are of usual Draconic shapes. It is not unusual for a Drac to have an Eldern or Dracis Rider. This is the Rider-mate. The Dracis are capable of all skills that any Eld is capable of. Draconic Magic is Innate and is Mentat Class (explained Below). Unlike other races, the use of this magic does not require spells, and does not deplete any energy. Of all races, Drac are, perhaps, the most respected.

Deity: Only one deity exists, though, to hear the Dyrv talk, you'd think there were five thousand or so. This Deity is known to the Eld and Draconic Races as the Creator, and to the Hym as God or Goddess, depending on the preference of the religion in question. This is the overseerer and Creator of all worlds and has definite plans in this joining.

Mating habits: Dyrv mate only among themselves. The Dracis may mate with Hym, Eld, or Dracis, but refuse to do so with Dyrv. The Drac will only mate with Drac or Dracis. The Eld may at times mate with the Hym, but prefer the Dracis and the Eld. If a Hym and a Dracis mate, a child will not be produced. If a Dracis and an Eld Mate, a child WILL be produced. If a Hym and an Eld mate, a child will be produced. Draconic classes will produce children if mated within the race. There is no problem with any level of Homosexuality or Bisexuality.

Skills: Skills are non magical and come in classes: Building (A wood-based class, including House-building, furniture-creation and other varieties), Stone-cutting, Metal-working, and weaponry (in which the Art of Sword Making is included). Battle skills are a class that is usually assumed.

Abilities: These are Magical in nature and are divide into two classes, Mentat, and Elemental. Elemental magic is the mental manipulation of natural elements to achieve a desired end. The Elements used are as follows: Light, Water, Fire, Wind, Earth. Mentat abilities are strictly Mental magic, the creation of magical phenomena with the mind. For Example, a character may concentrate his/her energy to create a ball of physical energy, and throw that ball at an enemy. The Eld and the Draconic Races are very adept at Mentat magic, and are famous for Elemental Magic. Hym and Dyrv may learn Elemental Magic, but are not adept at Mentat magic.

All characters from Terrae follow these rules. When drawn into the modern world of Earth, they do not lose their abilities or skills. When playing your character, remember that the original planet is being destroyed and the people pulled to Earth.

Character Sheet Creation

Please use this format when posting your Character Sheet:

Name: (Please insert Character's Complete Name Here)

Age: (You know what to do…)

Gender: (Tell whether your character is Male or Female)

Birth World: (Please Identify if your Character is from Earth, being a human, or from Terrae, the Fantasy world)

Species: (If your Character is from Earth, Omit this Line, But if from Terrae, Identify The Character Species)

Appearance: (What does your character look like? You may post a pic)

Skill: (Insert non-magical ability here, following the guideline in the Plotting thread)

Ability: (Insert magical ability here, along with primary element, if using Elemental Magic, and follow guidelines in the Plotting Thread.)

Equipment: (What is your character carrying?)

Back Story: (Tell a short story that tells us what your character is all about. A short tale of your character's past and how that influences current action is what I am looking for here.)

Thanks for your Character Sheets. I will provide invites, once I believe I have the players I need.

Thanks again.
Alright, here's my main Character for this RP. Come join me and let's have some fun.

Name: Michael "Dragon-Singer" N'Draco

Age: Looks 29, but age is unknown even to him

Gender: Male

Birth World: Terrae

Species: Eld/Dracis Hybrid

Appearance: Stands 6' 4" and weighs approximately 160 lbs. Hair: White- Blond, Eyes: Blue with gold flecks, Skin: He has blue skin, with small scales covering legs and forearms. His ears stand atop his head, his eyes are slightly feline, and his teeth are sharp. He is well toned, but is much, much stronger than appearance suggests.

Skill: Bardic singing, Some metalsmithing, and some weaponry. Dragon Riding

Ability: Elements of light and fire, energy manipulation, arcana spells, Mentat ability high.

Equipment: Carries a 7' carved oak staff topped with a blue diamond, through which he can channel the energy for manipulation. He also is armed with a black dagger made of a strange metal. This cannot be dulled. It is sheathed in a sheath of the same material. Also, a small, six-hole flute.

Back Story: Born on a date far into the past, he does not know his age. He was raised in a forested place in Gransa, a country in his world. At a young age, he was Rider-Mated to the three year old Dragon Renka. She has been with him since. His parents died when he became of age, due to a freak accident. Quiet, and often smiling, Michael is known to be an unassuming individual, but his skin and hair often draw trouble, as does his bisexuality. At heart, he is a pacifist, but he will fight if it becomes necessary.Over the course of his life, he has had many fights, which he did not start or want. He has known that he is destined for many fights and a war that will decide the fates of many. His Spells have granted him that much prescience.



