Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

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    You'd think some story with a title like that would be about some sort of creep who is creepy around normal people.
    Well, you're wrong, for this is a story of a boy, who was a gangster in a city called Morse.
    The boy in question was Luke Wolfe, a tall ginger who wore mostly black or grey- even in the summer time.
    He had amber eyes and pale skin which seemed almost white against his dark clothes.
    He was about 18 and really didn't care for much of anyone- except for his fellow gang members.
    Yes, Luke was in a gang and it was a dangerous one by the name of Greybacks.
    Figured out why he wears grey, now? Exactly- it was his gang's color.

    At this point in this story, Luke was hanging round one of the high schools in Morse.
    Despite the fact he was in a gang, he still went to school because he knew that the Greybacks needed smarts as well as brawns. Which is where he fits in- he had the smarts and the brawns, mostly because he was in weightlifting.
    The bell to signal the end of breakfast was about to ring when Luke decided to head on to class.
    He had just turned away from a window he had been standing at when he bumped into someone...
  2. "Haaaa~" Leon yawned as he walked through the hall.
    'Dios mio, I worked later than usual last night I didn't even get a wink of sleep last night...or the night before or the one before that. I have to tell Mike to let me off earlier or I'll collapse from all this work.' Leon thought as he walked down the hall.
    Leo was a working student that had lived in Honduras, a Spanish country, till he was 14 when his parents were murdered then he moved to Morse to live with his relatives that instantly kicked him out after realizing they wouldn't get any money from his inheritance. Now, 17, he lived on his own paycheck, in his own crappy apartment, on his own schedule, which worked fine for him anyway. He earned a sports scholarship in track and worked at a bar and took up a few odd jobs to buy food, pay his rent-which was pretty cheap-, and buy whatever other necessity he needed. He got into a few fights because of his tanned skin, green eyes and tousled yet slightly curly black hair which apparently stood out too much for some people's taste.
    'Hmm, talvez cocino-' his thoughts were cut off as he bumped into someone and landed right on his ass.
    "Aiii" he groaned as he looked up.
    (1.My god)
    (2.Maybe I'll cook-)
  3. Luke stumbled back a bit after the bump in, and he almost went all angry about it.
    But he reminded himself that he was the one who bumped into the student, not the other way around.
    He also had no idea what the guy was saying, mostly because he didn't take Spanish- which he assumed the guy was speaking.
    "Hey, sorry about that," said Luke with an apologetic look as he offered a hand to help the guy up.
    The heck is 'aiiiii'? Is it 'eek?' 'Owie?' Probably the very latter if he landed on his butt hard enough.
    "Um...Sorry-o? No see where I go-o?"
    He decided right then and there that he would need to take a Spanish course after school from now on.
    Wouldn't hurt if he knew another way of communicating with people.
  4. Leon looked up at the offered hand and smiled taking it.
    He chuckled at the guy talking to him, the poor guy probably thought he didn't speak English.
    "No that's okay I should have been paying more attention, are you alright?" he said as he pulled himself up.
    When he was back on his feet he took the time to actually look at the guy he bumped into and he felt his face heat up a bit.
    " Soy Leon Lobo by the way, you are?" He asked with a smile.
    (1. I'm/I am)
  5. Oh shit, he speaks English... Wow, I feel like an idiot now.
    Ah, I'm fine. Really, the fault is all mine. I'm Luke-"
    Before Luke could fully introduce himself, a teacher had waltzed by and told them to get to class.
    "Crap, class. Just call me Luke- where ya heading? I got Government in 696."
    Which was all the way on the other side of school, but he had no doubt that he wouldn't get there within a few minutes.
    Since their school was very large, students had a ten minute passing period, but it meant a longer day of school.
    Luke had no qualm with this concept, but still seemed like a far distance to walk around.
  6. "I'm going there as well. I'm Leon Lobo" Leon said a little surprised at the teens friendliness but shook the thought off.
    He started walking towards his Government class making sure Luke was able to keep up with him.
    "Have you decided what club your going to join?" he asked trying to make conversation.
