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  1. I dunno if I should repost the intro and such....I will in a moment just in case. Anywho, it's best you read the thread in Roleplay Sign-ups first. :)

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  2. I'm new to this, so if it sucks, please bare with me!

    Basically, what's going on is that there are two kingdoms:
    Kingdom of Weres
    Kingdom of Blood

    The Kingdom of Blood is for Vampires, the long-time rival of Weres. You may be in either Kingdom.

    So, what's going on is that the Kingdom of Blood wants to take over the other Kingdom. Their King also wants to marry the Queen of the Were Kingdom.

    So, obviously there will be a war at some point.

    Here are my characters (I'm playing multiple characters):

    Kingdom of Weres

    Matsuda (also known by Matty or Mat)
    17 years old
    black hair
    dark grey eyes
    Was orphaned at the age of five. She was raised by her older brother Fabio. After a great battle, the old king was killed. As reward for her great braver and strength in the battle, she was made the new queen. She has proven to be an effective leader, even at her young age.

    22 years old
    black hair
    lighter grey eyes
    Even though he was only ten when they were orphaned, he raised his sister. He joined the military, but disappeared for a while. He came back as a mercenary, although now he is Matsuda's strongest, most trusted warrior. No one knows what happened or why he disappeared, it's a secret he may take to his grave

    Kingdom of Blood

    18 years old
    red hair
    green eyes
    He's the king of the Kingdom of Blood. A pampered palace brat, he rose to power through blood-line. Although and efficient leader, he is known to be quite cruel when things aren't done right.

    18 years old
    1/2 vampire 1/2 WereEagle
    brown hair
    brown eyes
    Born from a forbidden relationship, he was raised by his father as a Vampire. Never having known his mother, he doesn't know of his Were side. He does, however, know that he is different from other Vampires. He is now Lavi's right-hand man.

    Were Classifications

    WereTigers are the rarest kind, but also one of the strongest. In battle they go right behind the front-line. (since they're rare we can't have too many of them)

    WereEagles. Because WereEagles have the best sight, they are always trained as archers. They are also trained as sword-fighters, in case of close combat.

    WereBears. Being the strongest sort of Were they go in the front-line during battle.

    WereCheetahs. The fastes. They go behind the WereTigers, and when the enemy approaches they race forward and attack first.

    All other Weres stand behind the WereCheetahs or, depending on their ability and the enemy, they may go near the front-line.

    Other Info:

    All Were's are trained to fight with swords, daggers, etc. In case they have to go into their human form during battle. Their battle gear is made to not tear off when they transform (or fall off, depends what you transform into).

    Though smaller than most Weres (in were form) Vampires have the benefit of extreme speed and strength. They are a deadly enemy, and have killed many Weres before.

    There is a dense forest in between the two Kingdom's.

    If you want to make up a new kingdom for humans or so, ask me please :) You can be the leader of that kingdom and make an alliance with the other kingdom of your choice.

    There's the intro.
  3. I apologize in advance: my roleplaying may be different from some of your guys' so, if I confuse you don't worry about asking or yelling at me about it XD

    Anyway, I thought I'd apologize for that.
  4. [​IMG]Midnight in the Kingdom of blood.

    Krom's Footsteps echoed down the large marble pathway that led into the courtyard. It was lined with delicately carved marble statues that depicted members of the royal hierarchy. Above the threshold that led outside, the words 'Regnum of Cruor' or Kingdom of Blood were etched in the stone. Their kingdom was rich with tradition and respect. Keeping bloodlines pure, weeding out the so called 'bad blood' and above all else, surviving were the key elements to their strict value system.

    The dark one, stalker of the night, and relentless taker of human life known as Krom stepped out from under the archway and into the gentle lunar rays that filled the courtyard. He was dressed in a pin stripe suit and heavy, black leather boots. A charcoal colored cloak was tightly wrapped around his skinny frame, and rabbit fur gloves covered his hands. His smooth black hair hung in a triple bound ponytail that reached the middle of his back. The moon light reflected brightly off his pale skin as deeply sunken black eyes looked with distrust into the sky. Full moon, this no doubt reminded him of the collective enemy of his vampire brothers, The white spire dancers.

