World of Darkness MMO

This has just taken the place of the Old Republic as the MMO I'm looking forward to.

Traitor! I hope a Sith Lord eats your face!

Overall this doesn't look bad though.
I Agree with TC, they had BETTER not fuck this one up...or there will be rage
if they mess it up, there will be much rage.
Such divine rage that the world has never seen before.
ITS AN MMO. expect them to fuck with stuff.

mmos are like movies, close to the source is the best you're gonna get.
It's made by CCP. Who, let's not forget, are total assholes to their user-base.

So... yeah. I'm not convinced. I've never been an MMO man myself anyways, and I don't see this changing changing my mind about them.
okay, so maybe no rage, maybe not much expectation
I just hope they put changelings in
Apparently it'll just be the Vampires.

Which also sucks, 'cos I really did fancy trolling all the supernatural types with a Hunter lynch mob.
I want to be involved in a Hunter lynch mob!
Hell, I'll be happy with my old crew, a player run facade of a political structure, and a whole lot of free time

if you see a Tzimisce, a Ravanos and a Samedi roll up in your sir...are fucked.
well, it's going to be a while before it comes out, but it won't surprise me if it is only Vampires, since they're a "favored son". However the political environment would be more impressive if they did put in all the different groups, or at least the biggest ones, in my opinion Vamps, Wolves, Changelings, and Hunters. Especially since you could have them trying to infiltrate each other.
or even do Sabbat, Innconu, Independant, and Camarilla. both options would work equally well.
It looks pretty sweet, but I want more information before I actually get excited. I own, and still regularly play, the Vampire The Masquerade PC games, and have also played the pen and paper versions. I've also participated in LARPs that revolve around VTM. So my interest is piqued, but I'm not sold as of yet.
Sin eater would also be an interesting mechanic to run.

And let's not forget Mage.
I would prefer Mage or Hunter or Werewolf. Actually I would prefer werewolf a lot! Werewolves don't get a lot of love and the only good leech is one with a .50 cal incendiary round in his face.

Then again I don't trust anything that lives off the fluids of the living.
Man you'd hate an Ananasi then, those motherfuckers are Bad-Ass.
Giant spiders I would guess from the name. Well spiders are different. They aren't abominations, their just giant spiders.

Honestly I think the only issues I have with vampires in general is the whole killing neutral or good people and then sucking them dry. So I would watch a good vampires back no problem I just wouldn't want to be one. I would rather one of the other options, especially mages because their the closest thing to Gods man will become.
not true, theoretically a Changeling could become powerful to be part of the Gentry.
Once you're part of the Gentry though, technically you should lose control of your character. Becoming the gentry is losing every ounce of your humanity and having it warped into...something else.

A mage could become an Exarch or somesuch and a vampire (Old world) a methusalah. Werewolves don't get love because in New World they're too complicated.

I would not ever want to become a gentry...just saying...becoming the very thing that ruined your life is not high on my to-do list.
well, I guess just about any group can become god like, with Hunters it would depend on which third tier they are.