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  1. Hello there!

    The name's Wolfe. It's a nickname I've been going by since my Freshman year of high school, and has never faded away. But, of course, I'm here to find some good One x Ones. For the most part, I have found RPs to be few and far between these days, usually my partner going inactive. I try not to do this, but usually, I can get carried away with real life, and my family, so if this happens, please bug the crap out of me! I'm not responding because I don't enjoy the RP, but because I've grown busy.

    I consider myself semi-literate. However, I am also a very experienced RPer, considering I have been doing this sort of thing, going on seventeen years now. I would say, I'm a descriptive writer, making sure my partner knows exactly what my character/characters are doing. With this said, I usually write between four to eight paragraphs each response. This, also depends on how much my partner gives me; and I can mirror. However, if the RP has really struck my muse, I will dish out more replies, and they will be somewhat lengthy.
    I don't expect my RP partner/partners to do the same. Please don't feel like you must mirror my reply lengths, as I have been told, sometimes they become intimidating, and people just end up not replying to me. This is how I RP, and I will not change my style. I'm sorry if this is of any inconvenience.

    As far as characters go, I play both genders well. Seeing as I have a handful of each gender, I would suppose I would have to be. A note on my characters, just like my writing style, I will not change them for anything. I have worked hard to develop them, and their personalities/back stories/etc. I would never ask my partner to change something about their character, so please, don't expect any massive changes to any of my characters, unless they are new and in need of tuning.
    I have a problem with only sticking to one character during an RP. I usually have two or three mains, with many others popping in here and there as sides, just to keep the RP fresh and flowing. I don't except the same, just expect it from me.
    Relationship-wise, I am only experienced in MxF pairings. I have nothing against MxM or FxF, but I lack the experienced for these types of relationships. I'm apologize for this, and I have been chewed out because of it, I'm just uncomfortable with them. Again, I would never want my RP partner to feel uncomfortable with a situation, so I usually try to set out all the basics on the table, just so there will be no confusion later on.

    I enjoy many things in an RP. This includes drama, adventure, action, romance, violence; all of course, following under the sites rules and regulations. However, I will not do any kind of "Love at first sight" type romances, as I feel it leaves much to be desired. I enjoy having my characters to interact with someone, to see if they are compatible, before even trying to start up a romantic relationship. There can be small loop holes in these types of situations; for example: If we were doing a fantasy based RP, and our characters were set up for an arranged marriage. That, I would have no issue with.

    I enjoy getting to know my RP partners, so I usually have some sort of PM going, just to do some friendly chatting. I also love feedback, as this helps with forming a good plot, character development, etc.

    Well, I think that covers all my do and don't's. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in a PM or here. Now, onto the fun stuff!

    Things I am interested in:

    -Supernatural: Yes, the CW television show with the Winchester brothers! This can be anything from just Cannons, to OCs, or a mixture of the two. (<---- This of late, has been my muse!)
    -The Avengers/Thor or anything set in the Marvel universe, I suppose.
    -Pokemon (I have a plot idea for this, yet have sort of stepped back out of Pokemon, for the most part.)
    -Skyrim/Elder Scrolls (Also, have a plot idea for this.)
    -Dragon Age Origins/II/Inquisition
    -Vampires/Werewolves: To clear this up, I would love this to be on the lines of something like Underworld, Van Helsing, J.R Ward's novels: The Black Dagger Brotherhood, or Anne Rice's novels: The Vampire Chronicles. This is usually along the lines of how my vamps and werewolves are set up.
    -Animals: I do have many different canine and equine characters. However, I have rather grown out of this, and most are left on the back burner. Most are not realistic, and have some sort of supernatural gift or power.
    -Fantasy Based: I enjoy fantasy! Probably my favorite genre, and yet, all the RPs of this sort I get involved in, become inactive, or simply, die over time. Lord of the Rings style or, well, anything would just be great really. World Building, Character creating, and lots and lots of magic and dragons.

    -The Labyrinth: Yep, that's right. The old Jim Henson movie with David Bowie. xD
    -Dragon/Dragon Rider

    I've also dabbled in (but will be very rusty with these topics):

    -Assassin's Creed
    -Dragon Ball/ Dragon Ball Z
    -Wolf's Rain
    -The Mortal Instruments

    -How to Train your Dragon
    -Lord of the Rings
    -Dead Space

    I'm probably missing a few things from that list... But, I'm always up for trying new things. Just toss me a PM with a suggestion and we can go from there.

    Things I won't do:
    -Twilight: I've read the books and have seen the movies, but I never really was in to them. The vampires, to me, just aren't vampires... and the werewolves are more like shapeshifters then anyone affected by Lycanthropy. So, yeah... just not my cup of tea.
    -Anything based in Reality: I use RPing to escape from the real world. And, I just find this rather boring, unless you want to do some sort of Pokemon Academy, Harry Potter like world, or something fantasy based. Ok... just no normal people, I suppose. Lol!

    Hope I didn't scare you guys off. But, I think that's about it. If I think of anything else, I'll edit this. If you see anything that interests you, or have any questions for me, please just drop me a PM or post here! I don't bite... much. :3


    Status update: My laptop is having complications and is in the works of being fixed. To everyone who posts here, I'm not ignoring you, just lack a computer and won't be able to get in touch until it is fixed. Sorry for any inconvience and I thank you for your understanding.
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  2. I kinda wanna know about your pokemon plot idea.
  3. Definitely interested in your Skyrim idea, or perhaps a werewolf/vampire RP (although both creatures exist in Skyrim!)

    Send me a PM if you're still looking for a partner!
  4. I am interested in a wolf RP.
    I have an unrealistic character desperately need using at the moment, but he's only unrealistic in fur coloring. I have a custom reference for him that I have created using a Wyndbain game.

    Anyway, your character can be as unrealistic as you please, be it powers or gods, doesn't matter.
    If you are willing to accept, however..
  5. How to Train Your Dragon, yes please. :)
  6. I would love to do a Wolf's Rain but I fear I have been too long away from that so I barely remember much about it. I also think that doing a Dead Space one would awesomee (:
  7. I would love to start a Supernatural RP :) PM me if you are still looking!
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