INTEREST CHECK Woodstock or Bust

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  1. I want this RP to be about a young man who is traveling across the country to get to Woodstock and along the way (near the beginning of his trip) he picks up a young woman, who seems to have a mysterious past. She isn't like the other girls he'd met, and she certainly didn't have the style. She wore jeans, yeah, but they weren't bellbottoms. They were... tighter. and her hair was cut so short... He found her appearance strange, but being a lover of all, he offered her a ride and they made their way to Woodstock. Along the way, though, they get into a bit of trouble, and everything seems to revolve around the girl.

    The girl is definitely not from the year 1969. She, in fact, is from the very distant future, from the year 2436. She had been sent back to assassinate a man who, with one small company founded, ruined life entirely. This man's technology boom made life easier for people, yes, but it also made people fatter, lazier, it made them not see the world crumbling around them. His computer company started the technology race around the world and gave birth to cell phones, music players, tablets, computers, everything that sucked every IQ point from humanity's brain. They began caring more about their technology than taking care of the world, therefor the world began dying. Grass died, tress withered, more and more factories went up, and civilization was ruined. But with one kill, she could change her world, make it brighter. Her target wasn't such a hard one to find, but she knew the police would be after her. She would have to kill the god of technology. She would have to kill William Henry Gates III. And she knew just the time period to do it in. The period of free love and earth hugging, of course.

    Other details may be discussed. I would like to play the girl.