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  1. So, Osama Bin Laden is dead.

    Win for us?
  2. *Doing something dumb so that this would be put in INSANITY*

    j/k lol.

  3. Bit anticlimactic.

    "Ok guyz, turns out we killed his a week ago in a bombing run exactly like the thousands of others we did."
  4. In before "he was long dead."

    Finally, the Inquisition found him and purged his ass. Fuck yeah.
  5. A rage-inducing quote that can be found on my Facebook, for those of you that have it.

    "obama isn't a good guy, ok? but he's fighting for his people like we're fighting for ours. he just happens to think it needs to be a total war. we can occupy and ravage their cities but if we get anything on our soil its the antichrist we're up against. You're all so heavily biased and one-sided that you only think of americans who are killed. the ARE innocents over there, too. its not just like they have terrorist-marts" - Jacob Deitz.

    :I What. You don't think everyone, TO THE MAN. Who fought over there isn't contemplating suicide every day because of the innocents they destroyed?

    To lighten up the post: I told my friend the truth.

    I. Was. The. Bullet.
  6. FFFF- An american open to look at the situation from other perspectives than US expectionalism???


    So is he getting the usual funeral given to former CIA-agents and such?

  7. This needs to be here

  8. Grumpy's Strange Ultra-Lefty Acquiantance: "omg killan Bin Laden was wrong who r we 2 judge who shuld live r die"

    Grumpy: "I think if you mastermind a terrorist operation that kills 3000 people then you pretty much give the world the right to shoot you in the face and throw you in the sea. :B"
  9. Then you put on one of your faggy fedora hats, ma'am?

    Also, lol I was looking at the news and it was all "USA USA USA USA" silly gringos.
  10. Though this is a victory for America what does it really change? That's my question.

    Yes we can rejoice that our enemy is dead, there isn't anything wrong with that but other then peace of mind how does it benefit the the citizens and the troops?
  11. You better fucking believe it, babes.
  12. While I disagree with what Bin Laden and his ilk have done, I also disagree with those who make it a party when human life OF ANY STRIPE is destroyed. This means, if you kill, you are wrong. PERIOD. Death by violence or by war is wrong, no matter who does it. Killing Bin Laden does not make our actions justified. We also are at fault, for automatically turning toward violence as a standard for action. Just my opinion, not that it matters.
  13. [video=youtube;eQ47eGSilPc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQ47eGSilPc&feature=youtu.be[/video]
  14. So what you're saying is that no matter what, turning the other cheek is the only acceptable option, when he would have ended the entire population of the world on a whim if we but let him. Saying that we are wrong in a situation of justice... I can't agree with you. I don't like the death option either, but it's one life vs several millions we're talking about.
  15. [video=youtube;y-l4uoistRg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-l4uoistRg[/video]

    1:02 onward

    I just don't think they went into the Middle East going "Hellooooo. Are you the people of Afghanistan? Wonderful well we are the Americans....yes we are. And uh...you must be Bin Laden am I right? No I recognize you from the CNN reports. Well we are the Americans I am Joe Biden and this is our leader Mr. White."
    "Yes, uh yes I am and a word with you Biden if I may. Thinking of changing the name are we, Mr. White to Obama. Had a word with the marketing department...the marketing department of the White House and they think Mr. Obama. Oh I"m getting off this Nuke it's boring. Bring me my new dog. Have we got GPS and iPhones hooked up to these?"
  16. [video=youtube;EqoMgUkefXw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqoMgUkefXw&feature=player_embedded[/video]

    Everything is a conspiracy.
  17. I repeat my sentiment about 9/11 and the moon landings.

    If the government wanted to cover something up, surely they would do a better job. They're the fucking government. They wouldn't make schoolboy errors that a 12 year old internet user could spot.

    So yes, the whole "Lol, we shot him in the head cos we had to then buried him at sea and no you can't see the body" does indeed scream CONSPIRACY. But it screams it so loudly and stupidly that it can't be the case. If they were faking it, they would come up with something much better.

    Like the flag flapping on the moon and the 9/11 planes not being plane-shaped. Those mistakes are SO RIDICULOUS that it can't be the result of a government fucking up their cover story. Such a fuck up would be much more advanced and incomprehensible to retards.

    The government are not cartoon villains who make classic mistakes. It's just life. Life is weird.

    And yeah, when Bin Laden ordered 9/11 he forfeited his right to be treated as a human.

    Remember Iwaku World and everyone forgiving Asmodeus? Yeah... that's what happens. Shit drags on and gets really boring.

    Also... Bin Laden was killed 66 years and 6 hours after the world learned about the death of Hitler. That’s 666.

  18. I'm mixed on this. Yeah I'm happy he's dead but then it'll only cause more issues in the future. Yes he's dead but the war isn't going to just halt or end. Really why is America celebrating? We're not that good ourselves and I have no doubt that someone in the future from America will look at Hitler and Bin Laden and idoilize them, starting up the same crap all over again and becoming a terrorist. The cycle continues as long as there's a goal and violence to reach it. So yeah- victory America? I think not.

    /Coming from a American who lost faith in her country a while back.