Woo, simple, basic, want to roleplay search

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  1. it's basically what it says in the title.
    • I don't care what gender I play (I'll be the male for your female or your female for your male or etc etc)
    • I'm online everyday, all day and sometimes all night, it's 5 in the morning over here.
    • I can mirror posts (so literacy shouldn't be a problem)
    • doesn't matter the genre
    • the only thing is, I AM NOT DITCH FRIENDLY!
    so that's it, send them in, or we can chat here.
  2. If you got any ideas you are dreaming off I'm open ^^ At this point I'll do anything fantasy related or hell even adventure like cure my boredom
  3. hmm, mind messaging me, i might have something.
  4. I'm also bored. I could do with an big adventure type thingy. Or fantasy. Something that's not too serious minded.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.