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  1. | World Synapse |
    | Arc 2: Gardania |
    | Sign-Ups/OOC | Roleplay |

    To whomever it may concern,

    Have you ever wondered about yourself...about your life?
    If you were given the opportunity to see yourself many years in the future, where would you find yourself?
    Would you become a cog of society? One who has forsaken any sense of individuality...uniqueness...flair.
    Or would you become a deviant who threatens the balance of that which we find peaceful...enjoyable...comfortable?

    Philosophy aside, there is only one question to be asked...Are you satisfied with yourself? Deep down inside, are you content with your current being?
    If given the chance, would you remain as is, or would you seize the opportunity for fame...glory...wealth...and above of else...absolute power.

    This here is a cordial invitation to the 22nd decennial Gardania.
    There are great expectations with your attendance, but remember...Only one can stand at the top.

    Yours Truly,

    | Introduction |
    |What to expect from the Roleplay:

    World Synapse is a LONG TERM roleplay which was started back in February of this year. It is currently at the conclusion of Arc 1 and will be soon transitioning to Arc 2 with the current reintroduction of sign-ups. In the two month span since its commencement, there have already been over 450 posts, and Arc 1 is estimated to conclude at nearly 600 posts. Every proceeding arc will follow a similar trend in length, and it is because of this fact that there are specific requirements in terms of activity. Unlike many other role-plays, World Synapse is quite fast paced, and participants are required to post within a two day time frame. In designated sequences (Battles, active events, etc.), daily posts are required. If this is something you are interested in, and a commitment you can upkeep then keep reading!

    |What to expect from World Synapse Arc 2:

    World Synapse is a mix between slice of life, fantasy, and the supernatural genre. Coming into World Synapse, your character will be an ordinary student either transferring into or currently enrolled at Roseheart Academy in Rainville, Arizona. Initially, your character will simply live out their daily lives, and the many fantasy/supernatural features of World Synapse will not affect your character. Nevertheless, if things stayed this way, the role-play would be admittedly boring, and so, an explosion transition is in store.

    Unlike the standard elements of role-plays, Arc 2 will be utilizing an "RPG System" in addition to what is expected. This is a system that will be relatively unique to Arc 2, and will probably not be revisited in the future. What an "RPG System" means is that the GM's will be preparing a set of pictures which will define a Hub World for the plot's main location. In these images, key locations, NPC's, etc will be defined, and it is up to the players themselves to find development through sub-plots. Frequently, your characters will be summoned for participation in instances which are tied to the main plot. Rewards for participating/completing subplots may include artifacts, knowledge, skill which can strengthen your character and money which can be used at the market.

    More information to follow as the plot progresses.

    |Arc 1 Synopsis:

    At the end of summer came the expected summon for school. Ravenwood Academy was the prestigious educational institution located in Portland, Washington where several students were transferred into. For the students, nothing seemed out of the ordinary until a fated meeting changed their lives forever. At the night of their homeroom cook-out, their teacher was brutally murdered by a man named Fushinsetsu who proposed an offer for each and every student present. "If given the choice...the means...the opportunity...Would you rise as a hero and make your name known...or would you fall to the depths of infamy as the villain of times…" were the words he spoke just before casting the students into three particular rifts in the sky. The group of students were divided into three groups which each landed in a varying location. The first location was a medieval world where a man named Dimitri saved the group of students and led them on a path to overthrow the corrupt kingdom which ruled. The second location was a mist-filled world set in the late 1600's just after the curse of the Black Plague. Here a power struggle between the Roman Church, a rebellious organization, and the reigning Dukes existed to be solved. The final location was the Roaring 20's where the threat of serial killers, mafia, and prohibition was alive.
    The reason behind Fushinsetsu's mysterious actions and the conclusion of the students' situation has yet to be known...Only time will tell as we move into Arc 2 where answers are hoped to exist.

    | Rules |

    | General Rules |
    • If you know any aspect of life(work/school/etc) will become a long term burden and prevent you from consistently posting, do not join the rp. (See more in Activity Requirements.)
    • No Mary Sue or Gary Stu characters will be accepted into the rp.
    • No godmodding or powerplaying.
    • World Synapse is an anime roleplay. You must use anime based pictures in your character sheets.
    • Character sheets must be completed within 48 hours after they were started. Automatic rejection will occur otherwise. (If something urgent has come up in life, please contact any of the GMs.)
    • If your character sheet is rejected, there are no seconds chances. Please make sure to thoroughly read all of the rules.

    | Activity Requirements |

    World Synapse is a long term role-play.

