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  1. Many years ago there was a problem with hunters killing wolves illegally. As so few wolves were left a magical being called the Septa made people into animals, thus balancing population between the two. Today there is a whole clan of these wolves that worship the Septa. Humans don't think they exist because those who have been turned never come back into being humans except for a few called the Nara. The Nara can transform from human to animal or animal to human anytime they want. They help the Septa gaurd the wolves from the humans, they are taught to fight and spend every day protecting.

    Nira was a white wolf and a Nara at that. She was only a teenager, about 16 and had so much to learn. Until she is qualified to protect she must undergo training. Today though was her day off. Her nose raised in the air, it was snowing and she had to find some food for her family.