    If it wasn't enough that they had the vile shape shifters to deal with, conspiracy laced lies lurked in their kingdom as well. This is why Krom was in the courtyard this evening. Normally, he would have been out in the nearby village of Brook ridge searching for his next meal, but tonight there was pressing matters to attend to. He needed to speak with Lavi, the king. There was something troubling his ruler, something that Krom feared may bring disruption to the Kingdom. All his attempts to speak with Lavi in public had failed, so in a last ditch effort he sent a note, giving only the simple request to meet him in the courtyard this very evening
    . While it is not at all common practice to demand a meeting with the king, especially alone, Krom considered himself a personal friend to the ruler and hoped that his concern would be enough to convince Lavi that this was a most urgent request.

    With any luck, Krom would be able to get the information from his King, and more than, perhaps help his friend with a problem.

  5. Lavi- *Enters the courtyard in not-so royal attire. Having almost forgotten his meeting with Krom, he'd taken a nap. Had it not been for Gwizdo waking him up, he would've missed it. So, he went to the courtyard wearing a simple flannel shirt and darkly colored trousers. His red hair, which was always neatly combed, was in a jumbled mess. Dark circles under his eyes showed he hadn't been getting enough sleep. Thoughts of the queen clouded his mind most of the time. Finally, he entered the courtyard and saw Krom.* "What do you need?" he asked, rather grumpily.
  6. Krom was pacing, hands writhing behind his back, footsteps connecting solidly with the cobblestone pathway in the courtyard. For someone unaware of his -condition- he might appear to be nervous or worried, and while this was partly true, he paced mostly because he was hungry. Krom needed to feed, and waiting for the king was something he did not plan for. When Lavi finally showed up, Krom greeting him, not with a slow deep bow, but instead with a slight tip of the head. Krom was slightly taken back by his King's grumpy address, it only went to further cement the idea that he was indeed troubled.

    "My lord, if it doesn't go without saying, I would not have brought you here had it not been urgent."

    Krom had initially planned on building up, but instead decided to cut to the bone

    "I suspect treason inside the kingdom. It isn't something I think, but rather something I feel. The wolves have no doubt been as vigilant as even in their hatred for us, it is only my concern that this issue is addressed, if not just to you then to the Kingdom as a whole."

    The bright moon shone down, making Krom's eyes glow a brilliant reddish orange. He awaited Lavi's response, at the same time trying to read his King.

    "And if I might add.."

    said Krom in a 'matter of fact' tone

    " have seemed troubled over the past few nights, I am wrong in assuming this?"

  7. Lavi- *Watches Krom steadily as he speaks. Was he really so readable? He kept calm as he replied* "I have been rather...troubled, as you said." *He thinks for a moment before continuing* "As far as the treason issue goes...That's even more troublesome." *He speaks timidly, hoping not to give away too much information on his "troubles".*
  8. Krom took very little comfort to his Kings words. This was going to be a tough conversation, that much Krom knew. There was something on Lavi's mind, and Krom feared that of he didn't talk soon there would be terrible repercussions. He could only imagine what an all out war would do, at this time, for the moral of the people. For hundreds of years they had been in turmoil with the Weres, and Krom couldn't help but think it was all about to come crashing down around them.

    Krom trembled, ever so slightly. The urge for blood was beginning to over take him.

    "My lord. would it be out of line for me to believe that you do not wish to share your troubles with me? I am here for you, however you need me be, but know that the longer you keep your troubled mind locked up, the less I will be able to do to aid you if that time comes."
  9. Lavi- *smiles slightly* "Thank you, I appreciate knowing that I can confide in you" *sighs* "Right now, however, I'm not sure about how you would react to what I've had in mind... *Thinks, weighing the pros and cons of telling Krom*
  10. Krom searched his king. Feeling a slight twinge of resentment, mixed with frustration. Why couldn't he just open up? Did he think that being King excluded him from confiding? Krom loosened the collar on his shirt, it , all of the sudden, had become tight and uncomfortable. A low lying cloud past the moon and created a path of night shade where the two were standing.

    "Lavi, I remain iron clad in my request. Please remember, my liege, whatever obstacle blocks your path, I am here for you. I trust that you wouldn't put the entire kingdom at risk."
  11. Lavi- *He looked up. Thinking 'Am I, putting the kingdom at risk? For lust?' He shook his head mentally. Finally, he decided to tell the truth, it might be good to tell someone besides Gwizdo.* Coughing he asked, " would you react if someone from our kingdom fell in love with someone from our rival kingdom?" *His gaze becomes steadier as he waits for a response*

    [size=+1]The landscape was harsh and uninviting; snow covered the mountainous terrain, blizzards whirled into life with terrifying frequency. This was not a place most would consider hospitable.

