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  1. No long winded guide like some others here.
    I just happened to find this picture/tool, and figured others here might find it useful.

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  2. Time to liberate that for my own purposes. Saves me a trip to the thesaurus from time to time!
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  3. 408.jpg

    Imma use dat.

  4. ... it's gone?
  5. *Checks OP*

    Yup, got deleted at the source.

    Shit. >.<
  6. noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!
  7. I can't recall if it was this chart or a simpler version that was there before, but take it as a replacement either way.

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  8. Yea, that's exactly what it was. Thanks. XD

    *Saves this so he has a backup for next time*
  9. Just found another picture I found fitting.
    Added it the OP.
  10. plutchik's wheel of emotions google this and get an awesome circle of how to express emotions in words <3
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  11. Your second one is also now gone :<
    Psst, get an imgur so you don't have to worry about it gettin deleted all the time! :3
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