Wolves of the Apocalypse: Atlas and Davina

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  1. Davina
    It wasn't really like me to be in my human form, but I was. I'd found it quite difficult - impossible, really - to flip pages of a book, so I chose to read in my 'normal me' form. The Land, the only book I'd managed to find while I had originally been scavenging for food. Stumbled upon the lonely, worn book and had decided to bring it along with me so I'd have something more to do than kill the dead, stare at the ceiling or sky, and scratch my fleas. No, I don't really have fleas. It's a joke.

    It's been approximately 8 weeks since I had any real contact with any civil humans. I've had plenty of run-ins with raiders and severely hungry people who were willing to hunt down a couple of wolves just for something to eat over the last month. Athena and I narrowly escaped with our lives, but we made it. Now, for a good week or so, we've been hunkering down in a small bunker that we stumbled upon while on the run. I've stacked up food and some supplies while being here at this spot we found.. but it's nowhere to call home. I intend on moving Athena and I elsewhere, but I don't know where yet. Since the prison Allie and I had run across had been overtaken 8 weeks ago - not much of a Safe Zone, if you ask me - I'd been trying to think of where the best place to run to would be. I wasn't your average survivalist, and all my experience was being made out on the field each and every day I continued to somehow make it through another one. I don't know how things will ever get better from this. If I ever had any hope, it's all faded away by now.
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  2. It had been 8 weeks since his run in with the people at the prison. There was no way he was going to stay there, not with those people. In the time frame of two months Atlas has been on the road, he visited his old camp twice but only stayed for a day or two. His ankle was int he finale stages of healing after being bitten by that other wolf. There'd be some scarring but it's better then losing the foot, and during this day and age it'd be impossible to go without getting a few scars. Right now Atlas was on the hunt, he was running low on food at the moment so every place he came by he picked cleaned...if there was anything left. Atlas sighed and stopped by a tree, he took a look around to see if he was safe. As far as he could see no one and nothing was around to harm him. He sat down under the tree to take a short break. Pulling a water bottle out of his bag he opened and started to drink some of it. He was running low on water, but water wasn't as hard to come by as food was.
  3. Davina
    Tonight I sat just far enough outside of my hideout that I could still retreat back inside if I needed to. A large, freshly killed elk lay just a few inches from me, a small fire blazing between my bare feet where a couple of nice cuts of meat were cooking over it. I wasn't very partial to my clothes at the moment.. sitting on an old ratty cloth so I wouldn't have to sit in the dirt with my bare ass. I didn't want to ruin any more pieces of clothing if I had to make a quick escape, plus my natural body temperature (being a Skin Changer) was constantly like a blazing furnace in itself, I wanted to enjoy a bit of cool air for a change.

