Wolf's Rain: Next Generation

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  1. //Plot: Five years after the original Wolf's Rain. Wolves are supposedly extinct, but this is no fact. There're wolves all over, just disguised by a magick. (The wolves can turn from humans to wolves at will. There is no illusion in this.) A lone wolf, Lili, tries to makes her way to Paradise, a place where all the wolves are said to live. Who will she meet along the way? Will her and her comrades make it to Paradise? Or fall to the humans?

    One human may join the pack. The others are all enemies to the wolves, at least in their eyes. The human may have one special power, or be a normal human.//

    Lili ran down the street, a steak in her mouth. Gunshots rang through her ears as she skidded down an alley way, pouncing down the streets. She wouldn't rest. There was no way she would rest. Not until the gunshots stopped and she was back at her den. People stared, and she mentally laughed. All they saw was some dog being chased by a deranged chef with a shotgun. They didn't know she was so much more than some normal run of the mill canine. She was a full-blooded wolf, which was thought to be extinct. No one knew what a lie that was.

    She soon arrived to an abandoned building after losing the chef, broken up concrete in front of the area with a hollowed Willow tree infront of it. She glanced around, her lilac eyes scanning the area before she crept inside the hole inside of the tree, gnawing on her lunch. Blood from the meat stained her muzzle, and she licked the majority of it off, soon finishing the food. She paused when she heard growls and a whine, getting up and padding off to go investigate the noise.
  2. "Fresh meat?" A large wolf growled, floating from her perch. Her coat was a snowy white, but reflected rainbows in the dull light of the room. She began circling the wolf, inspecting every little detail."Sha rp claws, stained hooves, and the eyes. The eyes give it all away." The wolf blinked her own light pink eyes at the bloodied full-blood. "Welcome to my humble abode." She laughed. "There aren't many of us left, we have to stick together." Her posture changed from hostile to chummy, and she trotted to a pile of soggy bones. "Have a bone. Fresh killed human." She called, sinking her razor sharp teeth into the marrow and tossing it towards Lili in a way that suggested she was well-trained and athletic.
  3. Lili sniffed at the offered food before licking her jaws clean once more and hesitantly ripped some meat from the bone after nodding her thanks. Her lilac orbs looked upwards towards the other wolf, and she released a soft growl from her throat. The fur on her hackles rose slightly from suspicion as she stood up. It was understandable why the wolf was weary; she'd never seen another of her kind before. At least, not here anyways. She was always alone. Not anymore I suppose, she chuckled in her head.

    "Who are you?" she asked, walking up to the wolf in a non-threatening manner. "I've never seen you around the city before."
  4. BrokeFang wasnt your everday guy. He would take any and every advantage to avoid a simple conversation and if caught in one he would just ignore them and walk away. He was a very stuborn guy with a deep shallow spot convincing himself that everyone just held him back and decide that he didnt need friends.

    Fang had quite a poster. With his cowboy boots, blue jeans and his faded black leather jacket, fang just keep his style the same. Never really changing his appearence. He had many scars on him including the one on his left cheek.
    Fang tried hard not to stand out much but he had no idea that today everthing would change.....

    Fang had just finished his last drink putting money on the bar, he decide that it was time to move on and walked out the door grabing his jacket. Stepping outside he slipped on his jacket and sighed. He began walking when he heard gunshots and after telling himself that it didnt consern him, he decide to check it out and ran toward the gunshots taking every back alie.
  5. Lili lifted her head and looked up to a man clad in cowboy boots, faded jeans, and a faded leather jacket. Nerves adjusting, muscles shifting, and bones popping, there soon stood a girl with cropped blue hair and piercing lavender eyes. Her skin was pale, almost milky white you could say, and she wore faded grey skinny jeans with silver sequin converse and a tight black long-sleeved shirt. She tilted her head, a small frown coming onto her features.

    "Who are you?" her eyes narrowed and she walked up to him, though had to look up at him seeing as she stood at about 4'9". She was always small, even as a wolf. It cause people to think she was either a kid or a pup. Whenever this happened, Lili made sure the person who thought this was reminded not to do it again. Or else.
  6. BrokeFang had turned the corner of a building almost running into a young woman. Fang glanced down at the wo
    en seeing her eyes and smelling her scent, he relized what she was and snorted with a smirk ignoring the question *whats a young pup like yourself doing out here all alone* he finished as he scratched the back of his neck.