    General Posting: Members of this role-play are required to consistently post throughout the entirety of the role-play’s lifetime.
    • If you have upcoming finals that you need to study for, your swamped with homework, or your family is forcing you into a boring vacation, then by all means focus on your life; however, a simple noticeof your status is required.
    • See General Rule 1.
    • Posting is not a daily requirement; however, it is highly encouraged. That being said, a post should be expected at least every Two days. This rule will be enforced, and inactivity will result in your character’s death or other consequences.
    Battle/Fight Posting: Plot based battles/fights in World Synapse operate under a 24 hour rule. This means that if you fail to reply within 24 hours, your character is assumed to have been killed, and you will be written an awesome death scene as compensation. This rule is in place to prevent unrealistic expectations in a battle. Failure to post at regularly intervals alludes that your character is effectivelyAFK on the battlefield. This in turn implies your character is utterly defenseless, a standing target.

    | Writing Requirements |

    World Synapse does not require high level writing skills to participate in the role-play; however, that being said, World Synapse is not a beginners role-play, and there are several guidelines that will be required of anyone pre-existing, or joining the role-play.
    • One liners are not accepted under any circumstances.
    • Two paragraphs are a base minimum for the majority of your posts. If not much is occurring at the time, going below two paragraphs is understandable on a rare occasion; however, generally two paragraphs is long enough to create an effective reply without becoming too much of a burden.
    • Reading Comprehension is a must. If something does not make sense, simply ask the writer of that post for clarification. Do not assume. Miscommunication only leads to further issues, as proceeding posts, based off misleading information, creates extra work in the form of later corrections.
    • Be capable of developing your character in a believable manner. Your character is not a doll without an existence for itself. As time passes in the role-play, the realm of World Synapse will change, and so should your character with it. Emotions will flare; happiness will be felt; tears will be shed.
    • Be imaginative. World Synapse is a very open ended role-play that allows for a lot of leeway in terms of character interactions. Anything that stays within the bounds of the role play’s setting and can be portrayed in a believable manner, given your character’s position, is acceptable.
    • Be independent. Interaction and plot will not be constantly thrown at your characters at all times. You must be capable of developing interaction for yourself and others around you. This allows for the world to feel much more natural and believable in nature.

    | Information |

    | Death |

    No character is immune from death.
    While it is not entirely common, death can and will happen throughout the course of the
    role-play. Not everybody in the realm of World Synapse is a friendly person. Antagonists with the desire to kill, exist, and it is up to your own observation and reactions to survive through the days.
    • If your character is killed, you are allowed to make a new character to rejoin the role-play.
    • If your character is killed, he/she was killed for a reason and under a fair manner. Please do not create drama in an attempt to revive your character. Accept your fate and move on.

    | Time |

    Whether you post that day or not, time in World Synapse will continue to move forward.
    Remember that role-players move with time, not the other way around.
    Unless stated otherwise, one day in the role-play is equivalent to seven days in real life.
    Real time: Day One & Day Two | Day Three & Day Four & Day Five | Day Six & Day Seven
    RP time: Morning | Afternoon | Evening
    (7 real time days = 1 role-play day)
    For your character sheet, the date of your character’s signature is the tenth of July 2015.

    | Inventory |

    In World Synapse, items can be an important factor under certain circumstances in battle and everyday life. That being said, after every post, it is required that you display, in a spoiler, what your character is currently carrying in his inventory. In addition, for Arc 2 currency is an additional required feature to add to your inventory.

    Post: John, who realized there was no food in the fridge, decided to make a trip to the market.



    Currency : $1000
    • Wallet
    • Pen
    • Phone

    | Everyday Life |

    World Synapse is a split between slice of life and supernatural/fantasy action. In this role play, your character starts out as transfer students into Roseheart Academy. Roseheart is a private high school located in the fictional city of Rainville, Arizona. Even if your character is to discover information concerning the supernatural, it does not change the fact that daily life would continue the same.

    School: Your character is a local or transfer student residing within the city or dorms as he/she attends Roseheart high school. This means if your character is present in the real world, he/she is “required” to attend class as any student would be. Managing one’s time, extra activities, and sleep schedule are all crucial toward gaining reputation and maintaining good academic status within the school.

    Relations: Being a loner is no fun(unless you character enjoys that), but even less fun is the possible danger that lurks in the Fragments and real world alike. Frequent are the allies, yet equally frequent are the possible enemies who would show no mercy to the weak and innocent.

    Misc: Rainville is an ordinary city with ordinary days and ordinary lives. Extracurricular activities, part time jobs, hanging out with friends, dates and more! Enjoy your time as much as you can. The future might prove to be grim…or happy?

    | Fragments |

    Fragments are various worlds which exist parallel to our own. Each Fragment has a unique sense of existence which is defined by its appearance, inhabitants, era, and more. How or why Fragments exist is a mystery to all who know of their existence, yet a common theme is the existence of strife, whether obvious or subtle. Artifacts or the presence of a Wielder are required to journey to and from Fragments. Take care in traveling...You might not get to come back home...

    | Artifacts |

    As implied by its name, Artifacts are relics unique to the various Fragments which exist across the plane of existence. While there is no explanation as to why Artifacts exist, they posses incredible powers which they can bestow upon the holder who wields them.
    No two artifacts are the same, and while some may hold tremendous power, others may be a laughable joke at best. Although an Artifact is nothing more than a tool, a unique presence seems to envelop their existence. Perhaps, there is more than is visible to the eye...?

