Worlds at War

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  1. Got a new idea is a world-wide alien invasion takes place during the current times. It's basically a dramatic survival/adventure/war story with elements of humor. Think of a current era Band of Brothers mixed in with Independence Day.

    I was thinking along the lines of a setting similar to Battle LA. Aliens with advanced weapons but still capable of being killed and their tech can be destroyed. I would say they're over six feet tall, green skin humanoids with four eyes, gray battle-armor with dark visors. Their military doctrine and discipline is similar to the ancient Roman army.

    They have hovertanks, spider-shaped walkers with mounted guns that serve as mobile artillery. We can roleplay various roles and backgrounds such as soldiers and citizens, trying to survive the onslaught. Anyone interested we can discuss possibilities with this.
  2. This seems like something of interest.

    Count me in.
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  3. Hmmm.

    I like the idea but I'm a bit lost on the idea of how we work into it.

    Are we making a few characters that we plan to play throughout?

    Or are you thinking make a whole lot of characters that will likely fall quickly (1-3 posts) and then pick up with one of the others we made i.e. One post from a Fighter pilot perspective, he gets shot down at end of post that's last you hear from him. Next post maybe a tank crewman fighting with three other tanks against a single hover-tank with little success, all tanks get schalacked by end of post. Next post could be infantry fighting a pitched defense of a bridge or something, fall back with heavy losses.

    I feel like that would be an interesting take on this sort of thing, like short stories each post that paint the big picture of the invasion.

    Let me know because I'm a bit confused on how you want this to work exactly.
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  4. Thank you both so much. Anyway FrostedCaramel, I think your idea of short stories in the posts would be interesting indeed. We can do that in an one story thread with that style as a test run. Perhaps do it in an global vibe if manageable to show how much of a world war it would be. Like a police officer in Boston US, a kid in southern Mexico, a local doctor in East Africa, for an example.

    It can be people from different walks of life to show how this invasion affects them, even for a brief time. Let's also not forget the soldiers from various nations and branches, facing off against the ruthless invaders. If everything works out we later do something of a second season that focus on more primary characters who survived the first weeks of the invasion (Band of Brothers meets aliens.)
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