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  1. (( wow this is not takeing off very well looks like not many people know about wolf's rain. ))
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    ((i know about wolf rain i sing gravity for talent shows. and now glee club. but i don't know all of the people may be just 3 wolfs that all))
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    (( thats ok which ones do you know? ))
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    main like for everyone who watch it. the kid then the guy the supper mean oh ya that girl there what her name? never been good at names)))
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    (( There is Tsume, Toboe { AKA The runt }, Blue the girl, Hige, kiba { Me } , and cheza another girl. ))
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    ((I know Wolf's Rain!! and are you talking about Cheza or Myu?))
  7. I have not watched wolf rain in awille so i'm rustly and that just tells me i need to watch it all over again.
  8. it's all good and i was talking about cheza the flower maiden.
  9. i fine cheza and kiba are like brothers and sisters which i love. i'm so cheza i sooooo called it
  10. Actually cheza was made for kiba as a mate if your remember in the anime they get alill too close with eachother than they would if they were borhter and sister.
  11. This seems interesting...
  12. Is this going to star for real? I loved wolf' rain, it was one of the first animes I ever watched, so I would be more than happy to join in, prehaps as Toboe?
  13. Hmm great well i have to find the roleplay or make it again.
  14. i mean i can allways to a side story for toboe and tsume. Untill i get the rest of the characters in.
  15. Great :). I don't really care which character I play, I just thought Toboe was the easiest for a new player like me. I can also play an another character, if it's easier for you.
  16. its me eclipse. And i would like to have one character per person but if it comes down to where i have to have one person playing multiple characters at once i will just go with it.
  17. I know of wolf's rain a tiny bit. One of my friends from germany that I had on youtube a couple of years ago was really into it. I haven't watched any episodes of the Wolf's Rain anime yet but I've seen a few amvs of it.
  18. And I like the courage the wolves had in the Wolf's Rain amvs I've seen.
  19. do you get the gist of the anime?