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  1. I've had this idea for quite some time and I really wanted to expand on it. In essence, a World Guide Book can be for any world. [Generally one you create for a story, game, roleplay, or just for fun] and it explains everything from the culture, to the biology, to the geology of the entire world/planet/ whatever. It describes species, characters within the realm, flora and fauna, maps, geology, climate, everything you can think of!
    Well, besides wanting to get more people to try out this method of "world building" I am making a guide to make these books, so a guide for guide books so to speak! BUT, I need your guy's help! I have an outline of how I want the "book" to be set up but I need fresh sets of eyes to help me.

    Here is the outline, take a look and tell me if it's something that interests you!
    Outline (open)

    I. Coming up with an Idea
    A. Picking a Genre
    1. Types of Genres
    2. Fantasy and subgenres
    3. Macabre and sub.
    4. Sci-fi and sub.
    5. Realistic Fiction and sub.
    6. Miscellaneous
    B.Expanding the Idea
    1. Research
    2. Communicate
    C. Planning and Organization
    1. Brain Storm
    2. Outlines
    3. Notebooks
    II.Building the World
    A. Astronomy
    1. Solar System/Galaxy
    2. Planet(s)
    5. Physics
    B. Biology
    1. Maps
    2. Locations
    3. Settlements
    4. Geography
    5. Climate

    That's all I have so far so please tell me some of your ideas and add onto this!

    Any questions I'll do my best to answer!
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  2. I'd love to see this! You could post it as a series of guides here in the guild if you felt so inclined; right now we just have my "Worldbuilding from Square One" guide, which is very generic and is meant to be a very bare-bones template. It'd be awesome to see more in-depth, specific worldbuildilng guidebooks!
  3. Yes please! I would love to make guides, I could start with the general guide for guidebooks, and then expand with ideas from the people and make guide books that way as well?
  4. One thing I try to do when world building in my head is think of how the ((species that are you main race )) got there. Did they come by ship wreak? Did the species develop there? If so how ? Where are the smaller villages located? What natural ores are found in the region? Did a smaller village die before starting? Are there still untapped areas of the world? What types of biomes does your world have? Do you want more but can't think of any good real-life ones? Make up your own.

    It's a lot of in-depth looking for how thing got started in your world. In depth character building for the world.

    Yes I do think that a guild book online would be handy so have fun writing. It's gonna be a while.