    General Information:
    • All Artifacts are created and distributed by the GMs of this role-play. As of now, there is no exception to this rule. You are not allowed to create, find, or start the roleplay with any Artifact unless approved by either Voltaire or Tsu.
    • Artifacts and their powers are entirely visible by Artifact wielders and ordinary humans, alike. Because of this fact, take care in utilizing your Artifacts in the real world.
    • Artifacts are required to journey to Fragments. If your artifact is lost, you will be unable to return to any Fragment, even if you have previously been there.
    • Artifacts have varying costs to use their power. In addition, various types of artifacts also exist. More information will be below.
    Policy: Artifacts can only be created and distributed by the GMs. More or less, every member of the role-play should end up with an Artifact; however, the timing under which they are given out is based on several factors. Those whoregularly post, develop their character well, and develop their character in a sense that meshes with the artifact at hand, will be given priority over others. Please do not beg or whine in an attempt to force a GM to give you a Artifact. It will not help your chances of getting one, but rather, only make them worse. In addition, if your Artifact seems weaker than another, please do not complain about this fact. Everything in this role-play is designed with a particular intention in mind.

    Artifact Wielders: Receiving an Artifact bestows a fraction of its power upon your character who becomes known as a Wielder. Like everything in life, usage of this power is not a skill that is immediately learned. More than likely, your character will be initially weak in terms of power and ability. As time passes and your character develops their skill, an Artifact’s true potential can be unlocked.

    Non-Wielders: Just because a character or NPC lacks an Artifact does not make them any less of a potential threat. An Artifact simply unlocks its power for a Wielder’s usage. The Wielder’s skill and capabilities are limited by his/her own body. For example, a non-wielder with intense martial arts training could possibly dispatch an Artifact Wielder with ease, depending on the potential power at hand.

    Artifact Types:

    Shards: The basic type of Artifacts which exist across the Fragments. Out of the three types, Shards are the weakest artifacts; however, they are for the most part without price or consequence. Shards are among the most common artifacts which exist, often taking the form of a weapon or object from its era. The scale in strength is the most diverse among the Shards as these artifacts range from useless tools to powerful weapons and much more.

    • Tier: Shards are the weakest of the three archetypes. The strongest Shard will still be weaker than a Biological or Soul Artifact in terms of raw potential or power.
    • Usage Cost: Most Shards are without any negative cost apart from a Wielder’s energy. This allows multiple shards to be used in tandem if the Wielder is experienced and trained. Some Shards may have costs, such as basic water manipulation requiring a water source, additional energy costs, and so forth.
    • Powers: For the most part, Shards have basic powers or appearances. Weapons such as axes, swords, or staves. Powers such as imbuing the weapon with fire, basic elemental manipulation, basic healing, are but a few possibilities that exist. Rarer Shards with far advanced powers compared to their counterparts do exist.

    Soul: Soul Artifacts (Souls) are one of the two rare archetypes which exist throughout the Fragments. Although Souls are blessed with the strongest power out of the three Artifact types, they are also cursed with the heaviest price. Not much is known about the Souls capabilities as they are very rarely seen.

    Biological: Biological Artifacts (Bios) are the third and final known archetype which exist across the Fragments. Like Souls, Bios are rare and little is known about their existence. Bios are believed to be stronger than Shards; however, the truth of this statement in addition to the price of using Bios is unknown. It is rumored that Bios have unique traits which include biological form and personality.

    | Skype OOC |
    The Sign-up thread also acts as the OOC, but it is not World Synapse's main OOC. Any questions you ask in the thread will be answered by one of the GM's; however, it is highly recommended you also join the Skype OOC. It is not required, but once again, it is highly recommended. The Skype OOC is a chatroom which gives you access to all the other members and GM's. This allows for conversation, development with the others, and easy access to the GM's for any questions or concerns. If you are accepted into the roleplay and are interesting in joining please contact me at Branden.tenbrink.

    | Footnote |
    If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via Iwaku Pm's, any of the threads, or Skype.

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  2. | Update |

    For any new sign-ups the role-play will be beginning in about a week to a week and a half. The faster we fill up, the faster we start!​
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  3. | Update |

    Sign-ups will close around Friday, April 24.
    Hurry up and get your slot before then.​
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  4. | Update |​

    Reminder that Sign-Ups close tomorrow (Friday, April 24). As long as you get your sheet post in the OOC/Sign-Ups, you will still have 48 hours to complete it, but remember, its first come first serve!
    For any newcomer sign-ups, the role-play will be beginning at some date within a range of this weekend into next week. An exact date will be determined based on sign-up completion.
    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me vis skype or PM.
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  5. Only 8 hours left till sign-ups close.
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  6. Forgot to put the closing update.
    Signups are officially closed, but if you are still interested and just missed your chance, feel free to PM me. We can talk it over.
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