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  1. //OoC: First time doing one of these, let's hope I can make a half way entertaining plot because it's taking WAY too much time to find partners and create full length RPs haha//

    For the last 200 hundred years, the continent of Shin has seen complete peace. A Utopia of sorts, named "Wonderfall" is the central hub for all law-abiding races. A sprawling complex of architectural wonder, the massive city has a magic waterfall in the center of it. Said to be the center of the world, the waterfall has properties bestowed upon it by 8 mages of old to create a sort of "force field" to contain its citizens and protect from outside threats of old. All of the supplies that could possibly ever be needed are found in the fertile grounds surrounding the waterfall. A true self sustaining community. The King, King Lucius III, rules absolutely but not tyrannically. The people are happy, their lives complete. But talks of a new rebel group are starting to emerge from within Wonderfall. Talks of tearing down the walls that bind them and venturing out into the cold, harsh world outside of their neat little dome.
    What I expect:
    Pretty much any race goes that you can think of, just don't be too ridiculous with it. Factions can go either way, are you a loyal supporter of Wonderfallian principles and guidelines? Are you apart of an emerging rebel group set to tearing down traditional ways? Somewhere in between? Don't care either way? Up to you. If you want to post a character sheet, you may put it in the format of,


    But I do not expect one, that'll just be for preference. Pictures not required but welcomed if fitting. Magic and lore and whatever else you can think of, feel free to add it. Loose and open ended, let's make some canon people! :-)
  2. Another beautiful day shown through the invisible layers of the super-dome surrounding Wonderfall. Another beautiful day spent on the streets, patrolling. Another beautiful day wasted. "Just what am I supposed to be on the lookout for??" The thought ran crisply through the head of the young soldier. These days always bored him, these streets always bored him. Just why was everything so damn boring?!

    The "young soldier" under the microscope is one Syl Frementia, or as his lovely colleagues loved to call him "Syl the Small". Standing at 5'6, weighing a mere 140 lbs, and at the green age of 18, it was a fitting title for the meager man-at-arms. Only recently was he awarded his spear and chain mail, Syl was one of the newest to join in the kings patrol. To most, this was seen as a huge honor, but Syl knew better. The only thing he was enforcing was pickpocket laws out here, and his "criminals" rarely above the age of 8. He wore no helm and let his loose, shaggy black hair spill down his face like a polluted stream, matted with sweat and partially covering annoyed azure eyes. His spear was fashioned with dragon-whisker lace (typical of kingsguard) with an ebony tip and golden shaft, matching the off gold and white chain mail that conformed to his slender body.

    He marched forward through the bustling city streets with more than just a sense of monotony, nodding lazily to any passerby that happened to greet him. The enormous waterfall loomed miles in the distance in front of him, even at this distance seeming to take up a good portion of the sky. There was talk back at the post of some sort of rebel group threatening to overthrow the king and tear down the magical properties of Wonderfall, but he knew it for what it was; A falsehood, stories told by restless soldiers eager to put their years of practice to use. He supposed in a few years he'd be joining in on the misinformation campaigns himself, if not out of lack of total boredom.

    A couple of notches down the road and he spied his favorite tavern, "The Drowned Wench", its run down oak doorway all but see through and inviting in its own dilapidated way. Syl stopped for a bit when he got closer, a smirk touching his slender lips, with a slight flick of his eyes back and forth to see if anyone was watching. He could probably blow off some steam for awhile without being noticed, maybe even weasel a discount out of Lemmy or one of his co-workers when he was in uniform. Anything to break this dull streak

    "A drink or three is just what the doctor ordered"

    He exclaimed under his breath, taking one last look around, and pushing open the heavy door in fron of him
  3. People were often too eager to give up their freedom for the promise of safety or security and that idea was entirely laughable to her. While the majority seemed content with the sense of peace that Wonderfall was known for, there was still rumors of some rebel cause gaining traction. While it hadn't yet been addressed officially, the simple rumor was quickly saturating the population. Cordelia tore her eyes away from the Wonderfall's daily and drew the attention of the man behind the bar. She only had to lift her nearly empty glass to get her point across and it was moments later when another shot of amber liquid was dropped off in front of her.

    "Having a bad day, Corde?" A man sidled up to her and leaned against the bar, seemingly curious about her current state.

    "When you approach me, you should know that that's just about when my day turns sour," she said, leaning back in order to maintain a distance between them. Cordelia took a swig from her drink, trying to swallow her annoyance with it before she forced herself to turn her dark eyes onto him. "What are you looking for now, Hiram?"