    Yet the men and women who crept along the edge of the valley knew this region to be home.

    Even at this distance the Spire was clearly visible, the vast twisting mountain piercing up into the sky as though trying to skewer the stars. The small group of people, no more than a dozen of them, were clad fully in white as they watched the valley below, rendering them next to invisible amidst the snow and ice.
    “I see them,” growled the one at the front, the eldest and leader of the group, “Are you prepared for what comes next, my brethren?” There was a chorus of grunts to the affirmative. “Heill, my siblings. Surround them and then move in to strike; kill their horses first and let none escape. We strike to incapacitate, not kill. We have a message to send here.”

    In the valley a cluster of figures appeared. Darkly-clad soldiers mounted upon horses guarding a carriage that moved slowly amidst the snow.
    “Have the parasites arrived, Gunther?” one of the men behind asked the leader.
    “They have,” Gunther replied, a smile crossing his scarred face. He turned to the group so that he might address them properly. “Wait until they are halfway through the valley. Two of you hang back to ensure that any would-be escapees are caught.” He turned to the largest man in the group, a mountain of a man covered in thick black hair beneath his white clothing. “Bielski?” The man-mountain grunted. “You will attack the carriage; destroy the horses and overturn it. Make sure the ones inside are not harmed too much... yet.” Bielski grunted and nodded to the affirmative. Gunther turned back to the valley and waited. “Very well, my brethren, ágæti.”

    They watched the procession in the valley below silently, like predators stalking prey. The carriage and it's guards crept through the snow, and soon came to the centre-point of the valley. Gunther snarled and rose to his feet. “Attack the air, brethren!” Howling their battle-cries, the dozen warriors launched themselves from the top of the valley soaring through the air and down towards the carriage. Their forms shifted as they fell, growing hair, claws and in strength.

    Eleven wolfmen and a werebear crashed into the valley and launched themselves upon the carriage and it's guards.

    The majority of the guards were on the ground or dead before they even knew what was upon them, torn to shreds by the claws of their attackers. One or two of them managed to tug blades from their sheathes and ride to defend the carriage; Gunther dashed forwards to face these threats, rending upon the throat of one of the soldier's horses before hurling himself into the second one, body-slamming the rider from his mount.

    Bielski let out a thunderous roar as he slammed his vast form into the carriage, now in the form of a huge black bear walking upon it's hind legs. The carriage was literally knocked into the air for a moment before it came crashing down again. With a snarl of triumph, the werebear set upon the horses, tearing them to shreds.

    Within a minute the ambush was over; the soldiers lay wounded or dead, the carriage lay on it's side with Bielski watching it carefully. Gunther let out a howl of victory and returned to his human form. “Hitta, brethren!” he cried, motioning them all to return to him. The White Spiral Dancers complied, returning to their original forms as they did. “Are there any of you wounded?” Gunther asked, a note of concern in his voice. One of the braves, a young man on his first excursion from the Spire, raised his arm to reveal a painful looking gash down it. “Someone tend to his wounds,” Gunther ordered, “We have done well. Bring forth the survivors; Bielski, retrieve the parasites in the carriage.”

    His heavy footsteps thudding through the blood-stained snow, Bielski tore off the carriage doors and peered inside for a moment before dragging two finely-clad figures from it. The pair struggled, but thee werebear's grip was like that of a vice that held them locked in place. They were deposited before Gunther and his warriors, who bent down to check both of them carefully. Their pale skin and fangs revealed them to be vampires; both were well dressed in court finery that could not have looked more out-of-place amidst the snowy wastes and white-clad Dancers. The elder of the pair wore a heavy metal symbol on a chain around his neck; it was this that Gunther checked.

