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Wolfsbane (jays_scene)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Sans, Jun 11, 2014.

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  1. Tonight was just another night that Michael was having with his buddies. It was a guys' night out of course and they were drinking it up and having a good time inside their fraternity house. It wasn't like there was whole that could go wrong even though the cops had come back to their place twice and not a single person had been sent to jail. Michael was rather enjoying himself, though he didn't drink this time being underage. Plus, he was the only reason no one was getting sent to jail tonight.

    Michael looked at his watch. It was about two in the morning and then of course guys' became a party. Girls from a nearby sorority started to show up. Suddenly there were drunk girls and make out sessions by the ping pong table. Some of the people ended up on the couch and some were standing up and blocking the entrance to the kitchen. Michael was laughing as one of his friends nearly fell over stupid from the amount of alcohol that he'd consumed. On that note, Michael left the room and went out back. There were a few people out here, but nothing more than a few people who had hooked up or were just tired of the loud noise from the inside.

    He sighed. At least it was somewhat quiet. And there was no full moon today, so no random werewolf rampage either.
  2. Maddy didn't know why she let her sister drag her here. It smelt funny, and she was sure those were not your regular brownies. Her sister said this was one of their mellower parties, but Maddy didn't see it. It was a party all-the-same. Either way, Brook, her twin sister, had dolled her up and stuck her tight black jeans with a see through white blouse and a low-cut purple spaghetti strap beneath it. Maddy was getting nowhere near a dress, or skirt, so that was Brook's next best decision. Maddy wasn't too bothered by it, but she wasn't fond with how tight the jeans were, and how low the tank top was beneath it.

    Maddy had left for the backyard quite early into the night, with Brook reluctantly following after her to keep her company. A few times, Brook did ditch her for minutes at a time, and would come back with an extra drink for Maddy. The girl did drink them, after all, she didn't despise alcohol. Mind you, it wasn't her favorite beverage, and she definitely didn't drink it to get drunk. As she glanced around, she noted that she was positively the only one who thought that way at a frat party.

    The girl was currently standing awkwardly beside her sister while said sibling continuously flirted with the boys who had approached them. Maddy tried to stay polite, and spoke when needed, but other than that; she was silent. She just wanted to go home already, she had no real reason to stay here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.