Name: Renka Sure-Tooth

Age: May be several hundred years, is not as old as Michael, as Renka hatched when Michael was young.

Gender: Female

Birth World: Terrae

Species: Drac

Appearance: Silver-Blue scales, Body the size of a typical African Elephant, Long neck with sharp spines and two horns at the border between her head and neck. Long, sharp teeth, and green eyes. Long tail with a spine and two muscled fins. Wing span is equivalent to what an eagle would have if the same size. Wings are of thick, leathery skin, that is so strong, it is practically impervious to piercing. The wings have finger-like spines that are used to furl and unfair the wings on command. Four tree-like legs support the massive body, but agility is not hindered. On the end of each of the feet, is a foot, the front two being most like hands, having opposable thumbs. On each of the fingers, is a long, curved claw, the ivory of which is prized, as it can only be acquired from a dead Drac. The Ivory is hard as steel.

Skill: Linguistics. Can speak any Terraean language. Also sings.

Ability: Mentat-controlled Elemental Magic, emphasis on Water and Fire. Telepathy.

Equipment: Saddle for Michael, Saddle bags

Back Story: Hatched when Michael was young, Renka was Rider-Mated to Michael after Renka's third year, according to custom. Renka lived with Michael through every trouble Michael has had. Now, she is fully aware that he is not her soul-mate, but loves him, and knows that love is returned. Her personality is mellow, as a rule, but she can have a bit of a temper. Her eyes show her emotion.

Name: Aiden Raleigh Farris

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Birth World: Earth

Species: Human

Appearance: Stands an Even 6' tall, and weighs 150 lbs. Has black hair and grey eyes. His skin is fair, but not pasty, and never seems to burn or tan, and reminds some of the way a vampire may look. He walks with a graceful gait and typically wears Hawaiian Shirts and black pants, topped with a Black trench coat. Usually wears work boots. In battle, he wears black gloves made of leather, covered with black kevlar. The backs have a flexible metal plate to prevent the back of his hands from getting injured.

Skill: Krav Maga Martial Artist, Also Japanese Katana Master

Ability: Can sense some magic, but cannot use it.

Equipment: a pair of low profile katanas made of a titanium allow that is black in color, with carbon-fiber hilts, held in carbon-fiber sheathes.

Back Story: An orphan from age 3, he was raised by his single aunt. He was well educated, but had a hard time due to his quietness. He currently has no significant other, but is quite certain that he will meet the one for him. He was nearly killed when he was age 15, so after healing, he began training in Krav Maga. His love of Japanese culture and manga drove him to purchase and learn to use Katana. At 21, he was justified in carrying the Katanas, because he was attacked. Had he not had them, he would have been killed rather quickly. Now he carries them almost everywhere, beneath his coat. Quiet, but somewhat happy. He likes to laugh, but is not necessarily the one doing the joking. He is gentle as a rule, but is quite capable of fighting. He is one, however, that tends to show his emotions and thoughts with his eyes. This means that lying is difficult to impossible for him, and also is hated by him. He is an ardent Manga fan, and loves Cosplay.

Name: (Maskannai Donnodel)

Age: (125 which is still fairly young for an elf)

Gender: (Female)

Birth World: (Terrae)

Species: (Night Elf)

Appearance: (Maskannai has soft olive skin that seems to glow at times under the moonlight. Her hair is long well past her waist and shines with a silvery hue. Most often she keeps it bound in a braid so to keep it out of the way of battle. Her eyes are dark forest green that shift in depth depending on her mood. She stands 5'6" tall and is slender yet strong as is common for her race. Her ears are long and pointed, like any respectable elf's would be. Most often if she is out on the road she is garbed in leather armor that has been fashioned after a leafy pattern and is a mottled mix of greens and browns, the better for her to blend in with the forest. Although she is not paranoid she does always have her favorite weapon, a whipdagger, hanging from her side at all times. She only wears her twin rapiers when she is going in to battle.)

Skill: (Weaponsmithing and tailoring)

Ability: (Telepathy and forest magick)

Equipment: (Twin rapiers made from a metal she invented herself which is very strong and does not dull and a whipdagger)

Back Story: (Maskannai was brought up as any good elf, with lots of training in many skills. She fiinally settled on weaponsmithing as her trade and was also fully trained as a ranger of the forest. She has created many powerful weapons, three of which she carries herself as well. Maskannai visits her mother frequently so they can stay close as her father was killed in battle before she had come of age. He was a legendary fighter and smith and she is following in his footsteps, which makes her mother, Laurana, very proud.)
Name: Ariel Winters

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Birth World: Earth


She is 5'6" with a petite figure. She isn't overly strong, but she isn't weak either, she can hold her own if push comes to shove. Clothing wise she wears a wide range of outfits, though most are slightly suggestive, so you never know what you might find her in, or not in.

