World War A

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  1. Half way into the war everything changed. Man's greatest foe shifted from the relatively benign axis powers to something far worse. Something more unstoppable than the German blitzkrieg. They descended from the skies, massive ships the size of cities, built from metal no man could understand and protected by the air around them. Scientists were baffled by them, the armies of the world only able to stare in awe as their greatest weapons simply exploded on the invisible barrier. These ships brought destruction to major cities, the beings within them using weapons that decimated ground units.

    One weakness was found... the severe cold of the Russian winter. Somehow it lowered the effectiveness of the shields. One desperate attack was launched, all of the remaining forces had gathered and hammered the ship until it fell, only to continue to drop ordinance until the vessel burned, unable to get back into the air...

    Essentially this role play will start from here, an assault into the ship followed by discoveries and loss, trying to save their world... You can be a citizen, a soldier, or a scientist from any country... just explain how you got to Siberia...

    Who wants to save the world?

    Our foe:
    Ground units: stars-icons-20080212030626539.jpg (Yea I know it's a space pirate, bear with me)
    Their leaders: 20t5emu.jpg
    The ship: [​IMG]
  2. Name: Oberfeldwebel Bastian Metzger
    Age: 23
    Country: Germany
    Role: Soldier
    Weapons (if any): Gewer 43, Mauser C-96 Red 9
    Appearance: View attachment 14832
    History: Bastian had once been a part of operation Barbarossa, attatched to the second panzer group. He had been among the first of the world to see the ships come. Worse he was one of the few of his group to make it out alive. He fled, what few tanks survived followed his own Panzer IV, making him their new leader after their old's demise. He joined the resistance, mainly comprised of Soviets and the Chinese in the beginning. By some stroke of luck he was able to form a tense alliance, taking all able hands he could as they made their way north, into the desolate lands of Siberia, the place the enemy's air ships feared to go it seemed. There he set up the resistance, accepting American, Japanese, everyone who managed to follow their radio signals and join. It was there he orchestrated the attack...
  3. This sounds like fun.
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  6. Well welcome! I do have a good bit of idea here, just you're the only one interested.
  7. sure want to meet in an rp room*, lets say city if its empty? I think it might be. Ill have to look
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    Character Name: Petra Warrington
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: Astrophysics
    Age: Classified
    General Appearance: 5’4 Hazel eyes. (see photo)
    Current Goal/Purpose: To try and determine origin of the alien’s home planet. To find what system they are from. How far away it was and or is and what can be done to stop their growth rate. To find out everything we can before the humans are wiped out and it’s too late.
    General Personality: Soft spoken until made very angry. Loves to help others understand things and is willing to help out even if things scare her. Petra has a weakness for animals and if they are suffering she will do anything to help them.
    General History: Graduating top of her class she worked her way into the best labs across the nation and soon into the NASA program. Once there she was able to work with scientist from around the world on space programs all geared toward learning more about the protection of man-kind. Sadly all the research done did little to avoid the attack and now the program is falling apart. Most of the members are dead or missing.


    mass effect.jpg

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  9. The pic works for me, specifically once they get their hands on alien tech. By any chance do you know of anyone else who would be interested?
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  11. Alight, given we are the only ones, want to just make this a one on one?
  12. works for me. We can play more than one char if that helps
  13. Sorry for the wait, life punched me in the jeans. One last question, mature or non? Mainly asking out of possible gore and the like, and for proper placement of the rp.
  14. Mature is fine. Just nothing over top. I dont want to puke. I mean some blood and crazy stuff is ok. But I dont do horror movies for that one reason. I just feel like I might be sick. I dont get scared I just feel like Im gonna hurl. But alien crazy stuff is cool. Im into that does that make sense? I dont know I need more coffee. And I understand. Im facing some major things too. If Im slow to reply its for the same reason.