Women Bounty Hunters

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  1. It will be in a semi-futuristic society with monsters. Our characters will be girls. They are best friends . They all have a tragic past. One was raped, the other abused by her parents, The other abandoned, etc. They all met on a faithful day and decided to protect each other, and protect people from evil. They battle monsters for a price. They will comfort each other and will slowly deal with problems that will come. They also have assasssins to deal with
    This is a Yuri rp.
    Follow Iwaku Rules
    Be creative
    Have fun

    Bio: (If you want to reveal her past through the RP, that's fine.)
    Bounty Hunter or Asassin:
    melee Weapon:
    Extra: (Anything else you think is worth adding.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.