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  1. We have WWIII, but what's it all about? Did an economic collapse cause disruption in whatever peace there may have been in the world? Did a country drop a bomb on another country? What's the date?

    So, anyone interested?

    If you are, then go ahead and start posting. Don't forget to post any ideas you may have :) I really wanted to try an rp like this, so hopefully you guys will like it.
  2. I'm totally down for some Futuristic fighting! If you do decide to create the roleplay sign me up.
  3. Any specific plot you might have in mind? I'd be more then happy to help come up with it!
  4. I was thinking... The economy of some country collapses, so they ask the US president for money, he says no and things escalate from there.

    That's all I have, so please if you have ideas, tell me! :D
  5. I want to join if you create the rp.
  6. Alright, I'll be sure to tell you when the OOC for this is up. A couple more people and I'll start writing up a story-line. In the meantime, post any and all ideas!
  7. Ok, but i have no ideas :P if i think of something ill tell you
  8. This generation never thought it would happen. The idea seemed tied to the history books or else movies, novels, even video games....

    but it happened....

    America became a battleground once more...
  9. I'd check it out.
  10. I'll join once there is a OOC
  11. I think it would be interesting.. If the United States somehow isolated itself?

    Perhaps diplomatic talks eventually broke down between them and the United Nations, and as a sign or aggression they waged a small offensive on some british Territories. One thing led to another, and eventually it became an all out war between the U.S. and another superpower.. China? Vs. the United Nations.
  12. I like that idea! Maybe, China and the US would be allied?
  13. That was the idea.
  14. I like that idea :D

    Let's see, what would our characters be?

    I was thinking, we could have most be soldiers, but also have civillians so we can have those points-of-view. The life of a civillian in WWIII
  15. Would be an interesting concept! Perhaps our scene is at 'ground zero' New York, the first attack on an American city? The city had cleared out, and two days into the violence some people wouldn't leave so you have a bunch of craziness going on.
  16. So like, rioting and looting type of craziness?

    Great Ninja :D ^^ Soon I'll post this in OOC
  17. YAY! :D And I agree craziness, rioting, looting and enemies. Gotta love it. :3
  18. Can't wait to start, sound very fun :D