World of Video games Rp (Accepting)

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    World of Video games

    For so long than there was been a video games. Thoise very different places are been close but still very far to themselves, but now there is a big threat. All the villains are united as a one to destroy the world. Saving the world of video games the heroes needs to do the same.

    • Rules:
      You can have as many charasters as you want
      OOC are welcome but make a good form of them
      All games charasters are welcome, for any console as well as anime charasters
      You can be a any villain you want
    • Pokemon's are always welcome xD
      You can not kill anyones charasters without their permission

    Character name?:
    Appearance?:(I support a picture)

    My charasters!

    Character name?: Amaterasu (Ammy)
    Game?: Okami
    Gender: Female
    Appearance?:(I support a picture)[​IMG]
    Personaly: Kind, sweet, stubborn and childish
    Crush?: Not at the moment
    Ally/villain?: Ally
    Else?: She is sun goddess with many powers

    Character name?: Giygas
    Game?: Earthbound 2/ mother 2
    Gender?: Male
    Appearance?:(I support a picture)[​IMG]
    Personaly: Cruel, Grazy, weird and Malicious
    Crush?: Nope
    Ally/villain?: Villain
    Else?: He is a revengeful spirit for a dead man.
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