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  1. It is the year 2259 and were so technologically advanced that humans don't need to do even the simplest things. Of course robot maids are expensive and humanoid computers are even more expensive but even the poor have some sort of technological device.

    Yes, things aren't perfect. They could be better. There is constant war between countries and there has been an abrupt rise in crime. There's even more magic users around.

    Magic came around about a hundred years ago. The gate to hell had been opened and demons entered our realm. They created chaos and destruction everywhere they went. They were cruel and slaughtered humans everywhere they went. The world's leaders had a meeting and spoke with the leader of the demons, creating a treaty with them to stop the unneeded bloodshed.

    A year or two after the treaty was created, magic users started appearing. No one knew where they came from but they were all powIerful humans. of course, they had a limit to their magic but they were the only ones who could fight against the demons. They had the treaty in place and a lot of demons lived alongside the humans but there were still some demons who kept their demonic side and caused mayhem. They would destroy anything in their path and kill any humans they saw.

    They believed they were above humans so they didn't have to abide by the rules of human society which meant they didn't have to follow the treaty. We called these demons Monstrum, latin for monster. They are the stories that haunt little children's nightmares. I remember hearing my mother talk about how these creatures live in the shadows and eat away at your fears.

    Because of these demons, our countries work together with the rogue magic users to fight off the darkness that threatens our people.

    Welcome to the World of Adrin, a completely sci fi/fantasy universe with both demons and technological advancements. There are many different countries and I will list them all off and explain each and everyone of them. The reason for this is because your characters will be going on an adventure and protecting the world from the demons as magic users. You guys can also play demons who will also help the adventuring parties. These demons may have a human form but there are also satyrs, minotaurs, griffons, etc. These creatures have the mind of human with common sense and they don't harm humans. They are fully sane. They can also speak.

    Zintkawa- A country made of mostly water. It loves its trade but it also has a high population. Water demons tend to attack the country but the soldiers are strong enough to protect the people from the Monstrum. Its a small country but the people are very happy to be living in the Republic of Zintkawa. Not a lot of magic users come from this country but its also a fairly peaceful country despite the rare Monstrum attacks.

    Dakeya- A large country run by a monarchy. It has large cities and a strong army filled with obedient demons and mages. It even has obedient Monstrum that fight alongside them. They are a force to be reckoned with. Its one of the bigger countries

    Anteka- Also known as, The Empire. This is an evil nation built up with an evil tyrant as ruler. They control evil mages and evil demons to force other countries to do their bidding.
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