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  1. Desert islands, tropical islands, private islands, kaiju-inhabited islands. Islands are usually a closed-space setting, so they need some extra thought to make them fun to explore! Give your islands some depth and interest, and you'll find the roleplays happening on them get a lot more fun!

    In this thread, we're going to be asking every question we could possibly ask about an island, and then when there's enough, it'll get compiled into mini, medium, and ultra templates to help us all flesh out our island settings! Fire away!

    Island Name:
    How big is the island?
    Where is the island located?
    Is it inhabited?
    What animals live on the island?
    What plants live on the island?
    Is the island near a mainland?
    Is the island part of an archipelago?
    What climate is the island located in?
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  2. What is the geography of the island like?
    What creatures live in the water around the island?
    Are any of the island's plants or animals unique species found nowhere else in the world?
    Are there any man-made structures on the island, and if so what are they like?
    How frequently do people visit this island?
    How easy or hard is it to get to this island from the nearest mainland?
    Are there any natural obstacles (such as reefs) that make it hard to reach the island?
    Are there any supernatural obstacles (such as the native kaiju population) that make it hard to reach the island?
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  3. What edible items are on the island?

    Is this a tourist spot?

    Is this a private home?

    Is it deserted?

    Is it a kingdom/country?

    Who owns this island.

    Sorry if I reiterated any of the above questions, trying to add some more specific ones. O_O
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  4. No worries, I sort through for repeats during the sorting process :P Specifics are super great for the Ultra form templates; some of us want to stress certain elements of the world, or just obsess over details, so having lots of specific questions one everything is great!

    What kind of body of water surrounds this island? (bay, ocean, lake, etc)

    Is this island often visited or passed by ships/planes?

    Is there a lighthouse or other seafaring aid on this island?

    Are there ruins on this island?

    Is there civilization (a village, a city, a single home, etc) on this island?

    Is the surrounding water fresh or salt?

    Is there any freshwater on the island?

    What dangerous animals live on this island?

    What poisonous plants are on this island?

    What natural hazards (swamps, quicksand, poison ivy, cliffs, etc) exist on this island?
  5. What weather patterns are common on and near the island?

    When is high and low tide?
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  6. Are there any mountains on the island?

    Are there forests on this island?

    Are there any lakes or rivers on the island?

    Is there any desert area on this island?

    How many ships can dock at this island at a time?

    Are there any towns, villages, or cities on this island? How much of the island do they cover?

    Are there any stores on this island?

    Are there any restaurants on this island?

    Are there any bars/pubs on this island?
  7. What language do they speak on this Island?

    What is the current level of technology on this island?

    What is the culture of the island like.? {Holidays, gods...}

    What is this islands main export/import ?

    How big are they internationally? {Japan is huge internationally}

    Is there magic on the island, what type of magic do they practice ?

    Have they ever been to war?

    Do they fight among themselves or against other nations/kingdoms/islands? Is it both?

    How big is their army?

    How big is their navy?

    Does this island have something you can't find anywhere else??? "Food, weapon types..."

    {Hope this is useful...}
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  8. Let's remember that culture/civilization templates are for another day and try to focus on natural elements of the island itself!

    What kind of biome is the shoreline? (Rocks, beach, sheer cliff, earth, etc.)

    What kinds of underwater plants grow near the shore?

    What quality is the soil on this island?

    Is the island prone to natural disasters?
  9. Is it part of an archipelago?
    What is the altitude at its highest point?
    At its lowest point?
    What is the humidity like generally?
    What changes does this island connect to as the seasons pass?
    Is this a floating island?
    Does it move?
    How steeply/suddenly do its edges/shores drop off?
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  10. Are humanoid creatures the only ones with sentience here? If not, what else has self awareness?

    What kinds of plants are there? Are any naturally on the island edible? Are there any drugs on the island? What kind of herbivores live here?

    The local fish, what kind are they? How big do they get? What kind of food if any do they make?

    Was the island made from a volcano, or is it artificial? If artificial, who made it and how much did it cost? How long did it take to make?

    Are there any minerals that are rare here? Does prospecting have merits here?

    What kind of birds are here? Are they edible?

    What does the local cuisine look like?
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  11. Does the island have any mystical secrets?

    Does the island have any normal secrets?

    Are there any amazingly beautiful locations on the island? (Crystal cave, Butterfly field, Hot springs)

    Can you see any other land from the island?

    Is there an endangered species on the island?

    Is there a species located only on the island?

    Is the island in the process of slowly being destroyed or lost in any way?

    (This good? Wanting to try to help out with one of these sorts of things, so I'm attempting it.)
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  12. What natural defense systems do the animals and foliage on the island have?

    Is there an 'underground' or a cave?

    Are there mountains or a volcano on it?

    What aroma does the island give off?

    How much does the islands temperature vary between seasons?
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  13. Is the island part of a key? (other islands a part of it) How do these islands affect this island?

    Are there sandbars about the island?

    Is there a lake on the island? Is it freshwater or saltwater?

    Are there any natural predators on the island?

    Does the island have a major port? Is it a naval base?

    Is the island in its natural beauty? Has it been affected by inhabitants?

    If it has a volcano, has it changed the colour of the sand to black?

    Are there any unique species to this island?

    Are there any paths or roads on this island?

    Are there any rivers, creeks, etc on the island?

    Are there any locations of note on the island such as a temple, tower, mysterious shack, etc?
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  14. WHat kind of flowers/trees can survive in the island?
    Sentient beings live in the island?
    Is this a fantasy island?
    In which time period is the island located?
    Magic exists within the island?
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