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  1. "Space exploration is a force of nature unto itself that no other force in society can rival." - Neil deGrasse Tyson

    The United Galactic Federation of Phox
    "The Showdown"
    Above Gaia - 13:00

    Alerts were going off like mad at the defence stations surrounding the homeworld, Gaia. The workers scrambled all over the station as they alerted not only the fleet, but the army and any important officials. After the alert was sent out, the fleet begun to blockade the planet in order to protect it as the massive dreadnoughts were leading the blockade. Admiral Randolph bordered from one of the military drop shuttles to one of the defence stations. As soon as the admiral exited the shuttle, he was met with a crowd of workers to give him updates on the simulation. Randolph, a man in his early forties, marched his way to the main hub of the station as one of the workers gave him the current whereabouts of the object.

    "The unknown object was last seen near the Iyrus Asteroid Belt as our satellites were able to get a uncleared picture of because of the asteroids." the worker said as he handed the admiral a notepad with the description of the unknown object. "This is very interesting. Once we get to the main room, I would like an update of the object. However, send in the corvettes along with a battleship to check out the last location of the object." Randolph acknowledged with a heavy accent as he had one hand holding the notepad and the other behind his back. The worker saluted the admiral as he quickly rushed towards the main control room to give in the orders.

    Randolph entered the control room a few minutes later and saw that a battleship, along with six corvettes, broke off from the blockade and pushed forward. He saw it happened because of the large window that overviews the planet and the blockade. After the ships passed, the admiral raised his voiced loud enough to be heard and began to ask questions. "What's the current update of the object?" One of the workers spoke up to answer the question, "Unknown. The satellites at-"

    The worker's words were cut off as soon as someone shouted that they finally had a clear picture of the object: a trading ship. The picture was projected to the window and it clearly shows a trading ship; however, it didn't give any oblivious signs of where the ship originally deported from. The picture was taken near one of Yaybos' moons and it was taken a moment ago. The admiral giggled, "I can believe that we went to all of this from a trading ship." as the other workers were still on alert; however, they were breathing more calmer than earlier. Ten minutes had passed since they found out it was a trading ship, the battleship along with the six corvettes found the ship at another moon near Yaybos.

    Despite some issues with communication, they were able to escort the trading ship towards a nearby defence station. When the admiral and the rest of the crew saw the trading ship, they were amazed by the look of it. This was their first time of seeing an interstellar visitor and that got Randolph thinking about a question that everyone might be asking:

    Should the Federation welcome interstellar visitors?

    Jaffa, Gaia - 9:56
    Shorty after the trading ship was escorted near Gaia, reports began to surface at the planet that an unknown trading ship—that didn't have the same parts as any of the ships made by any shipbuilder—was stopped nearby the home world.

    Soon enough, a petition was set up to welcome to the interstellar visitor on the internet having more than ten billion signers within the hour. However, another petition was also set up for the opposite propose to tell the visitor to leave the planet and never come back. It had around eight million signers within a hour. It was clear that the citizens of the country would be divided up by as some of the countries planned to overlook the petitions and answer the question of whether or not to welcome interstellar visitors.

    However, they soon realized that it was a bigger issue to let a couple nations solve.

    An emergency meeting was set up right away and government officials around Gaia went straight to The Grand Chambers of Leadership in the matter of minutes. From Presidents to Kings and Queen, all of the leaders were at one place from the first time in history. Coverage of the meeting was allowed and people from around the world watched as the leaders tried to solve the problem. Hours went by as leader after leader was given a chance to speak about the matter. Some welcomed the visitor and even offered to trade with them, while others were against letting the 'thing' in as fears of an invasion or a spread of unknown disease will happened once the trading ship lands.