    His face brightened, indicating that he had gotten exactly what he wanted from her. The man called Hiram leaned in closer, much to her dismay, and began to speak in hushed tones. "You've heard about it, haven't you? I'm sure you have," he murmured, eyes darting around there immediate area. "They're looking for recruits and I figured that there was a good chance that you'd be interested. They could really use someone like you for the cause, Corde. There are a lot of people there that-"

    While her eyes were decidedly focused on the drink in her hand, her attention was immediately drawn to the door as it swung open to allow a soldier entry into the small tavern. Cordelia immediately silenced him with a hard slap, enough to make him recoil and catch a glimpse of the door himself. Hiram took one look at the armor clad soldier and cleared his throat, doing his best to look nonchalant as he tucked into the drink he'd been nursing until that point. The young woman eyed the young soldier for a moment before turning her attentions back to the wall behind the bar, silently pondering the fact that there was still a place for soldiers in this city of peace. They were meant to be tools of force, she believed, and now they were in a good position to be used against the people. Cordelia frowned at this idea and tapped her finger against the side of her mug, wondering if she really was considering Hiram's earlier words as a viable option.
  4. When the door opened to the quaint interior of his go-to place, immediately he was bombarded with the smells of must, liquor, lechery, and burning timber. Though the occupants were few at mid-day, all eyes were on him as he placed one foot in front of the other, immediately heading for the bar. Syl didn't mind the attention, in fact, he was used to it. When a guard comes waltzing in to a tavern, many take notice. Half were probably small time thieves themselves, wondering if he was there to bust anyone from stealing pies from windowsills. A huge grin was now on the young man's face, and he took the time to make eye contact with everyone that was still staring, giving nods in assurance that he was "one of the good guys". Syl was not interested in law keeping at this time, Syl was interested in a drink

    Heavy footsteps led him up to a stool in front of the bar, about 2 seats away from a young woman who was seemingly being approached and not too happy about it. He gave them both a glance with the best intention of being friendly, but he could tell from their hushed tones and complacent demeanor that they didn't really want anything to do with him. Syl gave a mental shrug at that. "Guards, you either hate 'em or pretend to love 'em" He thought, wryly, then turned his attention to the bar tender. Much to his delight, it was indeed Lemmy who was running the tavern today. He barely had enough silver in his pocket for a couple of ales, but with Lemmy here, he was sure he could get some more liquor for his coin.

    Without taking a seat, he propped his spear up against the stool beside him, opposite the direction where the young woman was seated with her undesirable counterpart. Leaning forward almost comically far on the bar, his laughing blue eyes met Lemmy's dull brown hues, and Syl's toothy grin came back to him when the middle aged keep noticed him. At sight of Syl, Lemmy guffawed and put down a glass he'd been shining.

    "Syl, my boy! How's life on the streets? They pay you miserable louts to come harasses the bars now?"

    Lemmy asked with a hardy laugh as he approached the young soldier opposite side of the counter. Lemmy had known Syl's father back when they were children, he was sort of a friend of the family, though Syl's father always told him to stay away from Lemmy. Syl's father never trusted a drunk, and being just that, Lemmy was in the right profession. Syl never paid any mind to that, he liked Lemmy.

    "No old man, they're paying me to keep your shoddy little tavern in check, and to taste your liquor for deceit or poison"

    Syl replied, laughing along with Lemmy, only vaguely aware that they were talking too loudly. It was good for the rest to see that he and Lemmy were comfortable with each other and that Syl wasn't here to harass anyone, so it was done with some degree of purpose. Lemmy immediately got the hint and slid the young man a small glass almost to the rim of clear potato rum. Letting the hot liquid slide down the back of his throat, he turned his attention to the woman sitting a two seats down from him. He could feel the tension from here, noticing how she and her male cohort didn't want to make eye contact. He turned his stool sideways to face them and took a seat with glass in hand, a stupid grin on his face.

    "You know, you shouldn't drink so early in the day. I hear tell it's bad for you"

    He exclaimed, tipping the rest of his glass back and slamming it on the counter, never losing that childish smile
  5. "There are a multitude of things that are bad for the average citizen of Wonderfall," Cordelia replied, bringing the glass down from her lips. "Don't tell me that chiding the early drinker is being added to your list of duties, soldier." She turned in her stool as well to acknowledge the young man, the cool dark hues of her brown eyes finding his blue ones without hesitation.

    "Corde…" Hiram warned. He was fixing her with a hard stare of disbelief, but when he realized that his concerns were going to go unaddressed, he quietly removed himself from whatever situation she was building for herself and slunk away to one of the bar tables.

    A tiny smile tucked into the corner of her mouth as she inclined her chin towards the drink in his hand. "Last I checked, the King still allows us the freedom to choose our poison and when to have it," she said. "And even though I'm fairly sure that the on-duty patrol is supposed to abstain from drinking on the job… You're still here."

    Cordelia twisted a stray lock of her dark brown hair between her fingers before tucking it behind her ear. She was fully aware that the tension of the entire tavern was at a high as all its patrons listened in to their exchange. She had to remind herself to be mindful about what she said and how she said it because she wasn't trying to get caught up in a tavern brawl so early in the day.

