Words of Strangers

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  1. Words of Strangers

    Have you ever had a complete stranger say something to you that was exactly what you needed to hear?

    Or have you ever had a stranger say something that impacted you in some way, and then never crossed paths with them again?

    Or maybe you've ran into that crazy person and they told you something about themselves that was out of the ordinary.

    Let's hear them!

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  2. It's not really life-altering, but...

    I am a BOSS at customer service, I will happy your ass to hell and back, even when I'm having a shitty day personally, and I've had a few of my regulars at various jobs tell me that 'you're always so energetic and happy' or 'I love when I get you, you brighten my mood', etc. always makes me feel good to hear that. So many people just ignore you as a person when you're behind a counter (ignore your greeting, don't look at you, etcetera) that it's good to feel like the sometimes enormous effort it takes to maintain a smile for eight hours wasn't for nothing
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  3. Actually yes, I have.

    When I was a teenager, I wasn't known for being outwardly intelligent, however much my tests and mental status was. I was ditsy, and really rather foolish. I got treated like I was stupid my entire life by people I am biologically related to, and even by my foster parents. I was really down on my luck for quite sometime until I was sitting on the bus one day (two years ago actually), and a stranger sitting next to me strikes up a random conversation. We talked about the economy and other shit, but I knew what he was getting at. He asked about my 'life choice', and I responded with science.

    He looked at me as if he was going to tell me that I was wrong and that I needed a better view, but all he said to me was, "You are a smart kid."

    Imagine getting told by not your close relatives or friends, but a complete stranger that you are smart. That kind of altered the way I thought about myself.
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