World of Cabellus, a pony roleplay.

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  1. Fellow roleplayers, bronies, pegasisters and esteemed readers, I come here to talk about a roleplay that will be one of a kind. A group of people, including myself, are restarting our failed attempt at getting an active crowd for a My Little Pony roleplay. This time we are going to take the time and give a plot to it, seeing as last time it was 100% sandbox with no direction. Some of you reading this may be thinking, why have a pony rp? Its all happiness and sunshine...but in truth, I will be using a D&D style template for creating the plot and story arcs. There will be chaos and evil, because if there wasn't, why would you want to play?

    In the past, we tried casual roleplay with no antagonists. We had about fifty posts before it died. Now we have worked out what the Princess of the land can do, who her nemesis is, who some of her subjects are (Thats you guys). Now we just need more of you and to finish all the reformatting of the site.

    Why would you want to do this, even with all this unique stuff? Well, to be honest, this is targeted at the bronies and pegasisters. But that doesnt mean that you have to like My Little Pony to want to play. You just have to stick by our rules. Its also a good chance to try something new in the roleplay universe. You will have to have a pony and backstory, but that stuff is easy to do. Just make sure its all pg, but backstories are hard to judge so if you have questions regarding it, send it to me or another admin of the site to go over it.

    Now, in order to finish this thread, Im going to link you to the rules and site (which is convieniently lost in a thread in the Advertising board).
    Find the rest of the stuff in here and remember, the site will be underggoing some changes and if things get swapped around, dont worry because it will be smoothed out within the week (I hope D: )
  2. I know there are bronies on this forum, Ive seen them. Why must they pull a Fluttershy and bolt at the slightest chance for accepting who they are?