    "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone," Cordelia reached into the pouch at her hip to withdraw funds from her wallet. Quickly counting out the currency, she downed the rest of her alcohol and left them both on the counter. She sought his eyes out once more and gave him an easier smile, traces of mischief lighting up her previously guarded stare. "I'm very good at keeping secrets, soldier." The young woman slipped off the barstool and bid Lemmy a quick farewell, "Keep the change," she said. "And keep up the good work, soldier." Cordelia gave him a mild salute as she started towards the door.

    "Hiram." She summoned the fair haired man with a tiny gesture of her hand and he rushed to pay his tab before following her out of the tavern. Cordelia led the way a bit of ways down the street before glancing over her shoulder. "That thing you were talking about earlier," she murmured. "Tell me more."

    "Truly? You mean it, Corde?" Hiram's green eyes lit up with excitement and his pace changed, taking over the lead. "Come with me then. There's someone that you should meet."
  6. He listened to her words and observed her actions, stupid smile turning to pursed lips, a mix of curiosity and suspicion on his brow. It wasn't her words that made his demeanor drop, he was completely used to not-so-playful banter, it was the way she said it, the way she moved, the way her male counterpart reacted. Something wasn't right here, he could sense that in a way. This wasn't just an clever girl with a sharp tongue, something was teeming on the surface of the tension like a spiderweb, invisible but catching.

    Syl watched as she payed the barkeep, said her cold words, and gave him a mocking salute, never taking his eyes from hers or saying a word. The air was thick in the tavern as the two left, hardly a muffled conversation rang through the establishment. He knew they were all waiting for his next move, but he wasn't done thinking and paid the atmosphere no mind. He didn't like what just happened there, not at all. A more hotheaded guard would've caused a situation, Syl was not one of them. Neither was he naive

    Lemmy opted to break the silence, striding up to him with his half limp, a bottle in his hands with the intent of pouring Syl another

    "There lad, don't let it get to ya'. Some of the folks around here just don't have any sense of humor"

    Syl listened to the old friend, but did not look at him. His gaze was still fixed on the door, the suspicious look still swimming in his expression. After another brief pause, he turned back to face Lemmy, catching him in the act of filling his glass once more. He looked up at Lemmy, letting a smile touch him again, though not nearly as hapless, letting out a sigh and bringing the glass closer to him.

    "Oh, she had a sense of humor alright"

    He said casually, lifting his glass to his lips and downing about a quarter. The tavern seemed to relax a bit at this, slowly sinking back into their previous conversations. Syl, however, did not. He couldn't shake the feeling that something was amiss, that he had strayed very close to the viper's nest. He let out a heavy sigh once more, letting his elbows rest on the counter top, feeling halfway intoxicated already, and shaking his head.

    After a few more moments of contemplating silence, he drained the rest of his drink, fishing money from his bag, laying it on the counter. Lemmy's eyes drifted to his silver, a mild look of annoyance on his face

    "You're going to drive me out of business at this rate"

    Syl laughed as he rose, retrieving his spear from the opposite stool and flashing Lemmy a sly look

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]"And what a terrible day that will be. Can you imagine, Wonderfall with one less tavern? Oh, I shudder to think"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Syl exclaimed sarcastically, making broad gestures with his hands to enhance the effect as he strode toward the door. The watch had to be completed, he only had a couple of hours left. Perhaps taking the curt girl's words to heart was the best course of action[/BCOLOR]
  7. It was much later when Cordelia and Hiram emerged from an obscure niche from between two dilapidated buildings. The former wore an expression of vexation while the latter appeared to be rather pleased with himself. The entire thing bothered her and still she was consciously putting herself in the middle of the mess. On an average day, Cordelia wouldn't care to get involved but the mystery of what lay beyond the safety of their precious dome was oddly compelling. She wasn't sure when exactly the peace in this city began to feel like prison.

    "You all must be desperate if you were that quick to bring me on board," she pointed out, merging with the bustling street traffic of pedestrians. "Recruiting me as an officer straight away is very stupid. I'm already doubting this decision, Hiram. You must be too, now that they've dictated you to be my assistant."

    "Don't be silly, Corde," he grinned. "I was the one who told them about you, it's only right that I'm made to go by what I've said. And besides, you've always bossed me around to begin with."

    Cordelia sighed, not entirely pleased with the idea of having the man tagging along behind her from now on. She could barely stand him when he approached her every other week. Still, she knew that he had his uses because he was a skilled jack of all trades. Hiram was infamous for his versatility and Cordelia admired him for it. It was his mouth she could do without.

    Night was beginning to fall and the streets were beginning to be illuminated with lights. Cordelia had decided that she had enough for one day and dismissed Hiram shortly. He was reluctant to leave her on her own in that part of the city, but he eventually relented. "Try not to get into any trouble, alright?" He said. "I'm not going to be there to bail you out of trouble like I did back in the tavern." Cordelia scowled at him and he chuckled before they went their separate ways.

