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  1. This is a supplementary discussion. I will be reading all the discussions in the group. If there are good links posted, I will post them in this discussion as well (with credit to those who researched and found them.) If I missed one, PM me and let me know. It is also perfectly fine if you want to post a link directly here, post it here AND in the relevant conversation, or even just PM me a link to add if you are the shy type. Don't worry if your link isn't added here immediately. I might still just be reading over it. If you add a link directly to this toolkit, do try to make sure it is useful and double check to be sure that it is in working order if you are just grabbing it from your bookmarks or history. Thank you!

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    Fantasy WorldBuilder Guide Posted by Ozzie in the Dedicated World Builders discussion.
    Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions Posted by Diana in the Dedicated World Builders discussion.
    Seventh Sanctum Beings and Creatures Generators Posted by Ozzie in the Intelligent Species and Societies discussion.

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    Have a wonderful map builder! Posted by Diana in the Maps discussion
    And a fractal world builder! Posted by Iskari in the Maps discussion.
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    I found This one!
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    This isn't a link but a book: Diana Wynne Jones wrote The Tough Guide to Fantasyland, which is a listing of elements that are common to fantasy worlds. Pretty amusing, and can be inspiring to either do what everyone else has done before or make your world different. (For example, multiple continents and actual differences in people!)
  4. I love that book, Elyd. I wish that I still had it!

    What I DO still have is The Dictionary of Imaginary Places by Alberto Manguel & Gianni Guadalupi. It's not exactly a world-building tool, but it does give you a look at the settings of well-known fictional locations. It has everything from Wonderland to Jurassic Park to Neverwhere to Hogwarts to Arkham to Franz Kafka's The Castle. Might be handy if you want to look at examples of built-up worlds.
  5. I might still write up a workshop, but here are some resources on particular type of race building and art. And even some character creation process too. And one on naming. These are in order...I think.
  6. Can't believe I haven't posted this yet has a whole index of on-site generators and articles for creating fictional worlds
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