    “This is the one we seek,” he told his followers, “kill the rest now, and do it fast; our time runs short.” The elder vampire snarled and bared his teeth.
    “I hope you're aware of the fate you are sealing by doing this, dog!” he spat, “I am the ambassador of the Kingdom of Blood! There will be war over the blood you have spilled tonight!”
    “That was our intention, parasite,” Gunther said without expression before turning back to his followers, “Stake this one and leave him for the sun to purify. Be sure to leave the symbol of his office on the carriage so all will know what we have started today. With this we bring the Great War ever closer, my brethren! Let's get to work!”[/size]
  13. Gwizdo- *Sits on the edge of his bed, staring vacantly out of his tall window. Sometimes he thought he should get a stained glass window, something about facing the WereBeast kingdom made him uneasy. Lavi'd gone out, so he had no one to talk to. He stood and went over to the window, pulling the curtains over it.* "There" he said. *He went back to his bed and sat down again. He wasn't going to sleep. He just liked sitting on his bed as he thought.*
  14. The moon shone on his flesh. The dirt beneath his bare feet was cold. He circled around while his opponent before him circled the opposite way, with a cocky grin. K'thal's grin expressed the excitement of the suspense. All around him a circle had crowded around, mostly his people were jumping and cheering and hooting. Some were their first forms, some were in their second. A few here and there were not of his people but that was okay, they liked guests. But the others weren't his concern, so he focused his attention on the one in front of him, He was bigger, but K'thal knew that wasn't going to be a problem, fortunately for him the other thought it was. He payed attention to the moving muscles and tendons.

    They both stopped. The other smirked and dove forward with a punch and K'thal stepped aside, grabbing the arm and kicking the leg out from under his opponent while pulling on the arm. His opponent flipped and landed hard on his back and K'thal jumped away as he tried to sweep an arm around to catch his leg. On the other side of the circle K'thal winked after the bigger kid got back on his feet. Before his eyes the other guy's skin erupted with fur and his body mass increased and leaped as fast he could, clearing the entire circle. K'thal rooted himself to the ground with his stance and spun around, bringing momentum into the kick he delivered into the gut of the other ape. His stance was strong and the flying ape's momentum and breath was lost to him and he fell to the ground. K'thal landed on him and twisted their limbs together and held the furry mass to the ground as it struggled and thrashed against him until he came to a rest and patted the ground, signaling his surrender.

    K'thal bellowed a triumphant
    "Haha!" and rolled onto his feet as the other one turned back to normal. "I told you this wouldn't last long Zeke" he said while helping him up. "Size isn't everything, you do have to practice" he said with a smile "Yeah yeah" was Zeke's response. K'thal laughed at him and trotted away through the encircled crowd, most of them hooting at him and slapping him on the back, congratulating him on winning this little match.
  15. Fabio- Fabio woke up with sweat dripping from his face and neck. He knew he'd had a night-mare, but could no longer remember it. He slowly got out of bed and went to Mat's room. She was still soundly asleep. He didn't want to wake her up, so he simply left the room and walked out of the castle. It was stil kind of early. He stretched and walked into town, wondering if he should run a patrol, just to make sure everything was alright.
  16. Slanted oculars blinked open abruptly, glistening like pools of fresh sanguine in the shafts of pale moonlight, the female werecheetah's lithe body sinuously uncoiling from the floor, where she'd apparently fallen asleep. On her knees now, Chayna glared at the patch of earth, as she plucked leaves and twigs from her mess of auburn ringlets with delicate, bony fingers. Rising to her full height, she stretched once more, flexing muscles quite thoroughly as was her morning habit- wait, was that voices she heard? Like a deer in headlights, she froze, looking for the first time at the rest of the courtyard. Shit! It was the king! In the cage of her ribs her heart began to pound, her blood pulsating like quicksilver, panic rising like bile in the back of her throat. The sight of the king and his companion wavered in front of her for a moment, their words carrying easily over the breeze. But maybe, just maybe, they hadn't noticed her yet. Quick as a snake, the female sank back behind the bushes . .
  17. Mercedes
    Location: Kingdom of Weres

    Mercedes was on edge. Why, she didn't know, but she did know that she wouldn't be able to sleep anymore if she was like this. The weretiger sat up, her piercing green eyes moving toward the window. It was still dark, but she knew that morning wasn't far away. Judging by that, it was time to get up anyway. She got out of bed and stretched, taking this time to wake herself up. As she did, a small part of her felt as if today would be a really long, really hard day. But that was alright. As long as it didn't involve dealing with those bloody vampires...

    After dressing, she moved to the window and looked out into the town. It was quiet, as it should be, but with one exception. Mercedes' entire body tensed when she caught sight of the lone figure making its way into town, but she relaxed when she saw who it was. What was Fabio doing up so early? He wasn't usually out and about until Queen Matsuda was awake. Curious, Mercedes left her quarters and made her way through the castle and outside.

    The night air was cool and refreshing against the weretiger's skin. It was one of the reasons she enjoyed waking up so early. If she wasn't awake before, she certainly was now. Her leisurely walk quickening, she soon met up with Fabio, and greeted him with a smile. "Good morning."