    "I don't get into trouble," she muttered to herself, cutting into a narrow alley swathed in shadow to avoid the crowd.
  8. Syl carried out the rest of his day much in the same process as any other, walking back and forth, whistling sometimes, teasing kids who played on the streets, and telling drunks to go home. The previous interaction with the two strangers almost a fleeting memory at this point, he finally finished his watch and returned to the barracks, located outside of the palace grounds, in a richer district than others surrounding. As he unclasped the iron lock preventing intruders from murdering the guards in their sleep ("What a thought" he almost chuckled), he was mildly aware that the sun was setting in a fantastical way, greens and purples and reds all swirling together. Before entering the door, his eye caught the waterfall once more, endlessly pouring from the impossibly high cliff. The water seemed to sparkle like diamonds, running a deep purple in color. It should have been a beautiful sight, it WAS a beautiful sight, but something about it made him feel anxious and lonely today.

    Stepping in the barracks and routing himself through the maze of drunken guards and men waiting to change in to uniform, Syl found his footlocker and quickly changed out of the itchy chain mail and into his street clothes; a blue tunic with matching slacks and loafers. Sometimes, he took his spear home with him to practice in the fields, but today was not one of those days. Syl didn't feel like doing much tonight but reading by candlelight and bidding the Sun good morning. Several guards tried to strike up conversation with Syl, who listened with polite silence and answered with promptness, but he knew he gave off the vibe of solidarity. He simply wasn't in the mood today.

    When at last he made his rounds and put away all of his pretend-soldier equipment, Syl made his way out of the barracks, twirling his father's gold pocket watch on it's chain between his fingers. It wasn't too far of a walk home and he knew the shortcuts, but it also wasn't a simple hop, skip, and a jump either. The streets were oddly quiet tonight, as if a hush had fallen over the entire city. Syl didn't like the feeling it gave him, either. "Must everything be so damned ominous today?" he thought bitterly, more of an insight to himself than blame placing.

    Wrapped up in his own head, Syl followed the alleyways methodically, habit taking over and placing him on autopilot. A couple more twist and turns, and he'd be on his street, his little homey shack waiting for him in its-

    Syl ran into someone abruptly, enough to make him stagger backward and almost lose his balance. The lighting was dim, but he could make the figure out to be female. Syl made an exclamation, and put a hand up in an apologetic way

    "Whew! Sorry about that miss. Guess I need to keep my eyes on the-"

    He stopped mid-sentence when he realized he recognized her. The girl from the tavern. He slid his pocket watch back into his tunic.

    "We meet again. Perhaps my lack of uniform will inspire some more courtesy this time?"

    He said slyly, folding his arms in front of his chest, a cocky smile touching his lips
  9. Cordelia wasn't paying too much attention to where she was going because she ended up walking into a taller figure as she rounded the corner. She should've heard him, she thought, even if he was a thief with some level of skill. But it seemed he wasn't a thief and she rubbed her nose as she peered at him through the dark. Why was he speaking as if he knew her? She wondered, eying him suspiciously until her mind put two and two together. It was the soldier she'd antagonized in the tavern. This was an unexpected turn of events. How often did she run into the same person twice in such a large, sprawling city? Especially this one.

    "I assure you that that was about all the courtesy I possess," she said, mimicking his posture. Cordelia couldn't help but feed off his approach and took it as something like a little game of banter. "I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings back there. I've been told I come as rather callous now and again. It's nothing against you, soldier. You're not necessarily at any fault."

    Cordelia inspected him under the little light the alleyway had to offer, noting that he really was just an ordinary person under that armor after all. She didn't know what she expected, but she hadn't had the pleasure of getting to know many of the soldiers in the city until this moment. Considering this thought, she took a few steps and traced a circle around the young man as if sizing him up. He wasn't as big and bulky as some of the others, but he at least seemed to have a sensible head on his shoulders. If he'd been a hothead, she'd have ended up escaping the old tavern in a more disorderly manner.

    She still bet that she could've taken him on if that were the case and Cordelia's mouth pressed into a modest smile.

    "All finished with your rounds then?" She asked, tilting her head slightly. "You live around here?"
  10. Syl watched her work, watched how she mimicked him, watched her mouth move and listened to the words coming from it. It was a gift he possessed; people watching. And everything he saw about her, he distrusted. As she walked a circle around him, kept his eyes directly on hers, spinning around when he needed to, and coming back to the confronting position. He let only a twitch of his eyebrow show how uncomfortable he was in this situation.

    "Please, save that 'soldier' shit for when I'm actually on the clock. What little amount of respect you have I'm sure will be sarcastic anyway"

    He said with a slight bite, the smile still on his lips and his arms still folded in front of his chest. He may have let himself play the dunce in the tavern, but not now and definitely not here. He had no weapon on him, he was suddenly aware, and that made him a little more nervous. For all he knew, he had just stepped into an ambush. One or two of them he might be able to subdue, but anymore than that with blades would surely be a hell of a time for Syl. This was no time to seem stupid or unprepared

    He reached up to brush the raven locks from his eyes, putting his hand back into his tunic pocket to fiddle with his watch

    "Yeah, you could say that. I live somewhere in the area. How about you? Any particular reason you're slinking through the alleyways at sundown?

