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Well knowing the I really, really love wolves I was wondering why do they do this? What have wolves done to them to deserve this? How do they plan to fix this whole thing when it finally clicks into their thick skulls that "oh shit we are endangering a species, we ought to stop this before it gets way to out of hand" and by that time there are about 50 wolves left in this whole god forsaken world that we live in?

I have to say this, what in the hell is wrong with you wolves have never done anything to humans at all. Have you ever herd that dogs came from wolves quite a while ago so basicly you're killing dogs is what you're doing. Well I know that this won't stop people but at the very least I got this off my chest. If I would have let this continue on without posting this I would have been in a state of depression again. This time I might have not gotten out of it... Well anyway I just want people to stop with wolf slaughtering and do something else rather than hunting *hunting is not a sport it is killing, let's put it this way your a murderer to animals and to people who want this stoped. Get some common sence for once and stop.*

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Btt1fzzE08"]YouTube- PSA-saving the wolves[/ame]

well I can look for news articles too I will edit this post if I see any articles
Re: Wofl slaughter

First I will mention that I LOVE wolves and animals. I hate hunting for sport, I could never kill an animal myself and I really do hate needless slaughter of animals.

HOWEVER... I will explain my opinion and thoughts about it here so maybe you can understand a little bit more about life in general. >>

Hunting and killing is a part of life. Human life AND Animal life. Animals hunt and kill for food, survival and fun (yes, some animals DO hunt for the fun of it.), and I've always found it hypocritical for any human to say these things are wrong to do to animals when animals themselves also do it. Being human and having a higher capacity for thought does not make us better or above animals. We ARE animals ourselves. We're just the top of the food chain.

Now, I do NOT agree with needless murder or tormenting of animals. In the case of wolves it's been a very difficult double-edged sword. >:[ There are places where wolves are a major nuisance and danger to human lifestyle which in turn makes it legal for humans to kill wolves to protect their property. At the same time if people were more environmentally conscious there wouldn't have to BE so much destruction to the wolf (or other animal) populations.

So the best thing to do is not get depressed about it. You can do more by becoming educated in the facts about the effects of coexistence with other species and environmental effects - Without becoming one of those wackjobs that put humans on pedestals or degrade human rights to exist as well. With proper facts, you could get involved in Preservation Activism and be someone who makes a positive change to help protect these endangered species and teach other people about the importance of doing so. >>
yeah I know that they also hunt for food but fun... I knowing of the coexistance can't place either under the spot light but I can still I have a say that it isn't right to hunt. I haven't herd to much of wolves entering property but still shouldn't be given the right to be killed. I say if your family is in danger you have the right to try to back off the wolf as the best you can but if you have to well then I under stand. I still want to leave this up and besides I can't take it down now that you posted.

All in all yeah I can't point fingers here I know that *well you told me out of all of this you brought it back into my head that they also kill*. Oh well it is like the strikes "in the end the business men win and the strikers have to come back begging for jobs back."
I think the very fact that there is debate and media coverage of these environmental issues shows that there is hope.

In England, the BBC is giving a lot of coverage to environmental issues and even bringing them into its prime-time shows. And if we look at recent films like Avatar and the coverage of the G-Summits, there are signs of a very slow but steady awakening.

I think eventually, within our lifetimes, there will be a move back towards co-existence with nature, according to the old ways where we maintained an equilibrium. I do not personally believe that man will exploit unto his own destruction. I am not that cynical about human nature.

So I think the days of bloodsports and animal cruelty are just as numbered as the days of global warming and needless pollution.
Nanati, I understand your passion as well, believe me. But you have to understand, as everyone else has said, that there's two stories to this.

Now, the one I hear is very true. It's the reason why a lot of animals are going exinct:

There's sometimes no other income than to kill these animals for profit or food, or to destroy their habitat.

When I was little, I had a love for Harper Seals. they're the ones that are fluffy and white when little. I loved them so much, that I did a school report on them.