    Turning the meat over, I let it cook a little bit more but not enough to completely cook it all the way through. The animal within me hadn't been satisfied enough with the kill and wanted to taste the beast's blood that we had taken down. Lost in my train of thought, it was suddenly derailed when a snap of branches sounded off in the distance. I immediately stopped and looked into the direction from which it had come from, staring off into the night past the glow of the fire. It hadn't taken long for my eyes to adjust and to see a Deado walking my way in a slow shuffle. I narrowed my eyes, trying to calculate just how far away it was and studying it's approach, wondering if it even knew I was sitting here. Reaching over real slow, I grabbed my bow and a single arrow, fitting the arrow into the bow and letting it loose. I could hear it split through the night air and make contact with the Deado, a quick and quiet crunch as it stuck directly into the center of the poor creature's skull. I set my bow down and grabbed a piece of meat, beginning to chew into it. "I'll get the arrow later.." I thought to myself.
  4. Atlas heard the sound of something hitting the ground the ground near by him. He looked out in the direction he heard the sound and got up and went to investigate it. Moving slowly through the wooded area he came across the ghoul and knelt down in front of it. It had an arrow going right through it's skull. It looked up seeing the light from the small fire and some one sitting there. Atlas grabbed the arrow and force it out of the ghoul's head. He then got up and slowly started to make his way of to the person. He was coming up behind them so he couldn't really see who they were due to it being dark. The chance of knowing this person though, well he thought it was zero. He was wrong though, it was the same girl who bit him eight weeks ago and he just didn't know it yet. Then as he got closer and was able to see this person a bit more clearly now and this person looked to be a naked feel. Atlas just chuckled and threw the arrow down beside her. "You seemed to have dropped this." He said as he reached his hand back to his newest weapon, a sawed off shot gun. He made sure to stay at a safe distance because you just couldn't trust strangers anymore.
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  5. Davina
    I had heard the footsteps, but I knew it wasn't a deado. The footsteps were too light and were a faster pace than one of the dead. They were sluggish and didn't take full steps, they shuffled through the dry leaves and broken twigs. Easy to hear. This guy, not so easy but I could hear him just fine with my enhanced hearing. He had to have been a tracker, or just tread real lightly because if I hadn't been a Skin Changer, I probably wouldn't have heard him. Suddenly, I smelt it. An oddly strange, yet familiar scent. I was sitting downwind from the man as he approached, so I half wondered if it could be him. Had we met before? As he came into the light of my small campfire, I reached behind me and pulled an extra large tshirt that acted like a dress on me, tucking my legs in closer to my chest. My feral eyes watched his every movement, and I had already sized him up before he could speak a word. I could take him if I really had to. He wouldn't have time to react. "You seemed to have dropped this." I nearly jumped outta my skin as he tossed the arrow near my feet. My eyes turned from their natural color to the bright blue they always did when the wolf within me stirred a bit too uneasily beneath my skin. I glared past the campfire at the strange man. Even his voice was slightly familiar, like I'd heard it in a dream before. Just as I was about to say something, Athena slowly stalked forward from her hiding spot inside our little earthy-cave home, lowering her head and letting out a low growl, barring her teeth. "Athena, easy girl." At my words, she stopped growling but continued to keep a fierce smile for the stranger standing before us. I looked back up at the man, tilting my head. "I'm very capable of retrieving my own belongings, thanks." I didn't know whether to act civil and invite this man to sit with me by the fire and share my meal with him, or to chase him away. What if he tried to kill me to take over what I have? Would I have to kill him..just to defend what's mine? I sat there quietly, letting my sarcastic 'thank you' hang heavy in the air, just watching him to see what his next move would be.
  6. Once Atlas was able to get a little closer to the female he tilted his head to the side a little. He looked a bit puzzled now that he got a better look at her. He knew her, he looked down at his ankle and the back at the woman with a small smirk on his face. "It's you...you are the one that bit me back at the prison. Which means...." He looked around the area for a moment before chuckling. "You aren't alone....at least I don't think you are. Last time we ran into each other you had some one else with you. Are you two still traveling together or is she hiding some where to make sure I don't do anything stupid?" He said before looking back down at the stranger. "I know you had to of caught my name because of asshole back at the prison I nearly got into a fight with. IF you forgot though my name is Atlas. I didn't catch yours, or should I just call you something stupid like biter." He said with a small chuckle taking his hand off the handle of his weapon before looking back down at his ankle. "My ankle is fine by the way...healed up nicely but I'm sure that has something to do with me being a monster."
  7. Davina
    I stare at him angrily when he mentions Allie. I stand up quickly, my eyes burning brighter. "I'm alone. Allison died in that Deado raid that came through the front of the prison grounds. And for the record, I don't care how your ankle is. You stepped on my fucking paw, ain't my fault you stepped on the wrong girl's foot." Athena began to sense my uneasiness and snarled at Atlas, taking a step closer towards him. "Also, considering you are a monster, Atlas, you should have noticed the rank odor that one might call a territory mark all around the woods within a mile radius of this place. You got a lot of nerve stepping onto my grounds, especially acting as if it would be a surprise if I had backup waiting in the tree line. If I had, it wouldn't be me with the blame, it'd be a fuck up all your own." I walked over to the half eaten elk carcass, pulling my large shirt over my head and immediately changing into my wolf form. I grab the elk by it's muzzle and begin to pull it inside of my little cave, stopping just as I make eye contact with Atlas, pushing my thoughts into his mind. "You obviously don't like me, and nor I you, so let's both agree to disagree and come to the conclusion that you need to leave." I tugged with all my might, Athena leaping over to my side as an aid, helping me tug the carcass back into our underground home.
  8. Hearing about her friend Allison dying back at the prison when the ghouls attacked didn't really phase him. Not a lot really phased him anymore. "Well not to sound like a dick but...lucky her I suppose. You'll hate me for saying that but at least she won't have to put up with the hell that is earth anymore. She is free." He watched the girl dragging the dead elk back into her little cave as he slid his hand back down into his pockets. "If you should be mad at anyone for that it should be the fuckers back at the prison. What kind of moron starts firing their weapons willy nilly without thinking. They drew the ghouls, they got her killed, and most likely their dead too." He chuckled to himself before looking down at the ground just standing there for a moment. He stood there in silence, she was in her little hiding spot by now so who knows if she even heard him. "Well I guess I better do us both a favor and go." He turned around and started to walk off, he had no idea where he'd be going. Atlas never knew where'd he was heading. The man would just walk, every now and again going back to his camp with the others he'd started with he never stayed to long though. A day or two at the most.
  9. Davina
    As he began to walk away, it suddenly struck me how rude I was being. Even though this guy is quite an asshat, it wasn't very nice of me. I let out a deep huff, staring after him with my bright blue eyes, 'telepathically' pushing my thoughts into his mind so he could hear me. "Look, the least you could do is come in here and stay the night, get some good rest and eat some good food. I know there isn't much out there, so.. I don't mind sharing a bit of my catch. Take it as a way of payment for what I did to you, yeah?" I dropped the elk out of my mouth and slowly walked out of the burrow, sitting down at the entrance. "Besides, it's not like we can't be humans about the situation and just simply apologize, make up and move on.. right? Be civil, and offer dinner..?" My tail slightly swayed back and forth in the dirt, then I noticed the small fire was still burning and I mentally grunted as I got up. Grabbing a branch in my teeth, I took it near the campfire and began sweeping dirt over the fire which soon went out, only leaving behind a small trail of smoke leading up into the dark night air.
  10. Atlas stopped when he heard her thoughts running through his head. She wanted him to stay the night and even offered her some food. He thought about it for a moment, he wasn't really used to spending time with people anymore. For a few moments he just stood there and thought about it for a little. He looked up into the sky a bit, it was just the start of the night, and he still hasn't found a place to stay for the night. Atlas then slowly nodded his head and turned around slowly. "Alright..." He said before walking up to her and looked down at her in her wolf form. "By the way you don't have to be sorry. I just don't know how to talk to people anymore. I spend a lot of time by myself." He said before entering the shelter, sitting down toward the one side. "By the way." He started to say something as he looked up at her. "Thank you for this."
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