Skill: deception/trickery, and craftsmanship (she's able to create things if needed from what happens to be around)

Ability: N/A though she is highly sensitive to people's auras (or spiritual energy)

Equipment: Couple hidden knives are always upon her, as well as a chain belt and multiple bobby pins (seem trivial but they come in handy when picking locks)

Back Story: Gist of her childhood was that her mother died when she was young, her father was an abusive alcoholic, and her only role model was her older brother Steve who disappeared the moment he could. So, relying mostly on herself, Ariel soon realized to get by she'd have to do whatever it took. At the same time she realized this she also realized that she had an ability to sense things in others, as if she could see a faint aura of energy (possibly spiritual) around individuals. Cunning, manipulative, and distrustful herself and toward others, she can seem like a cold individual. However, beneath that is just someone who needs someone and something to believe in. She's worked the streets in more ways than one and currently works as a 'dancer' at a club, along with various other jobs.

((...sorry this's 2 am and nothing is functioning properly haha i'll edit and fix things later but this is pretty much my character...simple and easy ^^;; ))
Name: Vincent Vargas

Age: 27

Gender: male

Birth World: earth

Stands at around 5'11" and weighs roughly 148lbs. Vincent's hair and eyes are black. Skin is of normal Asian coloration. Vincent is a relatively good-looking guy given enough bathing and grooming.

Not much in terms of physical skills, but he's quite good with computers and drawing.

He has a very vivid imagination, and some limited clairvoyant abilities.​

A notebook and a sketchbook where he describes the fantasy world that's supposedly just in his head.
He also carries around a laptop he received as a present from someone.

He's a very weak-willed invididual who is also accustomed to having his wishes instantly gratified, as a result, he gives up in the slightest indication of difficulty.

Creative and senstive to a fault, Vincent couldn't help but be affected by everything that goes on around him. He tends to withdraw whenever things start to go bad, or when he feels threatened by things. His favorite solace, is of course, his imagination.​

Vincent decided around ten years ago that he was better off living within his own fantasy world, locking himself up in his room at all times except to go out at night to buy food. During his seclusion, he has started writing about a fantasy world and himself in that fantasy world.


Name: Faramond

Age: 17

Gender: male

Birth World: terrae

Species: human

Element/Speciality: -n/a-

A younger clone of Vincent, though with dark-blue eyes and blond hair.

Not much in terms of physical skills, but he's quite good with musical instruments and drawing.

Unlimited Emo Works
He could influence emotion through his musical instruments. But mostly, he could amplify the feeling people felt when hearing the music, and amplifies it to such an extent that they are driven to do things, depending on the mood induced.

Aside from a bag of his personal belongings, he also carries his guitar with him, always.​

Creative and carefree, Faramond is what Vincent could have been had he been well adjusted to society. Though some of Vincent's weakness are also evident in Faramond, Faramond tends to let things slide, regardless of their impact to his life.

Faramond also tends to be curious, often too curious for his own good, as his curiosity leads him to interesting, but dangerous situations.​

Formerly a prince in one of the far-flung kingdoms in a fantasy world, Faramond decided to live a life of a vagrant, often using his artistic skills, particularly singing, to make a living while travelling the world.​
Alright guys, Megane's Characters will get intro-ed later, so we shall just go on until he's ready to do his thing.
I was talked into joining.

No really!

Name: Sergeant Major Jenks Wylder

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Birth World: Earth

Species: Homo sapiens



Jenks has to wear corrective lenses. Due to a sigmatism he cannot wear contacts and the Army won't pay for him to get Lasik corrective surgery.


Battle/Weaponry: Supervisory/Command positions

11-Z 'Senior Infantry Sergeant'
The infantry senior sergeant serves as principal NCO in the operations section of combined arms or infantry brigades and higher level organizations. Provides tactical and technical guidance and professional support to subordinates and makes recommendations to superiors in the accomplishment of their duties. Serves as principal noncommissioned officer in an infantry battalion or higher to supervise the processing of operations and intelligence information in an infantry brigade or higher level unit. Plans, coordinates, and supervises activities pertaining to organization, training, and combat operations. Edits and prepares tactical plans and training material. Coordinates implementation of operations, training programs, and communications activities.