    After most of the nations were finished giving their opinion, the leader of the small nation that lead a series of islands went to speak. His name was Xavier Sutton, the leader of the United Kingdoms of Xoskijan. He said that the nations of Gaia should welcome the visitor; however, he also went on to say that they should be ready in case things go for the worst. He suggested that the nations of Gaia to unite together to form, The United Galactic Federation of Phox. Sutton said that the nations would become one to combine their forces to show their strength; but, the leaders would still have a say in matters like this. And he also commented that the citizens would have representatives by their race, from the dark skin humans to the tall, kingly shai.

    Right after the speech, the leaders decided to vote on the matter as soon as possible. The question was simple: Should they form The United Galactic Federation of Phox or not? A hour of voting later, some of the leaders were worried that the citizens would get upside over the decision because they didn't vote on it. So, due to the fear, they announced that they had set up voting booths from the people to vote around Gaia. And people began to vote on it, as they were required to due to the impact that one vote could have.

    When everyone had voted, the machines began to count the votes and it was finished in five minutes. And the percentage for the vote was uncommon: 52% for Yes and 48% for No. Votes were usually simple to see, one answer blew the other away. Despite the amount, the other question was finally answered. The leaders soon gave up their status and power from the Federation, the nations' military was changed to represent a united world, and the Council and the Representatives were formed in the matter of days. Xavier Sutton was voted to be the first President of the Federation.

    After the formation, the new council along with the President told the fleet to escort the trading ship to a nearby dock. And allow them to trade whatever they had. It turned out to be snow globes that the trading ship was trying to trade and the trader accepted it out of kindness. After the trade was done, the trading ship flew out of the planet and soon out of the system; but, the President had ordered four corvettes and one frigates to guide the ship back to where it belonged. And the ships went east.
    Grace's Garden - Jaffa, Gaia - Five days after The Wait - 9:56
    The garden was beautiful as it always was with a massive colorful trees around the garden. It was being used to give a speech from the President to address the world about life beyond the Gaia—beyond Phox. And the garden would be a perfect place to give a speech about life. A platform was set up and it had the brand new flag of the Federation, some chairs from the councilors and the ambassador to sit, and a podium in the middle of the platform.

    The reporters were already at the garden as they waited for the President to give his speech. The councilors and the ambassador were already seated. Everyone was ready and waiting.

    Sutton began to walk towards the platform when a round applause began as he got to the podium. Applause was still happened as the President coughed once to clear his throat up, which quickly died as he started to speak. "We always knew that we weren't alone. There wasn't any way that we were as there's billions of planets up there. Each one is different than the next one. The doubters were shocked when a trading ship entered our system. It didn't matched any of our ships, the parts were different, and the design of it wasn't made by any famous shipbuilder. Now, they have traded with us and it was the first time in history that we had our first interstellar visitor. More will come with unknown purpose, but we will be ready."

    His voice began to raise up louder and louder, "Ready from anything serious. Ready from an possible invasion. Ready from another trade. READY. FROM. ANYTHING."

    He bought his voice back down from the sudden outburst and kept on speaking, "In reality, we might not be ready from the First Contact. Will it go peaceful or will it result in a full-scale war? So many questions, yet there are few answers. But, we must keep pressing forward and show the others that we are not looking from land. We are looking for opportunity."

    He finished the speech and another round of applause happened as Sutton began to leave the platform, satisfied. The ambassador began to speak of what the Federation will do about 'any possible contacts with other unknown races'.

    SUMMARY The Nations in Gaia spotted an unknown trading ship, which Xavier Sutton suggested that they all unite to form the United Galactic Federation of Phox. After the leaders and the people voted on it, it was agreed to go with Sutton's plans. He was made President and soon formed the Council and Representatives. He allowed the trading ship to land and do trading with them. The trading ship was escorted to their home world (which is Patriam or left to the GM, if he wises to take over) with four corvettes and one frigates.

    Five days later, he gives a speech at Grace's Garden. The ambassador plans on sending seven more corvettes and two frigates to southeast (aiming from Grom System) in hopes of meeting other life. While the rest of the fleet will remain in space from safely reasons.
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