    He asked with the same cocky swagger he demonstrated before. It was no good making her nervous though, he decided, so he let out a laugh and put one hand up in a mock defensive gesture

    "Don't worry, it's not like I can arrest you now anyway. I'm just curious as to where your partner might be, letting his female companion travel the alleyways at night"
  11. So he does have a bit of bite to him, Cordelia observed, barely keeping her mouth pressed into a neutral line. Maybe she was making him nervous, she thought, dropping her arms back to her sides and taking up a more relaxed position in leaning her weight against an old crate. She scoffed at his question, but glowered at his comment. "Pardon me, but first of all… I do not slink," she pointed out, clearly offended. "Secondly, that clod is not my partner."

    Cordelia paused, letting that idea sink into her head for a moment before laughing out loud. The mere thought of it was ridiculous enough and now she realized that it was probably truer than ever. After that amusement died down, she regained her control and cleared her throat. "Don't worry, he's not lurking in the shadows. I'm quite capable of taking care of myself, so I sent him on his way."

    "I'd say this is much more dangerous for you, though," Cordelia lifted her chin curiously. "You're unarmed and you're wandering these alleys alone… Either you're naive or you're strong enough to take whatever might come at you from the dark." She smiled slightly, brushing her hand over her cheek. "But now that you're not a soldier, what are you? This is probably the part where you might want to give me a name."

    This was offering her more fun than she'd expected. The soldier wasn't as stiff as she thought he might be and he had an ease about him that she liked. Even though a certain kind of tension lingered, Cordelia enjoyed these kinds of exchanges. In a way, they were now enemies considering her little promotion, but that didn't stop her from having a bit of fun.

    "Cordelia Wolfe," she offered first, remembering to make an effort with her manners.
  12. Syl observed her body language and, though still not fully disarmed, relaxed a little himself. He still kept his gaze intently on her, ignoring her obvious dislike for his choice of words, and raising an eyebrow at her laughter. There was just something about her, and he definitely didn't doubt that she could, indeed, take care of herself. She didn't seem particularly strong, but she was cunning, and smart. He could sense that. At her statement he gave an exasperated shrug, smiling, and letting a hand run through his hair as if scratching the top of his head

    "Let's say that I am both, wouldn't want to offer up all of my secrets on our second meeting now. Besides, let's be real, who's going to attack anyone on these streets? Three weeks now, and the most violent thing I've seen is Lemmy when someone tries to walk out on their tab"

    He said, softening his tone and extending his hand to shake

    "Sylvester Byrne, but please, it's 'Syl'. Only my mother called me Sylvester"

    He said, the usual pang of emotion he felt when he brought up his mother non-existent. Perhaps the wound had finally mended, perhaps he was caught up in the moment. He was beginning to feel like he over estimated this girl, perhaps she learned her snide and sly ways from the streets as a survival mechanism. Perhaps the world really wasn't as shady as he tried to paint it out to be. "God, I'm turning more and more into those gossiping dimwits with each passing day" he thought dryly.

    The handshake ended and formalities out of the way, he decided he wanted her company for the time being. Outstretching his arm in the direction she was heading, he offered

    "Here, let me walk you to your destination. My house is directly around the corner, I've nothing to do but lie about and count sheep anyway. Protect and serve, it's what we do"

    He said, mocking a stiff posture as if he "had a stick up his ass" and laughing.
  13. "Surely you've noticed that something is changing on these streets," Cordelia murmured, mostly to herself. But she went along with the formalities of casual conversation, a little surprised when he suddenly offered to walk her home. At first, she didn't know how to react to such a rare proposition and she nearly burst into laughter again. Cordelia considered it for a mere moment before she shrugged her shoulders. She was going to refuse on instinct, but he seemed straight laced enough to trust as a man. As a soldier? Well, she hadn't done anything illegal yet to get arrested.

    "Alright Syl, it's your lucky night," she said. "I'll let you play the role of my escort this time."

    Cordelia continued on her way with the off duty soldier in tow, navigating her way through the narrow paths with ease. Her place wasn't very far, but she was reluctant to let him know where she really lived. It wouldn't have mattered so much the day before, but circumstances were different now. Cordelia pushed her hair over her shoulder and looked at him as she lead him up the side of a building.

    "So, was it your dream to become a soldier?" She asked because she was genuinely curious. There was no way she herself would want to get stuck in such a role, so insight from the opposite end was much welcomed. From what she gathered so far, Syl was a good soldier and he hadn't really butt heads with her yet. Cordelia's personality had often rubbed people the wrong way or pushed them away altogether. It was rare for her to be intrigued enough to inquire about something directly.
  14. "Oh yes, lucky me. Must've been that star I wished upon last night"

    He said teasingly, walking with her, noticing how she was taking all back ways. "Perhaps a thief? For as nimble and knowledgeable of the streets as she is, it would make sense" he thought, with curiosity, not ill intent. The way he operated, you weren't a criminal unless you were caught. And even if you were caught and he was off duty, well, that's a problem for the night shift. He took a minute to enjoy the crispness of the night air and the humid undertones it carried. It was a very nice night, perhaps he would visit "The Drowned Wench" once more before he actually went to bed. No reason to waste such a gorgeous night. And as far as he figured, he might as well drink up while times were peaceful, even if that was going to be eternity. The thought brought a smirk to his lips.