-Expert Rifle: Qualified, M-16A4, M-4, and XM-8.
-Expert Pistol: Qualified, M-9 and USP.
-Grenadier: Qualified, M-203 and MGL-140 40mm grenade launchers.
-Pointman: Qualified, M-500 and SPZ-15 shotguns.

Shop-keeper: Armorer
Qualified to maintain and issue all small arms within the 10TH Mountain Division

Ability: N/A, unless you consider being able to make 2ND Lieutenants (E-1s) cry through the application of a Death Glare and a few harsh words an ability.

-M-16A4 Battle Rifle: Uses the M-855 5.56X45 full metal jacket. Fitted with an ACOG scope and forward handgrip to increase control during burst fire. Extra mag pouch attached to weapon stock.
-USP: Uses .45 ACP. Fitted with Aimpoint underbarrel flashlight/laser sight. Flashlight has strobe function.
-SPZ-15: Uses 12 gauge 00 buckshot. Semi-automatic assault shotgun, uses six round magazines.
-Individual Body Armor: Standard issue flak jacket with groin and neck protector. MOLLE compatible.
-MICH Helmet: Ballistic protection for the head. Fitted with internal radio and hardpoint for optional Night Optical Device.
-Camelback Hydration System: 3 Liter pouch allows the wearer to keep hydrated longer than with the standard canteen. Aftermarket pouches rated to be used in CBR (Chemical, Biological, Radiological) environments are available for use.
-MCU-2P Gas Mask: The current standard for chemical protection. Has a tube which can allow the wearer to drink from a canteen or a specially sealed Camelbak.
-MOPP Suit: Mission Oriented Protective Posture. Due to the nature of the event, all infantry are being deployed with full chemical gear in the event hostiles use chemical weapons.
-Ammunition, M-855 .223. Primary munitions for the M-16 battle rifle.
-Ammunition, HydraShok JHP .45 ACP. Primary munitions for the USP.
-Ammunition, 12 gauge 00 buckshot. Spread shot that peppers a target with 9 pellets.
-Bayonet M-9. Fixes to the end of the M-16 battle rifle. Has a compass in the pommel.
-EZ Collection Optimus Prime: Legends Series Autobot Leader, Optimus Prime can transform from truck to robot and back. Prime is Jenks' inspiration for leadership.

Back Story: A career soldier in the United States Army, Sergeant Major Jenks Wylder is a consumate professional, deadpan snarker, and the bane of junior officers everywhere. Jenks always aspired to join the Army and serve his country. He clawed his way up the enlisted ranks, making his way to Sergeant Major in seven years.

However he's hiding something that would undo all his hard work.

EDIT: I'll be out of town from Friday to Sunday night or Monday.
Hi every one. Megane has informed me that Faramond and Vincent will not be playing into the story at all, due to the fact that Megane is going to leave Iwaku. Therefore, some slight changes are being made to include Arsenal's character, Sgt. Maj. Jenks Wylder. This is why I have made my character speak as he has. Please help us out and play accordingly. He is going to start his play from the view of the US Military Establishment. I appreciate your help.
Name: Jabra'il Elstas D'akosten

Age: 78 (looks to be about 15)

Gender: Male

Birth World: Terrae

Species: Dracis

Appearance: Standing at approximately 6'0 with light-purple tintned skin and green hair that is so dark it is almost indistinguishable from black, Jabry has the typical large build of a Dracis male. However, he isn't as nearly filled-out as a mature member of his species would be, since he is still fairly young and still growing. Because of this, he has a somewhat lanky and uncoordinated appearance most of the time. His deep azure eyes are set in a charming face with prominent cheekbones, usually plastered with a goofy, lackadaisical grin.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

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In his draconic form, his body is covered in thick scales the color of amethysts that are especially resplendent and jewel-like on his wings. Once again because of his relatively young age, his dragon form is not fully mature, making him slightly smaller than other male dragons and with less developed horns and claws. His eyes are the exact same color in this form as in his human one, although keener and more reptillian.

Skill: Weaponry with some Dragon Riding

Ability: Low-level mentat, largely inexperienced

Equipment: Spiked flail with 5 foot long chain, bolas

Back Story: Jabry grew up safe and fairly carefree under the protection of his clan. Like most young Dracis, he looked forward to the day when he would undergo the Mating ritual to become a Dragon Rider. On one of his many visits to the hatchery, he first met the Drac who he was sure would become his mate, Fakima. A couple of years later, the time had come for them to be bonded, but disastrously several Dracs went mad the night before the ceremony and laid waste to the hatcheries, leading many to escape. Sensing that Fakima was in danger and that something terrible was about to happen, Jabry set out to track down his Drac, following her through the innate connection they had begun to share.<o:p></o:p>