Wolf slaughter

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  1. [​IMG]

    Is that... Tim Allen?

    Why? What is happening?
  2. Solar or Lunar eclipse? You need to clarify.
    And I still that total, or just in general?
  3. "Did I upset you?"
  4. "I don't think Mel-Mel likes being splashed."

    Melody was enjoying the head rub.
  5. no :)
  6. Melody nods and babble softly.

    Harmony giggles as she continue to shampoo Melody's head.
  7. "At leat you're reasonable."
  8. I apologize for my excessive meming. I have a show I'm performing in this week. Performance week makes my brain go to mush for everything except the show. Im also suffering from migraines or something, and whatever is causing that is also swinging my mood a bit.

    Thank you for playing along with my jokes though.
  9. Anya's eyes sparkle with excitement, "I'm ready for you anytime."
  10. did someone say...