    Near the side of a large, run down building, he observed her as she fixed her hair and asked her question. He let out a little laugh, letting his hand motion the gesture of "brushing off"

    "Not even close, Cordelia. My father was a soldier before me, serving in the Kings Guard for twenty years. My family never really had an high aspirations for me, so I decided to join the City Guard to get them off my tail for awhile. The assholes ran me around for 2 full years before finally deciding I was qualified to run the day watch in the most peaceful time this planet's seen in a millennium. Between you and me, I think the guards are more corrupt than the city folk. It's just nice to be on the winning side."

    He admitted, with a complacent sense of honesty. Admittance of such a fact meant little to him, she could run and tell as many people as she wanted. When it came right down to it, he was immune to any kind of punishment because of his father's legacy, which bothered him in a way, but he'd gotten over that. Now it was time to use it to his advantage. He was determined to be a friend of the people, not some tyrannical monster out to fine the people. That was the kind of guard he'd wanted to be, the kind of soldier he thought others should aspire to be.

    At that moment, he caught a glimpse of people running from the corner of his eye. Three or four men of the night watch, running full speed down the street about a block or two away from where they were, to the left. He watched until they were out of sight while walking still, a look of concern on his face. "What the hell was that about..?" he thought briefly, before sending those thoughts back to where they came from. He was off duty, to hell with them.
  15. Cordelia had stopped to listen to his story, not expecting to hear such an honest take on things. The more she got to know Syl, the less she would be able to antagonize him for working as a soldier of the City Guard. But when he talked about being on the winning side, she couldn't resist. "It's not the winning side if I'm not on it," she said a little teasingly. But she quickly moved along after that until a commotion drew their attention and they both watched a few of the guard dart by in a hurry.

    "I wonder…" She mumbled. Cordelia couldn't help but feel like something had happened that she should be worried about. Hiram had been spouting all kinds of ideas to her during the meeting and she couldn't help but wonder if he'd decided that he could carry them out himself. Even so, she forced herself to move forward a couple steps, dismissing him as an idiot if he tried. Then she came to a halt and turned to look at Syl. Cordelia smiled, thinking to invite him along, but there was no telling what they'd run into.

    "I've actually forgotten to run an errand," she said, back away. "Sorry, Syl! I'll buy you a drink next time I catch you out at the Wench. Thanks for walking me this far." Cordelia bid him farewell with a quick wave before dashing off on her own. She should still be able to catch up with those of the night watch if she took her secret routes. Cordelia ducked and dodged the obstacles as she maneuvered her way through the city streets with ease, cutting through various business and skipping over the roofs of some people's homes. When she finally caught sight of the team of guards, they were clustered together in a lonely alley a good distance from where she came from. Cordelia kept her back to the wall and peered around the corner in hopes of figuring out what was going on. It wasn't uncommon for the guard to bully citizens this time of night and at this hour either, but she hoped that that was all it would turn out to be.
  16. //OoC: Just learned that all of my posts have been color formatted incorrectly. Sorry if my posts were half invisible, also, for the sake of everyone who uses the black background, I'm going to be changing my color to a lighter blue//

    Syl was smiling, making his 180 turn, when he heard Cordelia say she had an errand to run. However before he got a single coherent word out, whether in farewells or offerings of aid, she was dashing away. How deft she was baffled Syl, practically out of sight by the time he could even register what was going on. He reeled for about a second or two, then let out a bewildered laugh. "Apparently, she has some vested interest interest in the town's policing" He thought, with a quirk of his eyebrow. He decided that the girl was becoming more and more interesting of a character so he followed, walking casually far behind her mad dash.

    After a few paces he could hear some kind of commotion, what sounded like shouts, coming from the direction of the running guards. The townsfolk were starting to take notice too, popping their heads out of their windows or simply stopping whatever task they were engaged in on the street to take time and gawk in the general vicinity of the noise. Syl wasn't worried, not yet, lots of people yelled when they were being chased down. More likely then not, this was some loose drunkard or someone with sticky fingers, something he'd have his fill on in the morning through fairy tales and grapevines, but Syl admitted to himself a level of curiosity. It didn't take four guards to take on something as petty as that, unless they were beyond boredom, another stark possibility.