  7. "Not yet- really depends with what my family is okay with me doing.
    Last year I had to join the boxing club, only to get kicked out about half a month after joining."
    Luke wouldn't specify on why he got kicked out because he didn't want Leon to freak out.
    Despite being a friendly character, Luke had very little friends besides his gang.
    The reason as to why he was kicked out from the boxing club was because another gang was in it and they threatened to send him home in a coffin.
    Naturally, because he was the only one from his gang there, he backed off.
    "I was thinking of maybe Culinary, because my momma said I should be chef.
    What about you? Which one you going for, Leon?"
  8. Leon stayed quiet as he listened to Luke speak but he was honestly curious as to why Luke would get kicked out
    He looks like a friendly person so why?
    He thought about it till he heard Luke say what club he thought about joining, he chuckled at the thought of Luke joining culinary but when he heard it was because of his mom he stopped 'Mama also told me I could be a cocinero but" he said.
    I'm already doing cooking and drinks at the bar.
    "I thought about joining a sports club, you know something different." he said "You got any suggestions?" Leon asked
    (1. Chef)
  9. "Foot ball or soccer, and I ain't saying the latter because you're Hispanic.
    The school really does have both a good foot ball team as well as soccer.
    If you're any good at wither of those sports, then they'll be begging to have you."
    For a brief moment, Luke wondered if he should say that he liked athletes-
    However, he didn't because one, they just got to their class, and two, he didn't want that to come out wrong.
    "Now that you got me thinking of sports, I just might go with the latter.
    Always loved playing soccer when I was a little kid."
  10. Leon instantly perked up at the mention of soccer
    That's perfecto! I didn't know they had a soccer team, aaah~ I remember when we used to play back at home.
    Most people would be in shock if they saw the way they played soccer back in Honduras, brutal would be the best way to put it. There had to be a winner and let's say they could get very competitive.
    Ah yes, esos eran las dias buenas~
    "I'll join the soccer team!" he said feeling determined and with a sparkle in his eyes.
    "We should do it together!" Leon said after hearing that Luke might join as well.
    (2.Those were the good old days)
  11. "Awesome! I'll see you at the club then?"
    As far as Luke could recall, none of his gang's competitors were in soccer-
    There were gang members, but only those his gang was on good terms with.
    Either way, the two of them best go get seated because the teacher is giving them a nasty look.
    Looks like they weren't in their good books today.
    That or the teacher always looked like that in the morning.
    Probably missed having a cup of coffee.
  12. Leon smiled "Of course!" he said excitedly before rushing to his seat.
    I can't believe that I already made a friend...I guess today's my lucky day.
    He couldn't wait to sign up and make a lot more friends since he didn't have that many friends especially from this country.
    Leon sat down and pulled out his book and notebook taking notes and paying close attention knowing that he couldn't afford his grades to drop.
  13. Luke sat a few desks away from Leon- only because it was the only place left to sit.
    He was better at keeping his excitement down, even though he really wanted to be super excited.
    He didn't make many notes about the class-
    It was mostly class rules and a brief go over of what they would be learning.
    First class with him and it's a boring subject... Wonder if it comes with field trips...
  14. Leon sat patiently until the bell rang and everyone instantly rushed out of the classroom before the teacher could even think about what he could give them for homework -Poor guy-.
    But he stayed seated dully wondering if Luke had run off with the other kids.
    I wonder if we have the next class together...
    Leon thought to himself, he wasn't really paying attention to anything as he sat there in a daze before realizing that he needed to get to his next class.He got up and put his stuff in his bag before slinging it over his shoulder and looked around to see if Luke had stayed back.
  15. Luke was nowhere to be seen- for a good few moments until...
    "Boo! Heh, come on, Leo, let's get to the next class!" he said all happy like, coming into view in front of Leon.
    For a guy who is in a gang, he sure seemed very happy and peppy after a boring class.
    Probably because his next one was bound to be more enjoyable- it was basketball.
    Which he's just a trainer for because that was the only thing he had time for and none of his gang members cared if he was one.
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