Instead of turning in a poster on how cute they are, like any other normal little kid, I came to class, like a little PETA soldier, poster plastered with the clubbing of these seals, filled with a sense of justice.

I researched and researched it. a couple weeks later, I stopped. Why?

Because I found these people had NO other income than to kill them and sell their pelts. The method they used was the only one they COULD use without damaging the pelts and their profits.

Just try to be realistic about it. Look it up, try to see those people's reasons for doing so. Some really do have a legitimate reason for doing this, and I know it's sad, but it's true.
Wolves are doing fairly well for themselves in North America, with the Endangered Species Act doing wonders for their population, to the point where they have been taken off the list.

Worry about Mourn the Chinese River Dolphin, and be angry about all the species too ugly to gain massive public conservation efforts (I'm looking at you, Chilean Sea Bass/Patagonian Toothfish)
But...but ...Chilean sea bass is SOOOOOOOO tasty.
If it's any consolation, wolves, among other animals, are making a big comeback in the 30 kilometer expanse that is Ukraine's Zone of Alienation, the area cordoned off after the 1986 Chernobyl Disaster.

Elk, otter, lynxes, wolves, and a few animals not native to the area have been making a resurgence in the area, despite numerous pockets of high radiation throughout the Zone.

Recently there was an attack on 'Stalkers'* at a sanitary facility near the V.I. Lenin Atomic Power Station. Border Guards shot the animal and veterinarians concluded that it was rabid after conducting tests.

*Stalker: Personnel who work at Chernobyl with Ukrainian Border Guards Service or the general science staff refer to themselves as Stalkers. This is a reference to the 1979 movie 'Stalker.'
But...but ...Chilean sea bass is SOOOOOOOO tasty.

Exactly why it's in trouble!

It's tasty AND worth a lot of money! Not to mention ugly, unlike the majestic Wolf or Bald Eagle.

Seriously, those Eagles are a good part of the reason why DDT is banned.
Yeah, but the bald eagles have a major problem because they gain the white head AFTER they mature a good deal.

Ignorant idiots will shoot them down, thinking they're run-of-the-mill vultures.
I'll be honest, I might be a little off center of neutral on this topic. However I will try to stay neutral. However, let me state this afore I begin...

I live out in the country, I work on a farm. I like hunting and fishing.

Many of the farmers and ranchers out here would not loose a wink of sleep wiping wolves, coyotes, and cougars from existence. Why do they feel this way?

It is very frustrating for a farmer or a rancher to go out to his pasture to find that yet another one or two of his sheep has been killed in the night by these predators. Each year farmers loose thousands in dollars that they can ill afford because of wolves and other animals. Wolves come onto their property and kill livestock and pets. When there was talk about wolves in Oregon there was hellva uproar around here.

I've hunted and been out in the woods several times for other occasions such as huckleberry picking. It isn't a pleasant experience to find oneself being followed by a predator.

A person out here is allowed to shoot a predator on his property if it poses a threat to his livestock, pets, family, or himself. As of yet I don't believe one can gain a hunting tag for wolves in Oregon (they only came back into this state about two or so years ago but are rising in numbers rapidly). However, one can purchase tags to hunt cougar and bear; albeit this is without using dogs like used to be done.

My dad taught me this; "Always make a clean kill, don't allow the animal to suffer" and I believe that. We hunt the animal for the meat and don't much of anything of it out in the wild to rot. That one image on that youtube video where the wolf is tied to the car top is disgusting and that person oughta be slapped. Many people that I know that hunt would not find that "cool".

I don't feel that wolves should be wholesale slaughtered to extinction, or that any animal should. The number of wolves in America has in fact, risen from the levels that they had been. They have flourished in areas such as Yellowstone National Park and Idaho.

But the fact is, as long as there are still predators out there, ranchers and farmers are going to fear for their livestock.

There isn't a happy solve all compromise.

-- On a slightly different tangent, one spieces that is continually dwindling as last I heard was Tuna. Large scale Tuna harvesting has reduced their numbers quite a bit.