    By the time he reached the alleyway, the shouts were becoming less frequent, but it was obvious that there was a scuffle going on. Syl stood at the corner of the alley, not wanting to necessarily be seen in case he was going to be drug into something he wasn't prepared for. Hands and back pressed against the stone, he let his head poke around the corner so he could get a good look of what was going on
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  17. It quickly became apparent that four against one wasn't working out well for the one. She typically didn't outright involve herself in much of anything, but she doubted that a distraction would be much help in this situation anyway. Cordelia sighed, fixed her fringe and stepped out from around the corner. Scanning the scene before her within seconds, she marched forward and cleared her throat, effectively drawing their attention to her presence. "Excuse me, but these odds are unjust," Cordelia pointed out. "And you're using excessive force for one man, don't you think?"

    "Stay out of this, woman," one of the guards barked. "This man is a rebel!"

    When he yanked the man forward by the collar of his tunic, Cordelia barely resisted the urge to put her face to her palm upon seeing his bruised face. Instead she folded her arms over her chest and tilted her head in doubt. "You can't accuse him of such a serious crime without any evidence, soldiers."

    "This man has been going around and trying to recruit people to join him. He even had the nerve to threaten us with one of his schemes… He must be arrested and tried!"

    "Then arrest and try him," Cordelia frowned. Hiram was truly a special kind of fool. "Whatever you're all doing here can't be part of your duties."

    "You talk as if you're a companion of his."

    "I assure you, he is not any companion of mine," she snorted, watching as she was approached by one of the guards. "Do you intend to arrest me too, soldier?"

    "You're being taken in for questioning!" He stated, his hand clamping around her slender arm. "Resist and we'll make sure your little friend here pays for it."

    Cordelia considered her options, but ultimately decided to let them think that they had the upper hand. Despite her lack of concern for Hiram, she didn't want things to get too messy. She could easily strike when the time was right and orchestrate an escape. Shrugging her shoulders, she told the guard that she fully intended to behave on the way back to their headquarters... which they would never reach as long as she was still unscathed.
  18. Syl was a distance a bit too far to able to make out who the guards were, but recognized the voices of all three who spoke. Doyle Larson, Vance Mettigo, and.. Cordelia?! Watching the events play out, he decided it was time for his intervention.H e'd come to expect this sort of thing out of Vance, he was a cocky son of a bitch, in Syl's mind, but Doyle was his friend. The other two guards were a mystery at this point, but he he was sure he could at least get Doyle's attention. Maybe even ease things over.

    He walked briskly, but not too hurried, from around his corner, approaching them as Vance grabbed Cordelia by the arm ("Rather forcefully" he thought, irritated), and gave a shout to the group that was laid out in front of him

    "Hey! What's all this commotion about about fellas?"

    He asked vacantly, feigning ignorance and making himself smile. He was known to be lighthearted, even a bit of a joker, to his guard circle. To betray that image now would only be to his detriment. Immediately, Vance whipped around, still holding Cordelia by the arm. Doyle, standing next to him, and the other two guards, turned more casually at his voice, knowing exactly who it was. He was only hoping they weren't liquored up, or high on adrenalin from the previous scuffle. He needed to smooth things out quickly, but not hastily. Vance gave a scoff when he saw Syl's face, only a few feet away now

    "Sylvester (Syl cringed) are you here to make our lives more miserable as well? We can handle this ourselves, this is none of your concern"

    Completely ignoring Vance's curt response (it was just about what he expected out of him), he used this time to survey his surroundings. All four men were facing him, Vance in the center, Doyle to his right, the other two guards, who Syl still couldn't make out from this angle, were standing directly behind them. By the arm, Vance was still holding Cordelia, and there was a man Syl didn't recognize at first slumped over on the ground. He appeared to be beaten up pretty good though, as he lay slouched. He thought his chances of getting Cordelia out of this fiasco might actually be easier than what he previously anticipated

    When Vance finished his sentence, Syl turned to Doyle, offering him a big smile and eyes that said "I didn't expect you here!", then spoke

    "Doyle! Buddy! How's the night watch going? What's the situation here, friend?"

    "Hey Syl, you caught us at a pretty bad time. The man slumped on the ground over there was seen conversing with others, secretly, recruiting them for a cause he refuses to disclose. This woman here was poking her nose around, trying to get us to let him go. They're both being brought back to-"

    "You morons"

    Syl interrupted, making a broad gesture of shaking his head and pretending like he had just laid eyes on the two "culprits". He saw Vance's face scrunch up when he made his insult, much to his delight

    "I met these two in the tavern not a few hours back. They're friends of mine, recently moved from South Sector, with a place down in the valley not far from where we're standing. This man's "recruitment", as you say, is for an advance on his sister's surprise birthday party. He told me all about it in The Drowned Wench. Of course he's meeting in secret, it's a secret matter. Kicking his teeth in and manhandling a small woman is not what these two deserve, if you would've shown them the proper respect, I'm sure they would've told you so as not to embarrass yourselves with blatant ignorance. Unhand the girl, Vance, they've done nothing wrong. I'll make sure they get back to where they're going, safely."

    Syl said, with cool confidence and open body language. His eyes darted to meet Cordelia's, an affirmation. Vance loosened his grip on Cordelia, turning his anger back to Syl

    "You haven't been here two seconds and already you presume to know more about this situation then us?! This man was seen talking with known links to the rebel group we're all trying to combat here. He WILL be taken in to questioning, Sylvester, I don't care how good of "friends" you are"

    Vance said, venom in his tone. Doyle looked back at Syl with apologetic eyes, Syl could tell he at least, bought the story. The guards behind them were shuffling their feet in nervousness, not knowing what to do. They were obviously new, they didn't seem recognizable and acted very green. Syl approached Vance steadily, a few paces made so that they were eye to eye, cancelling everyone else out of the room he was creating for them. He looked at him with confidence, but not an overwhelming sense of superiority. He had to choose his words carefully from this point, the situation now was a powder keg

    "And what a great job you are doing, soldier, of handling this situation. Unless, of course, you're calling me a liar and insinuating that I, too, am assembling with rebels, you will let them both go. I can vouch for their characters, Vance. Go back to doing something useful, and let me handle this. You know how touchy the commander is about guard to citizen brutality, and I don't think he'd be too elated if I told him you were harassing friends of the Byrne family"

    Syl said, never taking his eyes from the cocky soldiers face. When he finished his sentence, Doyle stepped in between them, facing Vance and putting a hand on his shoulder

    "Come on Vance, he said they're clean. Let Syl take care of this, we're drawing a crowd and the dissension of the ranks is unsightly"

    Vance scoffed once more before unhanded Cordelia all together, motioning for the two rookie guards behind him to keep moving down the alleyway. Syl never stopped looking into his glaring eyes

    "Fine, have it your way. When you end up in this same alleyway, dead, maybe then we'll start to take this rebel threat seriously"

    Syl watched as they all left, the last, Doyle who bid his farewells and offered another apology. When they had turned the corner and were sufficiently out of ear shot, his demeanor completely changed, and he glared down at Cordelia

    "Mind telling me what the hell's going on here?"

    He asked sternly, brow furrowed and ignoring the man in the corner for now
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  19. Cordelia had been watching Syl, curious about this extravagant act of his. Apparently, having a father that served for such a long time gave him a certain amount of leverage and she let out a low whistle as the team of guards had no choice but to take their leave. As soon as they did, she found herself on the receiving end of a very harsh glare and a very direct question. Cordelia bounced between her options of being stern because he had followed her or to dismiss it with a light joke. Either way, telling the truth was simply not an option. Considering the fact that they really were involved with the rebels, he could get into a good amount of trouble.

    Then again, after vouching for them it was probably already too late for that.

    "Yes, Syl, what is going on here? I was sure I left you somewhere where you wouldn't get into any trouble," Cordelia sighed, shaking her head and pinching the bridge of her nose. "Now, I'm not necessarily upset with you, but I could've neutralized the situation myself. I know I look a little dainty and you must have gotten the urge to swoop in and play hero."

    Cordelia let out a sigh, casting a glance back at Hiram's still figure and assessing things within a matter of moments. Syl was still waiting for an answer and she rubbed the back of her neck before she directly addressed it. "Honestly, you're better off not knowing," she said, for a lack of any other way to put it. "That's all I'm going to say on the matter, Syl. You should go home for the night and forget you know either of us."

    Moving over to the other man, she prodded him with a not so gentle foot. "Hiram, you idiot," she grumbled, realizing that he wasn't going to wake up yet. Cordelia grabbed him by the arm and hauled him up with impressive strength, but buckled slightly under his dead weight once she had him slouched over her back. She started to inch forward, very slowly with his feet dragging behind her. "I'm going to kill this man..." Cordelia muttered darkly.
  20. "Woah woah woah, wait just a minute"

    Syl said, reaching out to grab Cordelia's shoulder, not aggressively, but still firmly

    "I've no doubt of your apparent talent. I was saving you from being on the receiving end of a guillotine, Cordelia, not from some halfwits in armor. You mistake my intentions. I want to know exactly what's going on here and why you thought it was your business to run off in this direction. Is there some sixth sense you possess to know when this man is in danger? I think not. You're up to something, I want to know what it is before these louts do"

    He said, softening his tone only slightly, simultaneously helping to support Hiram's dead weight. He was not about to let her dismiss him so easily, not when he had just given his personal word for these two. He was going to catch hell for this in the morning, he knew, and all eyes were going to be on him, possibly even Cordelia and Hiram if he wasn't very careful. He needed insight so he could cover his bases. His reaction was instinct and he was already starting to regret it. Syl was not a stupid man, careless, naive at times, a bit of a slacker, sure, but definitely not stupid. He knew now for sure these two were in some way involved with some underground movement. He wanted to know the purpose. He wasn't convinced that these two were terrorists, out for the pure pleasure in sport of starting mayhem and violence, as the guards and the king often portrayed the rebels. He wanted to know the reason, and he was determined to get it from the horse's mouth

    "Set him down and let's talk. Fortunately, I have some smelling salts in my tunic, somewhere, so you won't have to drag him back to where ever your destination is. I'm not your enemy here, I just need some answers"
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